Nature Poems

Fish in the ocean

27 Bubbly Ocean Poems For Kids

Inside: 27 bubbly ocean poems for kids to get ready for your beach vacation! Poetry for kids is such a cute and fun way to get them engaged in writing concepts and other learning concepts, as well as to have fun ways to incorporate creativity in their world. Ocean poetry for kids can be a […] Read more…

Dark clouds

7 Examples Of Weather In Poems

Inside: 7 examples of weather in poems where it just makes the mood for the whole thing. I think we can all agree that weather is one of the biggest external indicators of our moods daily. If it’s all sunshine and warmth, the weather and the universe is only setting us up to be in […] Read more…

Sun shining through a palm tree

Sunshine Poem Inspiration: 29 Bright Selections

Inside: Sunshine poem inspiration 29 poetry selections for the dark days you need it most. Every day is a day that you need a little sunshine. Whether you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up or if you’re already in a bright and cheery mood, being in the sunshine is the best feeling in the world. […] Read more…

Shadow of a window on a wall

21 Poems About Light To Brighten Up Your Day

Inside: 21 poems about light to brighten up your day today. Light is everything. Without it, we would have nothing. No heat, no visibility, no color. And these are all things associated with happiness. When you separate light from life, you find darkness, unease, and the cold. All things associated with sadness. To separate from […] Read more…

space poems for brave souls astronaut image

13+ Space Poems for Brave Poets

Inside: 13 Space Poems for all the astronomy fans out there. With the release of the Webb Space Telescope images, our fascination with the stars has reached new heights. Exciting new discoveries are being announced daily, with scientists learning of new galaxies, stars and even Jupiter. There is so much beauty in the stars, and […] Read more…

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