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17 Fiery Dragon Poems about Life

Inside: Dragon Poems that will take your breath away.

Dragons are one of the most interesting mythological creatures. Dragons exist in mythology of various different cultures from ancient times, and have inspired so many iconic poems, books and movies. 

Why are dragons so popular? They are large mystical creatures, dangerous, intelligent and mysterious.

Sometimes they are depicted as greedy, sleeping on piles of gold and treasures. Sometimes they are able to be tamed, but not often. 

Humans are drawn to mystery and drama, and the draw to dragons is no different. We hope you enjoy these Fiery Dragon Poems!

fiery dragon poems about life

  1. A Dragon’s Lament by Jack Prelutsky


I’m tired of being a dragon,

Ferocious and brimming with flame,

The cause of unspeakable terror

When anyone mentions my name.

I’m bored with my bad reputation

For being a miserable brute,

And being routinely expected.

To brazenly pillage and loot.


I wish that I weren’t repulsive,

Despicable, ruthless and fierce,

With talons designed to dismember

And fangs finely fashioned to pierce.

I’ve lost my desire for doing

The deeds any dragon should do,

But since I can’t alter my nature,

I guess I’ll just terrify you.


  1. The Dragon of Death by Jack Prelutsky


In a faraway, faraway forest

Lies a treasure of infinite worth.

But guarding it closely forever

Looms a being as old as the earth.


Its body’s as big as a boulder,

And armored with shimmering scales.

Even the mountain tops tremble when

It thrashes it’s seven great tails.


Its eyes tell a story of terror,

They gleam with an angry red flame

As it timelessly watches its riches.

And the Dragon of Death is it’s name.


Its teeth are far sharper than daggers.

It can tear hardest metal to shreds.

It has seven mouths filled with these weapons,

For it’s neck swells to seven great heads.


Each head is as fierce as the other,

Each head breathes a fiery breath.

And any it touches must perish,

Set ablaze by the Dragon of Death.


All who have foolishly stumbled

On the Dragon of Death’s golden cash

Remain evermore in that forest,

Nothing left of their bodies but ash.


  1. A poem about the dragon by Theodora Lau


I am an unquenchable fire,

The center of all energy,

The stout heroic heart.

I am truth and light,

I hold power and glory in my sway.

My presence

Disperses dark clouds.

I have been chosen

To tame the Fates.

dragon poem 1



  1. A dragon runs through time by Nicholas Alexander


the past runs to catch the future before the present gets there

to save the history to save the past, founder of the present

the dragon flies forward, dodges the hurdles, ducks the bars

its future ahead, but it is the end

the danger of not finding the past and present becomes a problem

will the past slow him enough?


  1. The Realists by William Butler Yeats


Hope that you may understand!

What can books of men that wive

In a dragon-guarded land,

Paintings of the dolphin-drawn

Sea-nymphs in their pearly waggons

Do, but awake a hope to live

That had gone

With the dragons?


  1. Aedh pleads with the Elemental Powers by William Butler Yeats


The Powers whose name and shape no living creature knows

Have pulled the Immortal Rose;

And though the Seven Lights bowed in their dance and wept,

The Polar Dragon slept,

His heavy rings uncoiled from glimmering deep to deep:

When will he wake from sleep?

Great Powers of falling wave and wind and windy fire,

With your harmonious choir

Encircle her I love and sing her into peace,

That my old care may cease;

Unfold your flaming wings and cover out of sight

The nets of day and night.

Dim Powers of drowsy thought, let her no longer be

Like the pale cup of the sea,

When winds have gathered and sun and moon burned dim

Above its cloudy rim;

But let a gentle silence wrought with music flow

Whither her footsteps go.


  1. From The Adventures of Tom Bombadil by J.R.R. Tolkien


There was an old dragon under gray stone;

his red eyes blinked as he lay alone.

His joy was dead and his youth spent,

he was knobbed and wrinkled,

and his limbs bent in the long years to his gold chained;

in his heart’s furnace the fire waned.

To his belly’s slime gems stuck thick,

silver and gold he would snuff and lick:

he knew the place of the least ring

beneath the shadow of his black wing.

Of thieves he thought on his hard bed,

and dreamed that on their flesh he fed,

their bones-crushed, and their blood drunk:

his ears drooped and his breath sank.

Mail-rings rang. He heard them not.

A voice echoed in his deep grot:

a young warrior with a bright sword

called him forth to defend his hoard.

His teeth were knives, and on horn his hide,

but iron tore him, and his flame died.

Fascinating Dragon Poems

  1. Dragon of the Cloak by Julie M. Prus


Eternally postured,

Receeding into the caves of Mount Athanaton

Stands the Dragon of the Cloak

Holding a flickering remnant of time in his whithering talons.


The creature’s form brought forth by the candle’s dancing light.

Glazed eyes, of a marble’s cold stare, is the extent of his sight.

Rippled scales of crimson sand layer his age-beaten face.

A thick, red, wool-hooded robe undulates along a steady limping pace.


Feeling the essence of his everlasting presence,

Hurling the cloak to asphixiate my senses.

My ignored consent demands all focus on him,

As miscellaneous thoughts spin in a vertigo devoid of whim.


Within the walls of a wind-worn cavernous dwelling,

A repeated bleating capsuled in future’s sensored speach.

Seeping out as a slithering mist to continue this silent fortelling,

A low tonality, of an infrasonic melody, beyond empirical reach.


Periodically extracted from a domestic domain

Transfixed amongst dense foliage, dismal and arcane.

Athanaton’s familiar sight remains a static monument to infinity,

But the time-keeper’s entity is all but distant from me.


Visions of a wax-drippen floor brought forth clues toward my demise.

A life long death sentence exposed to my eyes.

