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17+ Best Acrostic Poems On Mothers

Inside: 17 best acrostic poems on mothers for Mother’s Day cards. 

Mothers are perhaps one of, if not, the most celebrated people in the world. There are poems, songs, and tributes galore that are dedicated to mothers. And who wouldn’t celebrate good mothers? Many of them are the backbone of families, and often do so much for their children and partners without even being asked.

Acrostic poems are a great way to show your appreciation for your mother. They are creative, unique, and very expressive. You can personalize them to include your own thoughts and feelings about your own mom. And the best part is, they are very easy to write!

Below you will find thirteen of the best acrostic poems on mothers. We hope these inspire you to write your own!

Touching Acrostic Poems Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is when flowers, chocolates, and other gifts flood our social feeds. It is a day when we can let our mothers know just how much we appreciate their never-ending love and support. In your gifts to your own mother, why not add one or some of the poems below?


1. Marvelously
Overflowing with love and

Touching the

Heart of

Everyone she

Ministry to Children


2. Most beautiful of all

Oh! You smell so good

Terrific in every way

Holding my hand

Every day should be Mother’s Day

Radiant as the sun



3. Mommy thank you for
Our special times together

Making our days fun

Magnificent things you make me to eat

Your never ending love!

The Resourceful Mama


4. “M”other is for the million things she gave me,

“O” means only that she’s growing old,

“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,

“H” is for her heart of purest gold;

“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,

“R” means right, and right she’ll always be

Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER,
” A word that means the world to me.

Howard Johnson


5. M is for making me happy

O means you are an ostrich

T is for taking care of me

H is for being kind hearted

E is for her good eyes

R means she’s always a ripe fruit.

Pauling Loh


6. M – For the million things you do

O – I am so proud of you

T – Thank you for being such a great mother

H – I hope I can be half the mother you are someday

E – Every day, I am grateful for you

R – You are my role model and best friend

S – I sincerely appreciate all that you do for me

D – Don’t forget we’re here to stay

A –  Always know how much I love you

Y – You are one amazing lady! Enjoy your day!


Lovely Mother’s Day Acrostic Poems

Express your emotions to your wonder or supermom. Let them know how you feel, especially if you don’t say it often. These poems can definitely make their day extra special!

7. Make me feel better

Only thinks of others

Takes me to get ice cream

Helps me with my homework

Every day is there for me

Ready to give a hug



8. Marvelous

On track to be a mother

The best mom ever
Hard working all the time

Enjoys being with me

Remarkable to the Earth

The Adventures of a K/1 Teacher


9. My best friend


My world revolves around you

My universe revolves aroung you

You are the best mommy



10. M is for making sure I don’t get into trouble

O is for offering to help me with my science projects

T is for talking to me when I need you to listen

H is for helping me with my homework

E is for everything else that you do for me

R is for really special mom

Cara S.


11. M is for the miles she’s driven us
O is for the only one who understands

T is for the tears she’s dried
H is for the happiness she’s brought us
E is for everything she does
R is for the love that she has always shown



12. M – ustering up the courage

O – vercoming all odds

T – aking charge and leading the way

H – elping out no matter what

E – ncouraging us every day

R – aising us to be the best that we can be

S – howing us unconditional love


D – oing everything with a smile

A – lways putting others first

Y – ear after year, day after day!


Moving Acrostic Poems on Mothers

Mother, mommy, mum, or mama—these are words we call the greatest woman in our lives. Here are acrostic poems that will undoubtedly fill moms’ hearts with love, on Mother’s Day or any day of the year.

13. “Mama” was likely the first word I spoke

Only months after my birth

Then you were Mommy

Helping, teaching, playing through my youth

Eventually you simple became Mom

Reliable and loving, yet worried as a teenage feelings often overwhelmed me

Somehow we made it through to college,

further studies, family, and work

abroad—and Mom, my biggest fan, has

always been a thought or prayer away


Day after day, year after year, you’ve supported me in countless ways

And now that I have children and grandchildren of my own

You are all these and more—Friend, Advisor, Supporter, Encourager—beloved Mom

Michael Krigline


14. Manufactured from a heavenly mold

Offering love that never maxes old,

Teaching her children wholesome things,

Happiness to her family, she brings.

Extraordinary remarks, she says,

Rich in her natural goodness always.

Sylvia L. Green


15. Mother is for Mannerly, organized in all ways

O is for Observant, with an alert mind

T is for Tender, sensitive at heart

H is for Heavenly, the blessed soul you are

E is for Enduring, the self-belief you carry

R is for Remarkable, your tireless attitude



16. Makes my everyday

Always help me with my homework

Reads to me

Gives me hugs

Is always there for me

Endlessly love’s me!

The Resourceful Mama


17. My life is not complete without her

Other women can try to fill her shoes

That just won’t work, she’s one of a kind

Her love is unconditional

Everything about her is amazing

R are the moments we spend together


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