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13 Funny Easter Poems

Inside: 13 Silly and Funny Easter Poems.

Excitement over the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts is something children wait for all year. It’s also a time to celebrate both life and rebirth after winter. This holiday, have fun with words by including some funny poems about Easter!

In this article, we feature funny poems for both young and old, and they’re mostly short enough to share with children in the lead up to Easter. So, why not share some of these poems today?

Whether you’re looking for Easter poems to read to your young ones or cute poems to share with friends, here is a list of 13 funny Easter poems perfect for the occasion.

Funny Easter Poems

Funny Easter Poems For Young Kids

Kids love learning about the Easter bunny, and younger children are especially excited about coloring eggs! These poems will keep them excited as they wait for Easter.

1. Funny Bunny
Little Easter, the comedienne bunny,

Tried too hard at being funny.

She juggled and she dropped the eggs

They fell and smashed between her legs.

Poor Easter left the stage in shame
And thought that she might change her name.
But then that bunny read this ad,
“This Sunday we need help real bad.”

So Easter Bunny kept her name
And through the years has gained much fame,
When Easter’s Sunday comes each year.
She delivers eggs and we all cheer.
—Grandpa Tucker

2. Patience

Chocolate Easter bunny

In a jelly bean nest,

I’m saving you for very last

Because I love you best.

I’ll only take a nibble

From the tip of your ear

And one bite from the other side

So that you won’t look queer.

Yum, you’re so delicious!

I didn’t mean to eat

Your chocolate tail till Tuesday.

Ooops! There go your feet!

—Bobbie Katz


3. Some Things That Easter Brings

Easter duck and Easter chick,

Easter eggs with chocolate thick.

Easter hats for one and all,

Easter Bunny makes a call!

Happy Easter always brings

Such a lot of pleasant things.

—Elsie Parrish


4. The Bunny Tale

I thought it was a kitty cat

But saw it was a rabbit

He was hopping down the trail

And then he stopped to sit.


He looked back at me

And wiggled his nose

Seems he wanted me to follow

So, I quickly arose.


I started down that trail

Amongst the forest’s trees

As that rabbit scurried off

As quickly as you’d please.

—Del “Abe” Jone


5. The Easter Bunny

There’s a story quite funny,

About a toy bunny,

And the wonderful things she can do;

Every bright Easter morning,

Without warning,

She colors eggs, red, green, or blue.


Some she covers with spots,

Some with quaint little dots,

And some with strange mixed colors, too

— Red and green, blue and yellow,

But each unlike its fellow

Are eggs of every hue.

—M. Josephine Todd

Fun Easter Poems For Older Kids

These poems are great for children of all ages to enjoy. Most are funny, easy bunny poems, while one is about getting a cute Easter bonnet. Either way, they’re sure to put a smile on your face!

Easter Poems For Older Kids

6. Easter Bonnet Fantasy

If I were to get a new Easter bonnet

There are just a few things I’d like to see upon it


One white bow and another of pink

A bunch of daisies, and I also think


It should have a rose, and a lovebird or two

Plus a wide floppy brim, to keep off the dew


An ostrich feather, and one from a peacock

To show that I’m hip and ready to rock


A pineapple will be the crowning touch

Though quibblers might say it’s a bit too much


And they could have a point, for this hat’s getting big

So maybe I’ll settle for a new Easter wig.


7. Meeting the Easter Bunny

“Tis chocolate eggs and bonbon eggs

and eggs of red and gray,

For every child in every house

on bonny Easter day.”

He perked his ears and winked his eye

and twitched his little nose;

He shook his tail – what tail he had –

and stood up on his toes.

“I must be gone before the sun;

the east is growing gray;

Tis almost time for bells to chime.” –

So he hippety-hopped away.

—Rowena Bennett


8. T’was the Day Before Easter

The bunnies hopped past, one, two, three, four,

The rabbit called out and then there were more.

“Come, Peter! Come, Flopsy! Come, Benny! Come, Joe!

Now hop along! Hop along! Hop along! GO!”


So up on each doorstep, the bunnies did hop,

With baskets of eggs. (Let’s hope they don’t drop!)

Just at that moment, on the porch down below,

Came the stomping of feet; ‘Twas the rabbit I know!

—Tammy Fuller


9. Easter Eggs
Come and see! Oh, hurry, hurry!

For the Rabbit, kind and furry,

Has been here again and laid

Eggs in every nest we made!

Purple, orange, red, and blue,

Pink and green and yellow, too,
Like a bunch of finest flowers

Ever seen, and all are ours!

—Evaleen Stein

Adorable and Fun Easter Poems

Here are more cute and clever Easter poems that you can share with your little ones!

Fun Easter Poetry

10. I Love Easter Eggs

In the Easter morning

we wash the Easter eggs.


In the Easter afternoon

we paint on faces

and make funny legs.


In the Easter evening

egg salad, egg tacos

egg white desserts,


Chocolate Easter egg snacks,


Eat eggs till it hurts!

—Debbie T. Alsup


11. I Had An Easter Bunny

I had an Easter bunny,

One day she ran away.

I looked for her by moonlight,

I looked for her by day.

I found her in the meadow

With her babies 1, 2, 3.

So now I have four rabbit pets

To run and jump with me.

—Author Unknown


12. Five Little Easter Eggs

Five little Easter eggs, lovely colors wore;
Mother ate the blue one, then there were four.

Four little Easter eggs, two and two, you see;

Daddy ate the red one, then there were three.

Three little Easter eggs, before I knew,

Sister ate the yellow one, then there were two.


Two little Easter eggs; oh, what fun,

Brother ate the purple one, then there was one.


One little Easter egg; see me run!

I ate the very last one, and then there were none.

—Author Unknown


13. Easter Comes But Once A Year

Easter comes but once a year

But when it does, we all know its here

Children filling themselves with chocolate

Dad’s down the pub for a pint of beer!


We go to the church for the wine and bread

Dad’s half asleep, and jerking his head

Baby sister is here too, munching away

On the free Easter egg that the Priest gave us today


But remember we must, that the Lord died for us

And ascended into heaven to give us fresh lives

For each and every one of us.

—J S Bach

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