School Poems

School poems are great for kids and teachers alike. Kids can have very polarizing views when it comes to school. While some may be ready to attend their favorite classes before you even get a chance to wake them up, other will make all kinds of excuses to skip school.

Either way, some thoughtfully written school poems can make things a little better. While it can enhance the experience of the former students, it can also encourage the latter ones to look forward to their school.

15+ Acrostic Poems on Teachers

Inside : Show a teacher how they have impacted or improved your life with these heartfelt poems, including acrostic poems on teachers and longer pieces about how incredible they are. Teachers truly make us who we are, whether we know it or not. We learn more than curriculum from teachers, we learn valuable life lessons […] Read more…

14 Line Poems You Must Read

Fourteen line poems are a classic form of poetry, with the lines often emphasizing rhythm and tone. Many famous poets, including Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, and Shakespeare have used the form. In line poetry, a few lines should be able to stand alone as a poem, but the poem also must have cohesion within itself, […] Read more…

17 Relatable Bullying Poems

Inside: 17 Poems About Bullying To Help You deal. We all know how detrimental it can be to someone‚Äôs self esteem and feelings to have mean words said to them whether it be at school, at home, online or anywhere else. While getting bullied absolutely does stink and can make you feel really down about […] Read more…

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