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13 Excuses Poems

Inside: 13 excuses poems, including poems about excuses in relationships and life. 

We all make excuses, whether we want to get out of a date, going to the gym, or doing an assignment, everyone has made up an explanation for these situations at least once in their lives. These pardons we create get a bad reputation, but there are times when an excuse is a genuine, reasonable truth. While giving reasons for not wanting to do things isn’t necessarily always lying, these actions tend to be scapegoats that can have negative effects on our lives.

Often, people make justifications to hide their own incapabilities, as seen in many relationships, especially romantic ones. Once a partner begins to make excuses for the way they treat their loved one, a slippery slope to heartbreak has begun. The same can go for big things, like jobs and important decisions: people tend to create reasons for not following through in these areas of life.

The following is a list of poems about excuses for a variety of reasons. Some of these poems will make you laugh, some may make you sad, and others might make you want to reflect on the way you make up explanations in your own life!

13 excuses poems about life

Excuses Poems

In this collection, you will read some lighthearted and comical poems that remind us of the many weak or humorously elaborate excuses we’ve made as children and adults to get out of doing things we didn’t want to do. Moreover, there are more insightful, deep pieces that explore the psychological nature of creating stories in our minds in order to pardon ourselves from difficult or seemingly difficult aspects of life.

1. That One Time I Stayed Up All Night Making Excuses to Talk to Danger Temptation is a major theme in this excuse poem by Tarfia Faizullah. It is a reminder that, though we make up reasons to get out of doing things, in the same breath, we use them to justify doing things that we know that we probably shouldn’t.

2. Dust if You Must In this piece, by Rose Milligan, readers are reminded that while responsibilities are constantly awaiting us, so is beauty, nature, and fun. The speaker is urging readers to enjoy this fast-moving life as much as possible before we cannot do so any longer.

3. I Can’t Write a Poem This is an ironic, didactic poem that is often used in school for young children, but can apply to adult life as well. Here, Bruce Lansky makes a point by showing that assuming that you cannot do something, or creating reasons why you can’t, are often ways to avoid tackling a project we think we might do badly. He is showing that it’s better to have faith in yourself and try rather than avoiding the situation altogether.

4. Homework This is a humorous limerick about the elaborate reasons kids tend to come up with for forgetting to do their homework. You’d be lying if you said you’d never done the same!

5. All My Great Excuses This is a fun piece to read, and it is great for children, as it emphasizes that putting the effort into thinking up an elaborate story to pardon yourself from blame is often more work than just doing the right thing in the first place!

6. Excuses This is a poem directed at artists, but it can be applied to many people in a variety of situations. It can be read as a motivational piece,as the speaker seems to be saying, “If you are passionate about something, there should be no excuses.”

Poems about excuses in marriage

7. “It is always easy.

The excuses.


I’m tired. I’m busy.

Later. Next time.


They are the words that postpone the actions.

The words that speak louder than your inner thoughts.

The ones that give what one can never accept.


For there is always tomorrow,

Until there isn’t.” –Aleks


8. “Excuses pile up

Inside his hat

Hung by the door

Each an “explanation” for why

He doesn’t come home anymore.” –Haru haru


9. “Making excuses

Will get you nowhere

It is plain to see

That you will run out of opportunity

You are wasting time

Do not wait for things to happen

Get your spark back

Move towards the right track” –Ronell Warren Alman

Poems About Excuses in Love

Excuses in love poems

Many relationships end due to one or both partners not putting sufficient effort into the relationship–as they say, relationships take a lot of work. These works refer to the pain of being with a partner who makes excuses rather than putting effort into making their partner happy, and about the ways, we relieve ourselves from the pain of heartbreak.

10. Damn Excuses While we might think of how our failed relationships were bitter because our ex lovers treated us wrong, it is hard to acknowledge our role in these situations. When you really want to be with someone, you might do anything to force things to work, including creating your own excuses for your lovers’ bad behaviors.

11. His Excuse for Love Here, Ben Jonson explores that love or lust can be so overpowering and desirable, that one may throw away their life in pursuit of it.

12. 34 Excuses for Why We Failed at Love This deeply emotional piece by Warsan Shire is written as a long list of reasons that a relationship didn’t work out, and while some of the list items are very specific, this is a poem of heartache that many who have experienced heartbreak can relate to.

13. “I stepped out of the line

Just to see you

Finding excuses

To be near you

It hit me hard realizing

You avoid and ignore me

One day you might forget me

You might not recognise me,

But, trust me, you’re not someone

Who I can forget so easily

You may my day

With just the smile of yours

As time flows by

I find it difficult to talk to you

As I close my eyes

I remember,

Every little conversation we had

Even in the darkest of times

You give me a reason to smile

But, some things are still uncertain” –Ruchita P

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