Traveling and poetry may be two of the most romantic things humans do. Whether traveling with your spouse, family, friends, or by yourself, there’s something about visiting a new place that cannot be matched by any other experience. Combine that with some travel poems, and it may become one of the most rejuvenating and memorable times of your life.

Here are some travel poems that will satisfy that wanderlust whether you read them in a strange country or the comfort of your bedroom.

Japanese cherry blossoms in front of a mountain

11 Examples Of Japanese Poems Of 5 Lines

Inside: 11 examples of Japanese poems of 5 lines that are short and sweet to enjoy. A lot of traditional poetry and forms of poetry come from other cultures outside of the English-speaking language. Other countries and cultures, utilize writing in creative scheming, wording, and formats in ways that we haven’t yet thought of until […] Read more…

a dove in the sky

23 Poems About Flying When You Want To Get Away

Inside: Poems about flying when you want to get away. Whether you’re an aviation fan or a fan of the concept of just freely flying away, these are for you. When asked what my superpower would be, I usually always say flying. I would love the ability to go anywhere at any time on my […] Read more…

goodbye poems for kids

21+ Goodbye Poems for Kids

Inside: Goodbye Poems for Kids that made us shed a tear. Saying goodbye is never easy. It can be especially tough for kids of all ages, especially when they are the ones moving and leaving their friends and school behind. Friends can be a strong lifeline for kids, but telling them goodbye is one of […] Read more…

short fishing poems for the boat

25 Short Fishing Poems & Lyrics For The Boat

Inside: Short Fishing Poems As Relaxing As Going Out on the Boat. Fishing combines sport with nature in a very beautiful way. Fishing is not an easy activity, but it does require solitude, quiet and patience. The time between fish bites gives us an opportunity to reflect on life, connect with our fishing partner, and […] Read more…

17+ Delightfully Bright Sun Poems

Inside: 17 poems that convey the beauty of the sun and the life it bestows in sun poems. People have always been fascinated by the sun. Some cultures even worship it. The sun gives us light, warmth, and most importantly – life. We depend on the sun for everything, so it comes as no surprise […] Read more…

23 Enchanting Disney Poems

Inside: 23 Magical Poems About Disney.  Disney is such a central part of growing up, as it reminds us that we don’t really need to grow up at all! All the movies, the songs, the shows, and of course, the park. All things Disney seem to have this beautiful, magical, enchanting energy surrounding it and […] Read more…

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