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Philosophical sculpture

21 Philosophical Poems For The Thinker

Inside: 21 philosophical poems for the thinker. Those of us that are into philosophy and deep discussions may have a harder time finding poems, books, and general works of literature and art that keep us entertained. I generally put myself into this category, but I am definitely on the bottom tier of those that are […] Read more…

Shadow of a window on a wall

21 Poems About Light To Brighten Up Your Day

Inside: 21 poems about light to brighten up your day today. Light is everything. Without it, we would have nothing. No heat, no visibility, no color. And these are all things associated with happiness. When you separate light from life, you find darkness, unease, and the cold. All things associated with sadness. To separate from […] Read more…

Three people gently hugging and holding hands together

7 Small Kindnesses Poem Pieces

Inside: 7 small kindnesses poem pieces to remember that all of the little beautiful things count. Kindness is everywhere you look, but you do have to look hard for it sometimes. Sure, the world and society can tend to feel a little dark sometimes. No one’s denying the mean and unkind things that we see […] Read more…

Man holding his face

61 Intense Poems About Anger & Rage

Inside: Intense poems about anger: they’re all the rage. Emotions are not something that come naturally to all of us, I know I sure don’t channel my own feelings very well, often, or comfortably. It’s an easy thing to find yourself doing, avoiding emotions. But if you keep them all bottled up, it’s not healthy […] Read more…

Greek mythology poems

27 Greek Mythology Poems

Inside: Greek mythology poems to inspire your next storyline.  We all wish we could be God’s at heart, that’s what make the Greek mythology stories feel so true to form at times. Here are some of my favorite poems rounded up to share how these fables and poetry about Greek God’s have inspired me over […] Read more…

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