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13 Color Poem Examples For A Rainbow Of Emotions

Inside: Color Poem Examples for Rainbow Lovers.

What’s your favorite color?

Maybe it’s blue like the sky, red like fire or pink like your favorite flower. Whatever it is, you chose it for the way it makes you feel when you see it, when you wear it or when you’re surrounded by it.

Color has the unique ability to make us feel. That’s why color theory is taught in art school and to marketers.

Did you know it was Aristotle who developed the first known theory of color? Aristotle believed color was sent by God from heaven through celestial rays of light. He suggested that all colors came from white and black (lightness and darkness) and related them to the four elements – water, air, earth, and fire.

It makes sense that poets and artists would be so inspired by color, and its power to evoke powerful emotions and make a strong impression. These color poems evoke how strongly so many of us feel about colors.

From purple people to green fans, everyone will be inspired by these Color Poem Examples. We hope they inspire a rainbow of emotions!

color poem examples

Cheerful Color Poem Choices

1.Color by Christina Rossetti
What is pink? a rose is pink
By a fountain’s brink.
What is red? a poppy’s red
In its barley bed.
What is blue? the sky is blue
Where the clouds float thro’.
What is white? a swan is white
Sailing in the light.
What is yellow? pears are yellow,
Rich and ripe and mellow.
What is green? the grass is green,
With small flowers between.
What is violet? clouds are violet
In the summer twilight.
What is orange? Why, an orange,
Just an orange!

christina rosetti poem

2. Color Me Happy by Arden Davidson
If I were the color blue,
I’d sing sad songs for you.

If I were the color yellow,
I’d be a happy fellow.

If I were the color red
I’d look like me when I bled.

If I were the color green,
I’d grow like a big string bean.

If I were the color brown,
I’d be a chocolate town.

If I were the color pink,
I’d be a lemony drink.

If I were the color purple,
Nothing would rhyme with me.

3. Red by Ysa Pa
The color introduced by daylight
The color of our first sight
The color brought by sunrise
The color reflected in your eyes
The color painted by sunset
The color when we first met
The color of fire and blaze
The color of your melting gaze
The color of blood flowing and shed
The color of the words you’ve said
The color you wore that day
The color of brick walls in the way
The color of your cheeks and lips
The color of and apple that fell to a cliff
The color of soaring balloons
The color of the  moon
The color of roses that mesmerize
The color of promises, now making me sick
The color of memories and flashbacks
The color of wanting you back
The color of my anger
The color of our faded fervor
The color of hearts and celebration
The color of separation
The color of warmth and heat
The color of loss and defeat
The color of what has been
The color which I’ll never see again
The color introduced by your presence
The color stolen by your absence
Red is the color of the blazing sun
Red isn’t the color, now that you’re gone
Red is the color of love in our eyes
Red isn’t the color when that love faced demise

4. Colors by Margaret E. Sangster
I love color.
I love flaming reds,
And vivid greens,
And royal flaunting purples.
I love the startled rose of the sun at dawning,
And the blazing orange of it at twilight.
I love color.
I love the drowsy blue of the fringed gentian,
And the yellow of the goldenrod,
And the rich russet of the leaves
That turn at autumn-time….
I love rainbows,
And prisms,
And the tinsel glitter
Of every shop-window.
I love color.
And yet today,
I saw a brown little bird
Perched on the dull-gray fence
Of a weed-filled city yard.
And as I watched him
The little bird
Threw back his head
Defiantly, almost,
And sang a song
That was full of gay ripples,
And poignant sweetness,
And half-hidden melody.
I love color….
I love crimson, and azure,
And the glowing purity of white.
And yet today,
I saw a living bit of brown,
A vague oasis on a streak of gray,
That brought heaven
Very near to me.

5. Five Little Crayons by Unknown
Five little crayons colored a scene.
Yellow, blue, orange, red and green.
“Look,” said Yellow, “My sun is bright!”
Blue said, “Great! My river’s just right”
Orange said, “Flowers! I’ll draw something new”
Red said, “Great, I’ll add some too!”
“Sigh,” said Green, “I’m tired of trees,
And grass and bushes and tiny leaves.
I think I’ll draw a big green cloud!”
“A big green cloud should be allowed!”
The crayons all smiled and didn’t think twice.
A big green cloud sounded rather nice!

five little crayons poem

6. Blue by Annette Wynne
When God made everything
I’m glad he had a lot of blue-
A great big sky for all the world
And eyes like yours for you.

