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21 Nephew Poems From The Favorite Aunt Or Uncle

Inside: Sweet nephew poems from their favorite aunt or uncle.

I’m not an aunt yet, but I hear it’s the best thing ever!

Getting to hang out and play with kids that feel like they could be your own but you don’t have the responsibility that your sibling does of being a parent? The best of both worlds!

There’s no comparison to the love of the cool aunt or uncle that gives you life advice and sends you money on your birthday and just tells you all these cool and wild stories of their cool lives. That’s the aunt I want to be, I don’t know about you!

But if you’re trying to celebrate your nephew, whether it’s their birthday, graduation, or anything else in between, use some of these nephew poems to talk about how fun and cool they are! You don’t even need an excuse to celebrate them, just by being their aunt or uncle you’re just fun.

Man and child blowing bubbles

Whether you’re super close to your siblings or not, getting close to their kids is always fun. Get on their good side! It’s fun.

There’s no greater blessing after watching your siblings grow up than to watch them start to raise their own children. This experience is a wild one and one that you wouldn’t think you would ever get to when you’re children, but if you’re reading this post, that time of life is here, and your nephew is really here and really a part of your family!

Growing families and moving into next seasons of life is such a sweet thing, and I hope you enjoy and value your nieces and nephews, and show them how much through these nephew poems.

Funny Nephew Poems

In my family, the boys are the silly ones. So to my parents, my boy cousins are goofy, funny, and the life of the party! And that’s their nephews. It’s constantly the classic case of boys being boys but in the wholesome sense.
If your nephew is the funny one, here are some funny nephew poems to send him that he’ll love!

1. Nephew Card

I would fight a snake for you my Nephew!
Not an anaconda.
Or a cobra. Or a little poisonous snake. But maybe like an earthworm?

By Linume Cards

2. Thank You

Thanks for being my nephew.
If I had a different nephew,
I would punch him in the face
and go find you.


By Little Maple Shop

3. Auntrepreneur


Professional Aunt
Helping to raise
her nieces and nephews

See also: cool aunt, second mom, best aunt ever

By The Enchanted Aunt

man with a child on his shoulders

I Love You Nephew Poems

Maybe you and your nephew are really close and you love him like a son or brother, depending on how close you are in age.

Maybe he’s going through something tough in life and just needs to be told that he is loved. Sure it’s always amazing to hear you’re loved by your parents, but from an aunt or uncle too, especially if not always expressed, is sweet as well.

4. Little Hope

I always woke with the feel, of restless on my cheek.
For a while, things were gray, sometimes even bleak.
A bright smile you brought to me, to brighten up my day
I couldn’t imagine not having that smile, I couldn’t even say.
I play guitar, you hear the sound, you never can resist
Letting me hear that beautiful voice, that I’m lucky I didn’t miss.
So always know that you’re my friend, and will always stay that way
because my friend you are the best, and that I will always say.

By Tony Mcneilly

5. My Little Nephew

Whenever I see your sweetest smile,
My pain and sorrow are gone for a while.

Whenever I get mad because you’re so unruly,
You’ll just hug me and say, “I’m sorry!”

You’ve got a lot of questions.
You have some wonderful visions!

My little nephew, let your imagination soar;
Let your spirit travel afar…

Spread your wings of generosity;
Open your heart to the wretched and needy!

And you’ll discover the rainbow
Of hope that’s within you…

By Estela O. Canama

6. Aunt To Nephew I Love You

Andrew my nephew,
I have a secret to share with you
And that secret is huge
So here are some rules to follow before I tell you.
Do as your mom says
And always try your best.
And my final rule is to
Have fun and never regret.
Now for my secret which you shall never forget….
No matter where life takes you your Tia’s heart will be with you!
I love you!

7. My Angel

You were born too early
You never took a breath
You never opened your eyes
You were gone before being born

We had hoped to meet you
We had only looked at you twice
We saw you very small
We saw you right after you were born

You are always part of our family
You are part of my soul
You are my first and only angel
You are my nephew forever

By Ronnie Neiman

8. Nephew

The first time I saw you,
I felt such love inside
For a pretty little baby boy
Who hardly ever cried

Soon, you were growing up
And I was proud of you
You always did your best in school
And in everything you do

Teenage days- they come and go
You survived them well
You had your dreams and set your goals
I knew you wouldn’t fail

A nephew is a gift from God
In a world that changes fast
You have a specialness inside of you
That I know will always last

By Unkown

A shadow of a person and a child holding hands

Poems And Quotes

There are tons of poems and quotes about nephews out there that don’t even necessarily fit into any category. So if you’re looking for something lighthearted and fun to send to him randomly, try some of these!

9. Dear Nephew

Dear Nephew,
You are small but mighty, magnificent and daring, bold with grace,
and fearless till the end. Spunk is the definition of your soul,
and wonder your ambition in life. The path before you,
is a blank canvas you get to fill with your dreams.
Flying with dinosaurs, slaying dragons, or walking on clouds.
Dreams so big they will touch the sky.

