Monthly Poems

Monthly poems honoring the months of the year for bullet journals & writing prompts.

The changing months give us an appreciation of time and let us know that everything is transient and ever-changing.

In this blog, we have collected delightful poems that memorialize and celebrate the changing months.

Sweet September Poems Field Sunset Picture

7 September Poems For A Sweet Start To Fall

Inside: Sweet September Poems to enchant you. September is that turning point month we all look forward to. The weather turns more mild, even cold for some, and the trees begin to change colors. Autumn is on its way! September is the month of the harvest, shortening days, yellowing leaves and sweet apple harvests. It […] Read more…

poems about august to treasure

11 Poems About August to Treasure

Inside: Poems About August For Last Summer Days. Depending on where you are, August is the last month of hot summer days before autumn returns in September. It’s also back to school month for lots of the country, so it’s a month full of transitions.  It’s also HOT. It seems the heat will never recede. […] Read more…

July Poems

17+ July Poems for the 4th and Beyond

Inside: July Poems that will keep you rhyming all summer long. July is one of the best months of the year. It’s right smack dab in the middle of summer, the weather is great, you spend time with your loved ones, and of course…you get to celebrate the 4th of July. The 4th of July […] Read more…

19 Incredible April Poems

Inside: 19 Magnificent Poems About The Month Of April.  April is the month when the frigid, dark days of winter finally start to make way for the warmer, rainy days that will lead to a bountiful springtime full of gorgeous, blooming flowers. From the classic works of William Shakespeare and Geoffery Chaucer to poetry found […] Read more…

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