The blood-line of youth left trailing behind.

A twist of his wrist constricted my time.


The mind I once controlled now he holds in his sickle-clawed traps.

Fleeing through the forest’s deathwish, served to me on a graven plate.

Syringe-injected images display the blazen candle he grasps,

Reminding me of its extinction that will one day seal my fate.


Dominating my thoughts,

With wicked tenacity.

And whenever he wants,

He shows what is left of me.


Though I rarely see him, I know when he’s near

Persistently repeating a phrase only I can hear.

A distant bellowing from his haggard snout,

Whispering delicately, with morbid delight

These mortifying words into my ear…

“Your Time Is Running Out”


  1. Dragon Fountain by Jennifer Deal


Out in the courtyard there is a fountain that’s shaped rather massive,

The body is large, the scales sculpted by an artist,

The face is remarkable, Its eyes follow as people pass it.

The mouth and teeth can be frightening, I’m sure, but everyone loves it, our dragon.


The dragon fountain commands everyone’s attention,

You can’t seem to look away,

Oh, did I mention,

that if you look close enough, the dragon breathes and sways!!


Wild imaginations and children of all ages,

give life to our dragon, like a book with a million pages!!


If you love dragons, and I am sure that you do,

The dragon fountain will make your fondest dreams come true.

dragon poem 2

  1. In my Garden by Jennifer Deal


In my garden late at night,

amongst my flowers,

It is a wondrous sight,

To see mother nature’s awesome powers.

You can see the tiny dragons taking flight,

the fairies helping the flowers grow slightly,

oh how i wish with all my might,

that i may join them nightly.

The crickets play their joyful tune,

The dragons fly and the fairies dance,

underneath the light of the moon,

Their laughter puts me in a trance.

I can not move my eyes away from their show,

I never want them to go away,

when the sun rises they all know,

They must leave to return another day.

Oh how i wish i could watch each and every night,

just to see the dragons and fairies of my dreams take flight.


  1. Fading Dragons by Tiffany Hrach


Fire born of Dragon’s breath.

Immortal creature, immune to Death.

Eyes of emerald, gleaming cold.

Claws of Iron, Scales of Gold.


Turns her head to gaze at night.

There is no moon within her sight.

She knows tonight she won’t be found.

Her wings raise her from the ground.


The dark land below drops out of sight.

She soars towards mountains, tall in the night.

But alas, she knows she will soon fade away,

Born of the night, yet dying by day.


Life fills her heart, as the air fills her wings.

And she opens her jaws, and she silently sings,

“Free for the night, wishing for always.”

But the light is dawning with chill morning haze.


Then the pages are closed, and the Dragon is caged.

She is just a memory, there on the page.

And I beg of you reader, free her, my friend.

Open the pages, let this not be the end.


  1.  The Steeple by Jess Chua


Perched high, drops of mercury fell upon her glistening back. All of life had come to a standstill, all of life was crowded onto a single point.


One claw teetered over the edge, right wing held out for some balance. She saw him, circling mid-air, silvery-black in the distance.


The city was depending on them. Here they were, leaving.


Let’s go, he cried out to her.


With a last look at the city they had spent the last 16 winters in, she took off into the starless, midnight amber sky.


Stay safe, she silently wished.


With them, Hope was gone.

The History of Dragons in Art

  1.  Dragon’s Fire by Sally Walters


Eyes of a child,

Smile of an angel,

A heart filled with dragon’s fire.

Run swift as a stallion,

Your breath as deep as a ravine.

Oh what tangled webs we weave in life,

That is in the abyss of your soul.

A raven’s cry,

To a baby’s laugh.

Night falls upon my eyes as I wait for death.

No more pain I say to that I know.

The pain he feels in his dragon heart,

He must surely say no more.

Though night is day,

And day is night,

A dragon sleeps through a winter’s dawn.

The howl of a wolf silences the dusk.

As the dragon’s eyes swirl with fire,

I can feel his flame all around me,

Yet I do not burn,

For I am a dragon’s child.


  1.  Dragon’s Call by Heather O’Connel


We sleep with the dragons,

in the hidden lair.

We sing their call,

in our every prayer.

Through our eyes,

their world is clear.

Their forgotten song,

our heart can hear.

They guide our way,

through the darkest night.

We use their wisdom,

to give us sight.

Through our voice,

you hear their cries.

Their fire can be seen,

deep in our eyes.

They are alive,

deep in our minds.

In us the dragon,

you can find.

dragon poem 3

  1.  Evidence by Nick Toczek


Dragon in computer games.

Places bearing dragon names.

Dragon used as skin tattoo.

Ship to carry Viking crew.

Sleeping now, but when it wakes,

starts up storms and makes earthquakes.

Dragon drawn on early maps.

Gardens where the dragon snaps.

Ponds controlled by dragonflies.

Dragon donning human guise.

Serpent circling the globe.

Dragon on a Chinese robe.


Dragon flown as paper kite.

Effigy in tribal rite.

Dragon as a kids’ cartoon.

Origin of word ‘dragoon’. Dragon that the hero slew.

Biggest thing that ever flew.

Dragon landing on your roof.

You’re still saying: ‘Bring me proof!’


  1.  Freedom as One by Amy Anderson


The dragons life and soul

Are turning into mine

The dragons mind and wisdom

Are coming forth as one

The dragons strength and virtue

Are also there for me

For the dragon and myself

Are both becoming free


  1.  Red (DRAGON) by Anna Simmons


Red, the Eastern fire

Of the mighty dragon —

The color in his eyes

Of hope and promise.


Red, the Western death’s

Bloodbath of sin —

In monster’s claws

A tale of greed and pain.


Red, the blooming flowers

Of love, and thorns of hate,

Ribbons hung from mystery,


Of life and death the same.


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