Famous Poems

Most modern poets were inspired to get into the art form after reading iconic poems from decorated poets in history. We have compiled the following favorite famous poems to show off what some of the timeless classics are like for your own poetry inspiration and research.

Find rich meaning and history in all these pieces from poets you are sure to recognize.

Palm trees

21 Beautifully Famous Summer Poems

Inside: 21 beautifully famous summer poems that will get you ready for the heat waves. Summer is my personal favorite season. While spring and fall bring the most beautiful gentle weather with a warm sun and a lovely breeze, I’m fully in love with the summer heat. If you’re new here, I was born and […] Read more…

poetry book with florals on top of the page

47 Iconic Famous Poems

Inside: 47 iconic famous poems for you to dive into and find your new favorite. There was an era in literary history where poetry was everything. Right now is a genre and it’s a craft that so many creatives pick up and tap into over time, but it used to be all the rage. Every […] Read more…

Greek mythology poems

27 Greek Mythology Poems

Inside: Greek mythology poems to inspire your next storyline.  We all wish we could be God’s at heart, that’s what make the Greek mythology stories feel so true to form at times. Here are some of my favorite poems rounded up to share how these fables and poetry about Greek God’s have inspired me over […] Read more…

Poems about Jesus

19 Uplifting Poems About Jesus

Inside: Poems About Jesus. Life isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be quite hard. But despite the difficulties we face, we can find comfort in knowing that Jesus is always with us. His words can bring us hope and peace, even in the darkest of times. Throughout history, many poets have written about […] Read more…

11 Incredible Rap Poems & Verses

Rap has been called one of the greatest art forms of our time. It is an outpouring of raw feeling that needs a rhythm and cadence for its release. For many people, it is poetry, pure and simple. If you’re new to rap and its poetic undertones and inspirations, this list is a good introduction. […] Read more…

23 Enchanting Disney Poems

Inside: 23 Magical Poems About Disney.  Disney is such a central part of growing up, as it reminds us that we don’t really need to grow up at all! All the movies, the songs, the shows, and of course, the park. All things Disney seem to have this beautiful, magical, enchanting energy surrounding it and […] Read more…

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