As far as seasons go, summer tends to get more hate than it deserves. Yes, it can get hot, humid, and sweaty. But it is also a great opportunity to get outdoors with your friends and family, enjoy the beaches and pools in all their glory, and do so many summer activities.

If you still feel that this is the worst time of the year, the following classic summer poems may change your mind.

July Poems

23 July Poems for the 4th and Beyond

Inside: July Poems that will keep you rhyming all summer long. July is one of the best months of the year. It’s right smack dab in the middle of summer, the weather is great, you spend time with your loved ones, and of course…you get to celebrate the 4th of July. The 4th of July […] Read more…

Empty classroom chairs

5 Celebratory Schools Out Poems

Inside: 5 celebratory schools out poems for summer breaks, graduations & vacations ahead. Oh, the fondest memories I have of middle school and high school… And not to mention college! All of the beautiful memories of the days leading up to summer vacation, when teachers are more relaxed, homework didn’t quite matter, and everybody was […] Read more…

45 Best June Poem Inspirations To Kick Off Summer

Inside: The best June poems to celebrate everyones favorite month of the year… because summer starts now! The month of June is easily one of the most loveable months for many reasons. This is the beginning of summer and the month that many children began their 3 month break from school. The flowers are in […] Read more…

Palm trees

21 Beautifully Famous Summer Poems

Inside: 21 beautifully famous summer poems that will get you ready for the heat waves. Summer is my personal favorite season. While spring and fall bring the most beautiful gentle weather with a warm sun and a lovely breeze, I’m fully in love with the summer heat. If you’re new here, I was born and […] Read more…

rainbow poems and printables featured image

27 Rainbow Poem Ideas And Printable Stanzas

Inside: Rainbow Poem Ideas and Printables for Rainbow Lovers. Rainbows are symbols of hope. They represent a moment of peace after a storm, both in nature and in life.  Rainbows have served as colorful muses for poets for generations. When they show their rare beauty, it’s easy to be mesmerized by their cheerful colors.  We […] Read more…

poems about august to treasure

11 Poems About August to Treasure

Inside: Poems About August For Last Summer Days. Depending on where you are, August is the last month of hot summer days before autumn returns in September. It’s also back to school month for lots of the country, so it’s a month full of transitions.  It’s also HOT. It seems the heat will never recede. […] Read more…

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