A Color Poem for Every Color of the Rainbow

7. Nature rarer uses yellow by Emily Dickinson
Nature rarer uses yellow
Than another hue;
Saves she all of that for sunsets, —
Prodigal of blue,
Spending scarlet like a woman,
Yellow she affords
Only scantly and selectly,
Like a lover’s words.

emily dickinson poem about color

8. March Sunset by Hilda Conklings
Pines cut dark on a bronze sky . . .
A juniper tree laughing to the harp of the wind . . .
Last year’s oak leaves rustling . . .
And oh, the sky like a heart of fire
Burned down to those coals that have the color of fruit . . .
Cherries . . . light red grapes . . .

Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog

9. Colors passing through us by Marge Piercy
Purple as tulips in May, mauve
into lush velvet, purple
as the stain blackberries leave
on the lips, on the hands,
the purple of ripe grapes
sunlit and warm as flesh.

Every day I will give you a color,
like a new flower in a bud vase
on your desk. Every day
I will paint you, as women
color each other with henna
on hands and on feet.

Red as henna, as cinnamon,
as coals after the fire is banked,
the cardinal in the feeder,
the roses tumbling on the arbor
their weight bending the wood
the red of the syrup I make from petals.

Orange as the perfumed fruit
hanging their globes on the glossy tree,
orange as pumpkins in the field,
orange as butterflyweed and the monarchs
who come to eat it, orange as my
cat running lithe through the high grass.

Yellow as a goat’s wise and wicked eyes,
yellow as a hill of daffodils,
yellow as dandelions by the highway,
yellow as butter and egg yolks,
yellow as a school bus stopping you,
yellow as a slicker in a downpour.

Here is my bouquet, here is a sing
song of all the things you make
me think of, here is oblique
praise for the height and depth
of you and the width too.
Here is my box of new crayons at your feet.

Green as mint jelly, green
as a frog on a lily pad twanging,
the green of cos lettuce upright
about to bolt into opulent towers,
green as Grand Chartreuse in a clear
glass, green as wine bottles.

Blue as cornflowers, delphiniums,
bachelors’ buttons. Blue as Roquefort,
blue as Saga. Blue as still water.
Blue as the eyes of a Siamese cat.
Blue as shadows on new snow, as a spring
azure sipping from a puddle on the blacktop.

Cobalt as the midnight sky
when day has gone without a trace
and we lie in each other’s arms
eyes shut and fingers open
and all the colors of the world
pass through our bodies like strings of fire.

10. Infinite shades of grey by Dr. Ram Mehta
When I was young
I had a very clear point of view
on things in life

I love the fact
that my face has more of an edge
and more character than it did
when I was in my twenties.

As I got older
I saw the grey areas appear.

As I got still older
I loved my grey hair and wrinkles.

The fact is
there are a lot of grey areas
in our personality.

The human nature
isn’t black and white
but black and grey.

11. Purple by Echo
Red – The color of ire.
Blue – The color of sorrow
Mix them and you achieve
A miserable mix of malcontent.

All my life I’ve learned not to be purple.
“Hide the bad feelings.
Give us a smile!”
Never be purple.

I quickly learned how to harness the rainbow.
Be yellow, and always be happy,
Or green, and be friendly.
Not red or blue.

Absolutely never purple.

12. Colors of The Rainbow by Unknown
The gem for me is the ruby red,
A rich clear light doth it always shed;
The diamond’s beauty is noised abroad;
But the ruby is first in the promise of God.

The bright sardonyx stone will show
The second color of the row,
In the wondrous promise bow.

“With light’s own smile the yellow burns,”
The poet says, and here I place
It’s where the orange into yellow turns.

In the clover of the meadow
And the leaves upon the tree,
The ever-pleasing color
Of the emerald you see.

O blue are the skies on a clear summer day
And blue are the fairest of flowers,
And blue is the turquoise, the jewel of truth,
That shines in this promise of ours.

A deeper blue is the sapphire’s hue,
And richer this beautiful gem;
On heads of might it has shed its light,
From many a diadem.

We’ve shown six colors of the bow,
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo;
The color of the amethyst,
The violet, now completes the list.

13. Through Your Eyes by Ronald D Thompson
Is the sky blue and the grass green?
It has to be because I’ve seen.
But your green might be my blue,
I’m sorry that just wouldn’t do.
If the sky you see is my red,
I think I’d lie down in my bed.
What if your grass is my pink?
I’d have to say that would stink!
Pink grass and red sky,
Dear oh dear, I’d surely die.
I’m glad my blue is my blue,
As far as I’m concerned that will do.
And I like my grass the green I see,
For how else could it ever be?
Don’t want to see through your eyes,
Just might scare me with surprise!

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