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A girl and her aunt laughing

23 Sweet Niece Poems To Share The Love

Inside: 23 niece poems to share the love with your favorite nieces. Which is probably all of them.

We all know the love we have for our nieces and nephews, or if you don’t have nieces and nephews, yet you know the love aunts and uncles have for you! It’s a big love, a great love, a fun love.

If you have siblings, it’s the love you have for them without all the fighting. They’re like an extension of your sibling, but of all the traits you love, instead of the ones that you want to argue with.

Maybe you have a niece in your life that you want to share the love with, maybe for her graduation, birthday, or any situation under the sun, a poem about your love for your niece is the best way to do so! It’s so fun and a very unique way to share the love.

Here are sweet niece poems to let her know how much you love her and cherish her as her favorite Aunt.

An aunt and niece next to a pond

The idea of my sister having children is such a wild concept, and it’s not a part of life we’ve tapped into yet. But if you’re there already, I know that you know what it feels like to love a niece. It’s like having a daughter without having to raise her yourself, you get the free pass, and all the hard stuff, and just get to have fun with her!

Maybe you’re the fun aunt or uncle and their life that gives them all the advice, all the love, and lets them get away with things they shouldn’t.

No matter what your relationship is with your niece, these poems are going to be a perfect representation in a perfect way to tell her how much you love her.

Write it in a card, send it in a text, no matter how you deliver, she’s going to love getting these words from her aunt or uncle.

To Niece From Aunt

Probably one of the strongest bonds is between a girl and her aunt. If you’re lucky enough to have a cool aunt. I don’t have a super close relationship to either of mine, but I know I can always call her up to chat and not a word would be spoken to my father about it. And that’s a super special relationship to have.

Here are some poems for your niece.

1. My Niece, My Friend

When a woman has a daughter,
she becomes a mom.
But, when she becomes an aunt,
there’s a friendship type of bond.

I don’t have to tell you what to do,
or how to comb your hair.
I just get to joke and laugh
whenever you are there.

If life treats you unfairly,
or you’re at your wit’s end,
I will be the voice of reason for
my niece, my friend.

By Michele Meleen

2. Niece

Nieces and nephews
is someone
Who look up to
you as aunts and uncles
Their light up we you
walk to the door
Their teach you
patients and how to
Love unconditionally
and their teach
You how to be kind to
other I love hearing
My niece calling me aunt
if you have a nieces
Or nephews or niece
Or nephew their are
Blessing of god
I love my niece

By Amanda Kay Hill

3. Aunts Can

Who can pick you up when you are down
and turn your lips to a smile from a frown?
Who can give you sage advice
and give you cause to think twice?
It’s all part of the family plan,
because aunts can.

Who plays tricks and jokes on you
and laughs when you pull them too?
Who takes you out to have a ball
and shops with you at the mall?
It’s all part of the family plan,
because aunts can.

Grandmas are nice, and grandpas too,
But, no one gives a niece
what aunts do!

By Michele Meleen

4. Poem For Ny Niece
such innocent beauty is yours
my tender, fragile soul
the light in your eyes
reflecting the true loveliness
deep within that does arise
your smile my dear
captivates the heart
as you lie in my arms so near
a true work of art ?

By Ashley Wakefield

A baby hand holding a thumb

5. My Eight Year Old Niece

You were the first to make me an aunt
That’s why I hold you so close to my heart
Your the light that brightens my world
Nothing can break us apart
As I held you for the first time
With your little fingers wrapped around mine
All the joy and happiness came upon me
Which at the time was hard to find
From slippers to sneakers
From onesies to jeans
You’ve grown from a little princess to beautiful queen
As I continue to watch you grow
I also grow to
From the lost young girl
To the mature aunt I continue to be to you
So know I’m always here for you
I’ll never be out of reach
Happy 8th birthday to my beautiful and intelligent niece

By Lesa Donaghy

Inspirational Poems For Nieces

We all need a little inspiration and hearing it from someone that’s like a parental figure but isn’t quite is a different kind of inspiration. Aunts and uncles love you like their own even when they’re not, so hearing these kinds of messages from them is a little deeper than an actual parent. They’re choosing to love you this much!

6. For My Niece Poem

I will sing to you a song
that nobody sang to me~
melody that would have
made me cry and smile.

Maybe you’d be pleased
and keep the words till
you’re older; or find him,
to sing what I sang alone.

By Melanie Emikohe

7. Trinity, My Darling Niece

Bubbly with laughter and beautiful as turtledoves
Running ever faster
But only fast enough to catch
My love
Let her live a happy eternity
Hardships be lost
Any cost for her is never too much
For me
Her smile is my greatest treasure
No tears allowed
When Aunty Reecie is around to
Stay forever.

By Reecie

8. Hailey

Hailey is my niece, a little one year old,
She fills my heart with warmth, so I never feel cold,
She might just be a baby, but I can talk to her,
She listens as if she’s older, more like a young lady,
If she ever needs someone, she should always know I’m there,
If she ever needs to talk to me, I will listen because I care.

By Aubrie L. Runyan

9. To My Little Angel

From a tiny bundle till today
I see you grow each day….
From endless cries to endless laughs
I see you glow each day…..
From the innocent questions to the incredible mischievous
I see you learn each day…..
From the little walks we have to the small talks we do…
From the kisses you plant to the crushing hugs you give….
I save the memories each day…
For one day I will have to be happy with only those memories near me
And you away from me….
For life will sure play the same game as it does every other day…..
But remember my dear, I will be there ever and forever for you as like today….

