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9 Goodnight Poems For Him To End The Day

Inside: 9 goodnight poems for him to end the day sweetly whether you’re at home or away.

No matter what phase of the relationship you’re in: talking, honeymoon, or you’ve been in it for a while, you’re going to have a hard time wrapping up a day full of texting and chatting. Maybe you’re on a super romantic kick and it’s time to step it up a notch with some goodnight poems for him! Is he out of town? Or are you? And long distance has you missing him? There are some poems you can send to make him feel close to you still, even while away.

The nights are the hardest when you’re missing someone, but it’s easier when you can get creative with new ways to show them that you care and are thinking about them. And as poetry is the words of the soul, there is a depth that comes with sharing poems about how you feel about them. Channel all of your feelings into finding the best poem to send to tell him goodnight.

Here are some I’ve found for you!

goodnight poems for him to send when you're away

Poetry is so simple and easy to send via text just to shoot a little reminder to their phone that you love them. Whether they live across town or across the country, there’s always room for a little message that says I love you in a new way. Find your new favorite way to say goodnight with a poem for him.

Relationships can be full of ups and downs, and whether you’re in an up and you want to channel all the mushy energy into a poem to say goodnight, or if you’re in a down season and want to put in some effort to show how much you care, this is all for you.

Use one of these goodnight poems for him to do the trick.

Goodnight Poems For Him

Saying “goodnight” is so overrated these days. You can keep it simple if you want, but you’re sure to catch his attention AND his heart if you say goodnight in a way that will make him smile even through his sleepy daze.

What are some of your favorite memories with him? Find a poem here that maybe channels that same energy or has elements that hint at that day, date, or outing in general that really made you fall for him. Because chances are, he fell for you at the same time.

Try some of these poems to keep that magic alive.

1. How Amazing

It is hard to explain how amazing it feels
To have a guy like you as my boyfriend
It is a joyride like no other
Laughs and happiness, till no end
Before I go to sleep tonight I want to say
Thank You, for being such a caring guy
The power of your love is such
That I smile even when I cry
Good night

By Unknown

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2. Some Stars Always Shine

Some stars are brighter at night
Some clouds are softer at night
Some darkness can elude light
Some night does not have light.

Some thoughts are always real
Some tears will pay no bill
I want you so I can heal
Only love has such a feel.

Some stars’ shine but you shine brighter
Some clouds are soft but not like your heart
Some darkness can steal but not like your heart
Some night may be long but only when I’m lonely.

By Unknown

3. Goodnight

I would tell you how much I love you every hour if I could, but that would get boring after a while. So, let me count the ways and there are millions. I love you in the brightest way, and the darkest night. I love you if things are easy, and when they’re hard to get. I’ll love you always, and forever, with every passing breath. And even when we say goodbye, I will secretly wish that it was “Goodnight”.

By Anonymous

Saying Goodnight Poetically

A good poetic goodnight message doesn’t always have to be a literal poem. There are so many ways to say goodnight in beautiful prose and verbiage. It’s all about the words you choose and the vibes the words portray.

What’s the most special thing about him? Especially when it comes to the night time routine? Do you have a night time routine together? Get a little poetic about it and see where it goes.

Sending him these poems are sure to win him over, but don’t forget that personalization and letting him know really how much you know him, see him, and value him as he is the key to pulling at his heart strings.

4. Young Love

You should dig a long underground tunnel
Which runs from your house to mine
So every day after you finish dinner
You can sneak out after nine
This crazy thought is just the beginning
Of the wild ride of our puppy love
You and me, boy
Are a match made in the heavens above
Good night

By Unknown

5. I’m lying here in a dark room, looking at the ceiling, thinking about you. The stars above shine so bright, I wonder if you can see them too. They make me think of you and how much I miss you being close. I am sending a special star to light your way tonight and fill your heart with peace and love. Maybe someday my star will lead us back together once again.

By Anonymous

A bed sheet with a bright window in the background

6. Thinking of you as I drift off to sleep. I hope you are dreaming of me too! I just wanted to say how much I miss you. It’s a shame we can’t spend the night snuggled in each other’s arms, but we’ll work it out some day. For now, remember that I love and miss you so much!

By Anonymous

Goodnight Poetry

General goodnight poetry is so soothing to read and to write. As you’re picking a goodnight poem for him, you’ll probably get a little sleepy. I know I am just putting them all in this post for you!

Get your point across and make him feel all the safe and cozy vibes that we all want to feel around bed time. As you wind down for the day, be thinking about all the different ways you can tell him goodnight poetically. There are infinite ways of saying so, and you’re going to make him so happy when you do.

So. You’ve got these poems. Ready to send them?

7. Goodnight Love Poem For Your Man
Goodnight to my man, my lover,
I love you is what I should say.

But I cherish you is what I will rather say,
Stars and moon cannot be compared to you.

Your love for me is everlasting,
You fill my fays with brighter things,
You render help to me,
Even in my bad states.

You are just so good,
And I do not have words to say,
That would exactly describe you.

You are perfect, and radiant,
And good and kind.

I love you today, now and forever,
I always want to be with you,
With joy and gladness in my heart.

By Unknown

A girl texting in bed

8. Goodnight Love Poem

Mountains and blue skies all look beautiful,
But nothing is as beautiful as your love for me.

Your love has beauty embedded in it,
It is not wicked, neither is it harsh.

It makes everything so beautiful for me.

Before I go today, can you take this from me,
Goodnight to you my darling lover,
I love you beyond what words could possibly express.

I love you to the moon and back,
I love you without hesitations.

I love you and I love that you are for me,
No one else would take your place,
No matter what happens.

I am saying a happy and blessed night,
To my heart desire.

By Unknown

9. Poetry

When the hustle and bustle
Of the day goes silent
My heart beats for you
Getting louder and apparent
When the sun goes down
When the night takes over day
I start missing you
In every possible way
When the stars light up
The dark night skies
I just feel like staring
Into your dreamy eyes
When it is time for bed
I wish you were by my side
So we could both be
Together on a dreamy ride

By Anonymous

Ready to send the goodnight poems for him text? He’s going to love receiving a little reminder of your love and know that you’re thinking of him before going to sleep. Going to sleep with a little smile on your face because of your favorite person is the best feeling, and I hope this puts a smile on your face in return, just to even be the one sending the love through poetry.

Get lost in all of the goodnight poetry vibes, and maybe save a few favorites for down the road. Sending them to him when he will least expect it is part of the fun!

A surprise, unexpected text message with all of the things you love about him in a poetic form is a beautiful gesture that is sure to keep the romance alive.

If you want to change it up, can I suggest sending him some good morning messages every once in a while too.

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