Holiday Poems

robin egg ladies

43 Beautiful Easter Poems To Celebrate

Inside: 43 Beautiful Easter poems to celebrate this holiday however you observe! With the Easter bunny, with church, with family, read it all. Easter is such a widely celebrated holiday, though nothing compares to Christmas, but even those who don’t generally observe it as a religious holiday can still participate in the fun and enjoyment […] Read more…

Heart shaped icing cookies

31 Valentines Day Poems For Friends

Inside: Fun Valentines Day poems for friends to send for Galentines and more! Not every Valentine’s day do we have a significant other to call our valentine. I’ll be right there with you this year! Single and happy but every year I have to wonder who am I going to spend the day with? I […] Read more…

Beads that spell February

7 Loving February Poems

Inside: Loving February poems for you and your sweetheart to share this Valentine’s season. There’s more to the month of February than just Valentine’s Day– there’s fashion week and the Super Bowl, too… while they may be present themes and events in the month of February, it’s obvious that Valentine’s Day takes the cake for […] Read more…

Person writing a love poem

7 Ride Or Die Love Poems For Him

Inside: 7 ride or die love poems for him to know that you’ve only got eyes for him… and you’re on board for anything that comes your way. Are you one of the lucky ones? Deeply in love with someone that you plan to hang with until you die? These ride or die poems are […] Read more…

Two pies on a white kitchen counter

7 Yummy Pie Poems To Attach To Your Treat

Inside: 7 yummy pie poems for all the winter treat vibes. We all love a good dessert moment. Cake or pie, cookies or ice cream, they’re all great and they all hit the spot for those of us with an easy to satisfy sweet tooth. However, in American culture, the traditional pie takes the cake […] Read more…

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