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The Art of Being a Mother

The Art of Being a Mother

Every mother, at least once in her life, asked herself, am I doing everything right? This is natural because every parent loves their child and wishes only the best for them. If we feed the child deliciously, dress them in clean, neat clothes, and put them to bed in a cozy crib, this is not yet an indicator. A grandmother, nanny, or neighbor can perform the same actions.

Being a mother is not just about taking care of a child’s physical needs; it is something more. Motherhood is a special bond between mother and child, which helps a little person become full-fledged. Only a mother can teach a child to be self-confident, know themselves, form adequate self-esteem, and love and be loved. After all, all problems in the adult world originate from childhood anxiety, resentment, and fear. Being a mother is an art that every woman should master.

If you are going to write an essay on my mother, this article will be helpful. We are going to discuss what the art of being a mother is.

How to Possess the Art of Being a Mother

  • Look into your child’s eyes often. It is important that the child feels warmth and care in your gaze.
  • Think about what nice things you can do for your child in the near future. Plan a visit to the movies, have a game night, or make some extra cheesy pizza!
  • Make yourself a day when you “lock up” comments and reproaches towards your child.
  • Praise your child for good grades, and do not scold for bad ones. All people have different abilities in different subjects. If, for example, your child is not that good at math or writing, that’s okay. You can hire a tutor to assist them with math or seek help with custom writings from specialized services.
  • Forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. If you have offended a child, ask for forgiveness. The main thing is to come to a conclusion, forgive yourself, and start a new day with a clean slate!
  • Listen! It is important not only to spend time together but also to listen to the child. This way, you will learn how they reason and what they like. This is a step towards a great, strong friendship.
  • Kiss and hug your child often. Do this before they leave for school, when you return from work, and before bed. Let this become your little tradition.
  • Your child should have time with you when all gadgets are turned off. Give each other your undivided attention.
  • Inspire your child to take up a new hobby.
  • Enjoy motherhood. Children grow up very quickly. Try to remember how you feed your child with a spoon, tie their shoelaces, choose new notebooks, and braid their hair. Being a mother is an art and a priceless gift!

Types of Mother’s Love

Mom is the most important thing, the first word a child says. Mom is a huge world in which love, affection, care, support, kindness, and tenderness are intertwined. For a child, mom is the whole world!

Mother’s love is divided into two loves: love – sacrifice and love – support. Sacrifice love resembles a dependent relationship. When a woman is carrying a child, and if there is no man next to her, she often declares: “This will be my child, and only mine!” When the baby is born, she does not sleep at night, worries about her baby’s illness, does not dare to breathe while they sleep, and runs to any of their cries.

It is sad, isn’t it? Then the moment comes when this same “baby” of hers grows up! They no longer belong to her as in childhood entirely and completely. But what should she do? How will she live without a child? After all, she can’t and doesn’t know how to live without them! Then she remembers when she didn’t sleep at night when a child was sick, when their first tooth came out, when they brought home their first C grades from school, and this was a “universal grief” for their family. Now a child has grown up and wants to leave her! But they owe her for all her suffering! A child should always be there!

So, what is the difference between true and sacrificial maternal love?

It is also very scary for a truly loving mother to let go of her child. But she lets them go because she trusts them, loves them, and knows that it will be better for them. She is nearby; if a child needs her help and support, she will provide it.

Learn to love and let go of your children! Learn to be a friend and support for them! One fine day, you will understand that your relationship will move to a completely different level. It will be a union of two adults, two personalities! After all, being a mom is an art!

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