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Fence Your Space

Fence Your Space: The Benefits of Timber Panels

Give your outdoor space a feeling of privacy and warmth and enjoy the practicality of timber panels. Now you enjoy the feeling of a nice and relaxed evening without worrying about unwelcome eyes lurking, as well as a touch of style and nature.

Timber panels come in a range of styles. Whether you are looking for classic styles, a modern touch or a natural look, there is something for everyone. Welcome privacy and style to your outdoor space with timber panels.

 Timber – The natural advantage

If you are looking for ways to fence off your garden, panels are a quick and easy solution that won’t break your budget. Installation is relatively easy, meaning you can quickly have the fence of your dreams. They are lightweight and comeina range of shapes and sizes.

The natural grains and texture of timber panels are the perfect option for transforming your garden into a comfy and cosy oasis for you and your family.

Timber panels also prove to be a flexible option, as they can be used for fencing around your garden, dividing up the space or masking unsightly areas. Get your hands on these appealing panels today, we highly recommend purchasing timber panels from Harlow Bros who have a very impressive range of panels coming in all different sizes.

More privacy and security

Put the security of your garden at the top of your list. Gardens are an unfortunate target for break ins and unwelcomed eyes, but we have a solution for you. Timber panels provide you with a sturdy barrier that can turn away unwanted access to your garden and home, these panels can be adjusted to your needs in terms of height, width and more.

With timber panels, you can confidently know that your garden and home is safe from intruders as you enjoy the outdoors. For those with children, timber panels give you the comfort of knowing the little ones can play outside safely.


Making your timber panels last should be an important part of your initial plans for using them. Timber panels do need a little bit of looking after to keep them in tip-top condition. Here are some top tips on how to maintain your timber panels:

  • Avoid Moisture: Keep panels away from consistently wet patches and spots that are at risk of being flooded.
  • Protective Coating: We recommend adding a protective layer of coating to your panels, such as varnish, to improve the longevity of your panels as well as promoting their natural feel.
  • Regular Inspection: A simple but effective way to maintain your timber panels is to regularly check the condition of them, look for wet spots, dents and discolouring.

By following these simple steps, you can maintain your timber panels for a long period of time, as well as avoid the cost of having to replace them.

 Style meets functionality

The mingling of form and functionality is often the fun part of making changes to your garden!

A big reason timber panels are so popular is because of their natural appeal. Whether you opt for a pine look or feather-edged panels that mimic bamboo you can find a style for you.

Dont forget that you can easily paint or stain panels i you have a specific colour scheme that you are looking fro


 Installation tips

For successful installation of timber panels, make sure to properly measure and align everything, or your final outcome could appear wonky or unsecured.

Begin by measuring the area where the panels will be installed accurately. Use a level to confirm that the panels are aligned correctly both vertically and horizontally. Pre-drill any needed holes to prevent splitting when attaching the panels to the posts.

Don’t forget to use screws or nails that specifically state that they are to be used on outdoor projects for a job like this. You should also leave a gap between the end of the panel and the ground. This will help to slow down damp and water damage.

 Complete your outdoor sanctuary

Timber panels offer a versatile, secure, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing solution for a wide range of exterior design needs. From adding style, to providing a touch of nature and helping work towards sustainability efforts.

Let timber panels be the core of your outdoor space today, however you choose to design your garden.


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