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Prayer card poems

21 Perfect Prayer Card Poems

Inside: Best prayer card poems to inspire this new season.   If there is one thing that I love about knowing god, it is the ability that he has to uplift the other believers. As people, we tend to lean on him in our hardest moments. This is when we find the most comfort. But I […] Read more…

You're Amazing poem

Top Youre Amazing Poems To Uplift You

Inside: Sweetest youre amazing poems that will make you feel loved Honestly, life can be hard. There are so many ups and downs, twists and turns…I genuinely feel overwhelmed sometimes. When this happens, words of encouragement are SO HELPFUL. They bring me back to reality and help me to feel a little bit more centered […] Read more…

heavenly sun beams behind a cloud

23 Heaven Poems For Curiosity And Comfort

Inside: 23 Heaven poems for curiosity and comfort when you’re not too sure what comes next. It’s a daunting thing to consider the afterlife and what might be waiting for us when we’re no longer on this Earth we know to be home. When you start digging into literature about it, it’s important to remember […] Read more…

A hot pink flower with thorns

7 Flower With Thorns Poems

Inside: Flower With Thorns Poems. All that glitters is not gold, just like not every beautiful flower you should grab. While yes, every flower is stunningly beautiful and unique from the rest, there’s also a powerful and hidden message along with the fact that so many flowers also come with thorns on the stems. If […] Read more…

Self love written in scrabble tiles

45 Self Love Poems To Fall In Love To

Inside: Self love poems to fall in love to… with yourself of course. You deserve all of the love. Self love has been one of the strongest internal battles that we continuously see overtime at all times. They can be challenging in the sense of body positivity, or even simply not seeing the value and […] Read more…

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