Animal Poems

The animal kingdom is full of amazing creatures that coexist with nature. Many poets have expressed their love and admiration for different animals through animal poems. Such poems help us view life through the lens of a different creature and appreciate the lives they live.

Check out some of the most delightful animal poems here.

A lion in golden hour

7 Roaring Examples Of Poetry About Lions

Inside: 7 Roaring Examples Of Poetry About Lions. when you think about wild animals, jungle animals, or just really big cats, likely the first animal to pop in to your mind is a majestic lion. They are so stunningly beautiful in nature, and they symbolize so many fantastic things in life. Not only are there, […] Read more…

A puppy held in the air

31 Precious Puppy Poems To Gush Over

Inside: 31 Precious Puppy Poems to remind you of your furriest fur baby friend. Who doesn’t love puppies? Nobody! We all love these precious little babies, our furry friends are so integrated into our lives, it’s impossible to not love them. if you’re looking at getting a new puppy, just got a new puppy, we’re […] Read more…

A meerkat on a log

43 Animal Poems For The Lover Of All Animals

Inside: Animal poems for the animal people in the room. There’s a lot of us, myself included, and I love any art pieces that pertain to cute little animals. I consider myself an animal person for sure. Not really a pet person, because I don’t care for the hair and the feeding schedule (I’m really […] Read more…

dragon poems featured image

17 Fiery Dragon Poems about Life

Inside: Dragon Poems that will take your breath away. Dragons are one of the most interesting mythological creatures. Dragons exist in mythology of various different cultures from ancient times, and have inspired so many iconic poems, books and movies.  Why are dragons so popular? They are large mystical creatures, dangerous, intelligent and mysterious. Sometimes they […] Read more…

Classic Bluebird Poems

15 Best Bluebird Poems To Lift Your Spirits

Inside: 15 Uplifting Bluebird Poems It’s a curious thing, the bluebird. It’s one of the few birds that has been universally loved and admired by people from all walks of life, cultures, and religions. Whether it’s because of their beautiful plumage or their sweet song, there’s just something about bluebirds that makes them so special. […] Read more…

inspirational horse poems featured image

27 Inspirational Horse Poems

Inside: Hand-Picked, Inspirational Horse Poems. If you’ve ever looked into a horse’s eyes, you immediately know why people have loved horses for centuries. Not only are they useful for travel and farming, but it’s easy to feel connected to them. They radiate intelligence and a touch of wild. When you are riding a horse, you […] Read more…

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