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Trick Or Treat Poems About

Trick Or Treat Poems about

Ghosts and goblins, witches brew,
Kids in costumes, old and new,
Knocking on doors, shouting with glee,
“Trick or treat! What have you for me?”

Up the path, and down the lane,
Halloween’s here, it’s not the same,
Candies galore, treats in the sack,
With every “ding-dong”, we’re right back!

Under the moon, so big and bright,
We seek our candies, all through the night,
Jack-o-lanterns with grins so neat,
Guide our way, to the next sweet treat!

Ghosts and goblins, oh what fun,
On Halloween night when the day is done.
Knocking on doors, with treats in sight,
Kids all giggling with pure delight.
Costumes aplenty, some spooky, some sweet,
All in the spirit of “Trick or treat!”

Up the path, with leaves that crunch,
Bags getting heavy from the candy bunch.
Witches, wizards, superheroes glide,
Seeking the homes where treats reside.
With every knock, faces aglow,
It’s Halloween magic, this much we know.

Moonlight shadows, crisp fall air,
Children laughing everywhere.
Pumpkins smiling, cats that prance,
Halloween brings a whimsical dance.
With bags in hand, they all compete,
For the best candy haul from “Trick or treat!”

Twinkling stars, the night’s so clear,
Halloween magic is finally here.
From house to house, the children dash,
Hoping for candies, not just ash.
Witches, ghosts, and vampires neat,
All join the chorus of “Trick or treat!”

In the glow of lanterns bright,
Creatures roam in the cool night.
Little feet, a playful beat,
Echoing calls of “Trick or treat!”
Doorbells ring, doors swing wide,
Candies pour, with pride inside.

Whispers of costumes, stories retold,
On this night, adventures unfold.
Chocolates, gummies, treats so neat,
Every door opens to a new sweet feat.
With twinkling eyes and hearts upbeat,
Kids call out, “Trick or treat!”

Owls hoot, the bats take flight,
Yet there’s no real cause for fright.
For tonight’s about the magic sweet,
Of kids on the hunt for a candy treat.
Laughter, joy, on every street,
It’s Halloween’s version of tweet-a-tweet!

Under the glow of a silvery moon,
Kids hope their bags will be full soon.
With masks, capes, wigs of all kind,
They seek the treats they’re eager to find.
A chorus of voices, both wild and neat,
Singing the anthem, “Trick or treat!”

Mummies and fairies, all in a row,
Glowing pumpkins set the glow.
Kids rush by with eager feet,
Hoping for their favorite treat.
A night of wonder, a playful beat,
The rhythm of Halloween, “Trick or treat!”

Dressed as dragons, princesses too,
There’s no telling what they’ll do.
Houses aglow in orange and green,
The merriest Halloween you’ve ever seen.
With every step, their hearts skip a beat,
In joyous calls of “Trick or treat!”

Skeletons dance, and werewolves howl,
But don’t be scared, there’s no foul.
For tonight, it’s all in jest,
A playful evening, truly the best.
Eyes shining with every greet,
Cherishing the joy of “Trick or treat!”

Behind every mask, a giggle hides,
As they stroll the town’s countryside.
From door to door, they go with glee,
Collecting treats, as many as can be.
With mischief, fun, and skips of feet,
Echoing laughter, “Trick or treat!”

The night is young, stars shimmering bright,
Magic fills the air, oh what a sight!
Kids with bags, ready to compete,
For the biggest stash of sweets to eat.
From every corner, they’ll meet and greet,
With their cheerful demand, “Trick or treat!”

With wands and shields, they take the night,
Brave little souls, filled with delight.
On cobblestone paths, their journey’s fleet,
In the magic realm of “Trick or treat!”
Candies rain, oh what a feat,
This Halloween’s bound to be neat!

A swirl of capes, a flash of light,
Tiny superheroes take flight.
In the world of make-believe so sweet,
Children embark on their candy feat.
Laughter, joy, repeat and repeat,
All for the love of “Trick or treat!”

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