Love Poems

There is nothing more moving than beautiful love poems. Fortunately for us romantics, they have been in abundant supply throughout history.

Here are my favorite of the most beautiful love poems ever written. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or a romantic date night, here is a selection of love poems for your special someone.

Two women taking a selfie

31 Love And Friendship Poem Ideas For Besties

Inside: Love and friendship poem ideas to share with your besties. Don’t we all love our friends? Whether you have many or a few, friendships make the world go round. The love you have for your friends is a special one, and one that we should never take for granted. Friendship love is so much […] Read more…

Beads that spell February

7 Loving February Poems

Inside: Loving February poems for you and your sweetheart to share this Valentine’s season. There’s more to the month of February than just Valentine’s Day– there’s fashion week and the Super Bowl, too… while they may be present themes and events in the month of February, it’s obvious that Valentine’s Day takes the cake for […] Read more…

Person writing a love poem

7 Ride Or Die Love Poems For Him

Inside: 7 ride or die love poems for him to know that you’ve only got eyes for him… and you’re on board for anything that comes your way. Are you one of the lucky ones? Deeply in love with someone that you plan to hang with until you die? These ride or die poems are […] Read more…

A man and woman passing each other while walking

15 Love At First Sight Poems

Inside: 15 love at first sight poems that will make you fall in love with the feeling of falling in love. Love at first sight is such a magical concept that we have always romanticized as a society. Whether it’s that cute stranger at the grocery store that you only catch eyes with for a […] Read more…

A girl riding piggyback on her boyfriend

27 Pick Up Lines Poems To Change The Game

Inside: 27 pick up lines poems to change the game entirely. We all know that if you’re single, it’s hard out here! It’s tough being single and trying to strike up a real conversation with someone that you may be interested in. Maybe keeping conversations going isn’t a struggle for you, it really does come […] Read more…

A couple laying in the grass

23 Haiku Poems About Love

Inside: 23 haiku poems about love for the hopeless romantic looking for some lovey poetry to read. The most common theme, when it comes to poetry or art and writing of any kind is love. Love evokes one of the strongest emotions in us as humans, and the most emotional versions of us need somewhere […] Read more…

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