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Best Restaurants in Coral Springs

Best Restaurants in Coral Springs, FL | Top Eatery Revealed

Coral Springs, Florida, has a population of about 134,000 people. The city is a planned community, which means that it was designed by engineers and architects before it was built. In the case of Coral Springs, the city was planned and developed by Coral Ridge Properties, Inc.

The planners took into account the need for restaurants in the city, and there are quite a number of them. You can read this article to learn more about this amazing city. If you’re searching for the best restaurant in Coral Springs, then this article has you covered. In this piece, we’ll reveal the top eateries in the city in no particular order.

Embarcadero 41

If you’re looking for a restaurant that serves the best Peruvian food, then look no further than Embarcadero 41. Established in January 2022, this eatery has grown in popularity thanks to its servings of ceviche with spice and citrus, delightful sushi rolls, and assorted seafood dishes. If you prefer meat, you can still get it here.

55 people can comfortably sit inside the establishment’s bistro, with several others staying outside. The ambiance is bright, warm, and modern. Their menu options include pickup, delivery, a full bar, lunch, and a full dinner.

Most customers praised the great taste of the food, the pleasant ambiance, and the great service. On the other hand, others complained that the portions were too small, the wait time was long, and, surprisingly, the service was bad. Overall, Embarcadero has a 4.7-star Google rating generated from over 500 reviews.

El Bacon de Las Americas

This establishment is regarded as the number one Colombian restaurant in the city. Having been in business for 27 years, one might easily think their commitment to excellent service might wane with time. However, customer experience has proven the reverse to be the case. This is reflected in its 4.6 Google-star rating, generated from almost 4,000 reviews.

From the reviews, many customers appreciated the quality and taste of the food, the service, and the great atmosphere. Other customers who had negative sentiments said the food was bad, bland, or cold and complained about bad service. It’s obvious that you can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try.

El Bacon de las Americas is owned by a family, and the dishes are created using family recipes. On weekends, you can enjoy live music while you eat. You can choose to eat inside or outside in the massive outdoor dining area.

El Bacon de Las Americas

El Paso Restaurant

One thing that is interesting about restaurants in Coral Springs is their cultural diversity. El Paso is the best Mexican restaurant in the city. Since 1999, this eatery has been serving seafood burritos, sizzling fajitas, and margaritas to wash down the food.

There are over 100 items on the menu. Although they are mostly Mexican, you can still find some Spanish dishes on the menu. Vegetarians can also eat here since many of the dishes cater to their no-meat preference. With its relaxed and friendly ambiance, you can enjoy great value for your money.

Google rates this diner 4.5 stars, which was generated by more than 600 reviews. As usual, the sentiments about this restaurant varied. There were positive sentiments about the quality of food, atmosphere, and service. Conversely, bland or bad food, slow service, and cold food were some of the negative sentiments.

Sicilian Oven

Sports lovers who love to enjoy a slice of pizza while watching their favorite game can enjoy both worlds at the Sicilian Oven. There are large screens in the diner that show current games for the viewing pleasure of customers. Apart from the pizza, you can also get Italian dishes here. Although the size of the restaurant is not huge, it has a comfortable and casual atmosphere.

The Sicilian Oven was established over 10 years ago and has continued to deliver the best pizza in the city. This is why the eatery has a 4.5-star Google rating from more than 1,500 reviews. You can visit for examples of other restaurants with similar ratings.

Hellenic Republic

If you don’t have the means to travel to Greece and enjoy Greek cuisine, you can just drive down to the Hellenic Republic to enjoy the same quality Greek dishes. Even American foods are given a little spice and a twist of the Mediterranean, making them taste and look familiar yet exotic. The décor of this small restaurant is Mediterranean, which gives off a comfortable ambiance.

Established in 2019, the Hellenic Republic has over 600 reviews on Google and a 4.5-star rating. It even appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. Comments about the food, the atmosphere, and the staff were primarily good. However, some comments reveal that not everyone was happy with the staff, and the limited seating and long wait times weren’t well accepted.



Steak lovers can easily hold regular meetings at Runyon’s and always go back home satisfied because of the great-tasting steak this diner serves. For almost 40 years, this family-owned eatery has been serving tender, juicy steaks and seafood with an Italian flair to its customers. They serve steak, chicken dishes, and seafood in so many different ways that choosing a dish from the menu can be confusing and challenging.

Despite being a “meaty” restaurant, there are menu options available for vegetarians. You can click here to discover the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. The eatery offers live music in the form of a piano bar to its music-loving customers.

There are over 1,000 Google reviews on Runyon’s and an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Delicious food, an enjoyable ambiance, and excellent service were the positive sentiments from the comments. Overpriced food, poor or loud acoustics, and underwhelming food were some of the few negative comments.


If you’re new in Coral Springs, Florida, or you’re looking to try out the restaurants in your city, then the restaurants mentioned in this article are worth visiting. Other worthy mentions include The Melting Pot, the Cook and the Cork, Tavolino Della Notte, Hamachi Thai & Sushi, and Coppola’s Bistro Ristorante. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore.

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