Funny Poems

Funny Poems are not as easy to write as you would imagine. Many poets are known for the witty wordplay they insert in their poems. Such wordplay is often designed to be humorous and is hard to pull of correctly, but when it’s done well there is something magical about a rhyme cracking you up!

Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then, so check out these favorite funny poems.

Girls at lunch chatting and laughing

57+ Funny Poems To Lighten The Mood

Inside: 100+ funny poems to lighten the mood or make you crack a smile when you really need it. It’s all fun and games here, have a laugh. We love to hate a good cliche, but they are overused because they’re true. And as cliche as it is, laughter is the best medicine when something’s […] Read more…

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9 Pirate Poems To Read Before You Walk The Plank

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Funny Love Poems for Him

27 Funny Love Poems for Him

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13 Funny Easter Poems

Inside: 13 Silly and Funny Easter Poems. Excitement over the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts is something children wait for all year. It’s also a time to celebrate both life and rebirth after winter. This holiday, have fun with words by including some funny poems about Easter! In this article, we feature funny poems […] Read more…