By Nisha Sam

10. My Niece, My Love

My niece, My love,
The one I adore,
A aunt at eleven,
I love her so much more,
Someone to play with,
Someone to cheer up,
I watch over her through good times and rough,
She makes me happy,
She makes me smile,
She makes me want to stay with her for a while.
I know I cant stay I must go home,
Its so hard, to let her go,
Even though its for a short time,
I count the days till’ I see her again,
My niece, My love
The one I adore!

By Zaisha

To Niece From Uncle

Okay so a niece/aunt relationship is solid, we know. But what about a niece and uncle situation? I love my uncles, they’re honestly the funniest and goofiest guys in the world. And I feel like I hear a lot of friends say the same about theirs.

If you’re an uncle to an incredible niece, here are some poems you can send her or write to her!

A kid playing with a toy kitchen

11. The Next Best Thing

There is no greater gift,
for an uncle like me,
who has no daughters
to love dearly,
than the next best thing,
that unique missing piece,
who fills my heart with joy,
it can only be my niece.

By Michele Meleen

12. Happy Birthday

Our sweet little niece, you make us smile.
We like to laugh and play games for awhile.
Though we live far apart, we think of you lots.
Smiles light our faces when you cross our thoughts.
We hope your 4th birthday is the BEST you’ve had yet:
Full of fun times you won’t soon forget!

By Melissa Caudle

13. What a Niece Means to Me

When you’re an uncle,
no one ask questions like
“What does a niece
mean to you?”

But I’ve thought about it
long and hard anyway
and to me, a niece means
one more drop of family glue.

You help hold our family together
filling the generation gap.
You give me one more person to love
in more ways than I ever knew.

By Michele Meleen

Short Poem For Niece

Not all poems have to be long and drawn out. If you know your niece loves a good poem, send her some of these throughout the week when you think she might need a little pick me up. You never know the power loving words can have, so shoot her a text with a short poem for nieces.

14. One Proud Aunt

No matter what or who you become
I’ll always be one proud aunt
because you are my niece
and we don’t use the word “can’t.”

By Michele Meleen

15. Little Princess

My niece, my little princess
You truly rule my heart,
In the story of my life
You are the best part.

Your sweet loving smile
And magical ways,
Bring happiness in my life
And joy that forever stays.
Happy Birthday!

By Jennifer Anne

16. You Are Your Mom’s Apple

You are your mom’s apple of the eye
You are your dad’s most loving child
But there is one aunt of yours
Who always love you being kind
I love you, as you are so pure from soul
I love you as you have a great role
My niece I want that you stay happy in life
So that you don’t have to strive
Keep smiling in every way
And go ahead to have your say
Happy birthday to you!
God bless you!

By Unknown

17. Birthday Poem

A bright tone of yellow for your bubbly personality
A peaceful shade of white for you soulful humility. A lovely hue of pink for you high spirits
A sophisticated black for you intelligence and wits. A deep shade of cherry for you myriad thoughts
We wish you a colorful life because we love you lots.

By Unknown

18. My niece, My love,
The one I adore,
A aunt at eleven,
I love her so much more,
Someone to play with,
Someone to cheer up,
I watch over her through good times and rough,
She makes me happy,
She makes me smile,
She makes me want to stay with her for a while.
I know I cant stay I must go home,
Its so hard, to let her go,
Even though its for a short time,
I count the days till’ I see her again,
My niece, My love
The one I adore!

By Zaisha

Niece Poetry

19. I Will

I did not choose to be your aunt,
you were a gift for me from God.
I will guide you
like a grandmother.
I will love you
like a mom.
I will laugh with you
like a sister.
I will care for you
if ever they were all gone.

By Michele Meleen

20. At Times You Are Mine

At times, I am your friend
And other times your agony aunt
The things that your parents don’t allow
I am the one to grant
Sure, I have pampered you a lot I know
Sure, I care for you to show
But I know that you are a gem from within
A true gem from your heart
Stay blessed is my wish for you
It is like this from the start
Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece
God bless you!

By Unknown

An aunt playing with her niece

21. Blessings

Of the many blessings in my life,
I count you as a main one, my niece.

By Catherine Pulsifer

22. To My Little Niece Sally Livingston

To my little niece Sally Livingston, on the death of a little serenading wren she admired.

Hasty pilgrim stop thy pace
Turn a moment to this place
Read what pity hath erected
To a songster she respected.
Little minstrel all is o’er
Never will thy chirpings more
Soothe the heavy heart of care
Or dispel the darkness there.
I have known thee e’er the sun
Hath on yonder mountain shone;
E’er the sky-lark hath ascended,
Or the thrush her throat distended;
Cheerful trill thy little ditty
As the singer, blithe and pretty.
Labour stood, half bent to hear,
Study lent a list’ning ear,
Dissipation stop’d a while,
Grief was even seen to smile,
Ambition; but the gushing tear
O’erwhelms the stone and stops me here.

by Major Henry Livingston, Jr.

23. Beautiful Niece

No niece in this world is comparable:
No niece in this world is as adorable,
No niece in this world is as extraordinary,
No niece in this world is as beautiful,
No niece in this world deserves as much as you.
Happy Birthday beautiful.

By Unknown

Nieces are a gift to the family, as soon as they enter the world, the whole demeanor in the family changes.

I’ve already mentioned my sisters not having kids yet, so obviously, this isn’t my reality, but I saw the way that it’s changed my friends, my cousins, and so many other families when a niece has been brought into the world. If you know what that feels like, you know how much you love your niece, and that she’s going to love getting these poems as a written message.

Whether you live near or far from your sibling and their family, there’s always going to be a close bond. Especially with your first niece or nephew that can never be broken. We all love to be the cool aunt or uncle, and just know with these poems you’re grabbing that title if you didn’t already!

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