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5 Christmas Acrostic Poem Ideas For Any Project

Inside: 5 Christmas acrostic poem ideas for any project this holiday season.

It’s officially the Christmas season! We’re in full swing in decorations, festivities, parties, shopping, and planning for the big day. Who isn’t already filled with joy and cheer for Christmas this year?

Using poems of different kinds for a variety of festive projects is a great way to personalize a gift a little more as well as make it more fun. Acrostic poems are super simple options, and great for kids to either read as poetry or write it themselves when making cards to attach to their projects.

If you’re a teacher and have kids in the classroom or if you have kids of your own to get started on some fun Christmas projects, these are going to be perfect.

An acrostic poem is using each of the letters in a chosen word to create linear poetry and make a poem out of the word itself! Still a little lost? Here are 5 examples for you!

Christmas cookies acrostic poem ideas

Maybe you’re stuck on a letter, trying to come up with something that works with the rest of the poem you’ve already written. But that’s the fun of an acrostic poem. They don’t have to be coherent or flow like a poem at all. It can simply just be using each letter to refer to a word that reminds you of Christmas. However, if you do find the words to use to create a whole actual poem in an acrostic style, then you are a poetry champion!

Acrostic poetry is perfect for projects at school before the bell rings, or to write a poem to a kid in your life that loves to read poetry.

As you’re preparing gifts, think about all the ways that you can personalize it with a poem this year.

How To Use These Christmas Acrostic Poem Ideas

Obviously poetry isn’t necessarily something functional or something that has to be “used” once it’s written. Acrostic poems though are usually written for fun and are perfect ways to creatively write a card or something fun for a place setting at a Christmas party dinner. Maybe even a secret Santa reveal? How fun would that be! Using little witty poems makes gifting a little more personalized and a lot more festive. Especially when you give a gift that isn’t very Christmassy, it can add all the festive flair you need.

Let your poetry be poetry, but as you write, if you have fun ideas to use it, everyone loves a good poem.
Kids love to use these as introductions to writing poetry and in the Christmas season, everything is Christmas related so it’s an easy one to get them involved in and get their brains reeling on ideas for Christmas themed words to write a Christmas acrostic poem.

Have fun with these and let your acrostic poetry do the talking this year.

A warmly lit Christmas scene with a tree and presents

Christmas Acrostic Poem Ideas

Christmas acrostic poems are almost so easy that it’s hard to come up with something witty and creative. You can be super straightforward with all of the many Christmas themed ideas or try to think outside of the box.

1. Christmas Day

Carol singing in the frosty air,
Holly wreaths are everywhere.
Reindeer galloping across the sky,
Icy cold snowflakes twirling by.
Stockings hang on the end of beds,
Trees decorated in gold and reds .
Mince pies ready, delicious and hot,
A baby in a manger cot.
Star that guides kings all the way
… That’s Christmas Day!

by Unknown

Ideas For Class

Acrostic poems are great ideas for class projects. Whether you’re teaching in school or in church Sunday school and need to kill time around the holidays, this is a great option.

Grab a template and let the kids run with it!

Christmas acrostic poem ideas about hot cocoa

2. Student Work

Christmas is very special because it is Jesus’ birthday
Holidays spread cheer to everyone
Red is a beautiful color for Christmas
It is time to celebrate Christmas
Some trees are very tall
The Christmas tree is very beautiful
My Christmas tree is red, green, and gold
A nice cup of hot cocoa
Some trees can be real

By A Student

3. Memories

Caring for others
Hearts full of joy
Remembering all the memories together
In the house waiting for Santa
Singing carols as a family
Together opening presents under the tree
Making cookies for Santa
As the morning passes, we look for the elf
Snowball fights together

By A Student

Cute Acrostic Poems For Christmas

Just about anything that’s Christmas festive is cute in my opinion. So anything you could write on your Christmas acrostic poem is a vibe. Have fun with it! You don’t have to try too hard with these.

A table with Christmas decor on it

4. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Every one
Yuletide Cheer

Christmas is a
Happy time
Reunite with family and friends
Imaginations of children anticipating
Santa’s gifts
Turkeys cooking in ovens
Making new memories
Angels atop trees
Singing carols

By Susan Zutautas

a snowman

5. Children’s Christmas

Christmas is here
Holly over our heads
Roasting chicken
Ivy on wreaths
Santa’s coming
Toys are big and small
Mass at noon
At home we build
Snowmen in the garden

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons, but one of my favorites is the fact that anything and everything is Christmas themed. Everywhere you go.

So filling out words that start with a “C”, then an “H”, then an “R”… you get it. Is easy to do because there are just so many Christmas themed things out there during the season. Christmas lights, Hot Chocolate, Reindeer… the list goes on and on and on. These are easy projects to take on and everyone will have fun with them.

I hope you have the most beautiful holiday season inspired and brought to life by poetry. Once you start digging in the wormhole that is Christmas poetry, it’s hard to come out! Much like the Christmas movie marathon we binge annually.

Once Christmas is over, the fun doesn’t stop. Here are 13 chill winter acrostic poems to continue writing poetry into the winter season!

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