Friendship Poems

Friendship poems celebrate what is one of life’s biggest treasures. True friends!

We can’t help but to write in rhyme about those who are loyal are always there to make us laugh when we are feeling low; they look out for you and help you overcome your mistakes.

These types of friends can be hard to find but offer a friendship that’s going to last a lifetime. So honor your nearest and dearest with sweet poetry about friends that last.

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9 Examples Of Acrostic Poems On Friends

Inside: 9 examples of an acrostic poem on friends for a simple little project for the people you love the most. Acrostic poetry is so fun and such a creative project for anyone of any age. While it mainly feels like a kids’ poetry assignment, the older and more elaborate and creative you are, the […] Read more…

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How To Write Friendship Poems – 5 Tips

Inside: Your guide to how to write friendship poems. Wanting to get into writing for yourself instead of always reading someone else’s words? Poetry is such a beautiful craft because it’s not only writing down your thoughts like a journal, but doing so in a way that it relates and resonates with people who read […] Read more…

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31 Love And Friendship Poem Ideas For Besties

Inside: Love and friendship poem ideas to share with your besties. Don’t we all love our friends? Whether you have many or a few, friendships make the world go round. The love you have for your friends is a special one, and one that we should never take for granted. Friendship love is so much […] Read more…

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31 Valentines Day Poems For Friends

Inside: Fun Valentines Day poems for friends to send for Galentines and more! Not every Valentine’s day do we have a significant other to call our valentine. I’ll be right there with you this year! Single and happy but every year I have to wonder who am I going to spend the day with? I […] Read more…

goodbye poems for kids

21+ Goodbye Poems for Kids

Inside: Goodbye Poems for Kids that made us shed a tear. Saying goodbye is never easy. It can be especially tough for kids of all ages, especially when they are the ones moving and leaving their friends and school behind. Friends can be a strong lifeline for kids, but telling them goodbye is one of […] Read more…

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9 Good Night Poems for Friends

Inside: Wish your besties good night with these 9 Good Night Poems for Friends. Having a solid group of friends is life-changing. Their love and support can heal old wounds and encourage you to become the best version of yourself.  I love my friends and the unwavering support they show me and the hard truths […] Read more…

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