Oh sweet little boy, there is so much for you in life.
Tears you shed will be the stepping stones in your path and
your spirit will ignite the rocket to take you to the moon.
Your smiles will steal the hearts of all who see, and your laughs
will warm the souls of many.

Grow slow dear one, the path set before you will always be there.
Life is hard. So stay strong, wonder always, and forever be happy.
For your Auntie, don’t grow too fast. Stay little forever,
and dream big precious one.
Aunt Mo Mo

By MorganK

10. The Generous Nephew

I escorted my uncle to Tsin,
Till the Wei we crossed on the way.
Then I gave as I left
For his carriage a gift
Four steeds, and each steed was a bay.
I escorted my uncle to Tsin,
And I thought of him much in my heart.
Pendent stones, and with them
Of fine jasper a gem,
I gave, and then saw him depart.

By Confucious

11. Nephew

I may have not carried you for 9 months but I will spend the rest of my life loving you,
protecting you, and doing whatever I need to make you happy.

12. Pushover

If my mom says no,
My aunt will say yes

Happy Birthday

Is it his birthday coming up? Sometimes instead of buying the generic store bought card, it can be super fun to make one on your own.

Are you a graphic designer? Scrapbooker? These are some fun poems you can use to create your own birthday card for your favorite nephew!

13. Nephew Birthday Wishes

You’re such a special Nephew and that is why today- Lots of loving wishes are being sent your way.

Happy Birthday


14. Birthday Poems For Nephew

A nephew so sweet
A nephew so cute
His adorable charms
You just can’t refute
A nephew so bubbly
A nephew so loving
His presence in my life
Means to me, everything
A nephew so innocent
A nephew so delightful
Watching him grow up
Makes me happily tearful

Happy Birthday

By Wishes Messages

21st Birthday

The 21st birthday is a big one– so here are some that are more specific to the birthday just around the corner! Having a cool aunt or uncle there to celebrate your 21st with you or tell you how to celebrate it in style is a dream for any nephew!

15. 21

By your age
Joan of Arc led
France to victory,
Jane Austen wrote
Pride and Prejudice
and Steve Jobs
Founded Apple.
But, you know,
You’ve done stuff
too, right?

Happy 21st birthday.

By Unknown

16. Key Of The Door

You have reached the grand old age of twenty-one
twenty one birthdays come and gone
Twenty one is no longer the milestone of before
It’s now 18 when you get the key of the door

So now you have two birthdays classed as coming of age
I am sure this one will be celebrated at a more sensible pace
So Congratulations you are now officially old
Enjoy your day every minute as it unfolds

By Margmax

Letter blocks that spell out nephew

Short Nephew Poems

Short, sweet and to the point. Enough said.

17. To His Nephew

In my bureau is a matchbox. I am not going to make this easy for you. In the box there are two cloves, a snip of lavender, and a piece of ribbon. Inside the ribbon, a girl walks tiptoe with outstretched arms past the living room. She is my grandmother. In her pocket, a cinnamon quill and kitchen shears; in the bend of her arm, kith and kin: her grandfather carefully opens a butterfly case in which the inner ears of mammals are pinned. From the skein of bones like shell he hears something like metal and bird in a hallway. I am telling you because you want to be told. It’s the clinking (do you hear) of a pocket case, minor operating instruments in an old man’s hand. He runs toward his wife who braces herself on the spiral baluster. Around her neck they say she wore a bite of arsenic, but I know inside the pendant her mother sleeps beside my eldest sister. Tonight, you will sleep in your room because you are tired and because you do not believe me.

By Robert Ostrom

18. My Nephew

May God, who loves all children

in a very tender way,

Protect and guide you, my nephew,

with His care, day after day-

And always may His sweetest joys

and richest blessings, too,

Be showered in abundance

on your whole life through.

19. nephew

a person whom you love like a son, take care of like a brother and have fun with like a friend. a nephew is the best present life could give you and the one who will always have a special place in your heart.

20. My Nephew

Its finally happend to me
im an auntie at last u see
i fine baby boy called Jack
that means the world to me

a year has now gone past
he is such a lovley boy
he has such a happy we person
a little bundle of joy

his little tiny hands
and little tiny feet
he always makes me laugh
never makes me greet

By Nicola Collins

21. Nephew

My dear Nephew, you are a ray of
Like a treasure hunt in which you are the find.
A chest full of humor, kindness and love,
That you freely give and never run out of.
As you brave your way through life,
I’ll be watching from the sideline,
To cheer you on.
Celebrate the victories,
Learn from defeats,
Help you land on your feet.

By Malissa Hilliard

Nephew poems are so all over the place– you could be reading one about wanting to take them to a baseball game and doing “boy things” one minute, and then you scroll and you’re reading all how much you cry when you think about how much you love them. There really is no in between and that’s kind of a fun feeling.

From “I Love You Nephew” poems to “Funny Nephew Poems” there is something in there that portrays how you think about your brother or sister’s son and how you want to tell them all about it. Again, it’s a weird feeling to see your siblings with a child that they are raising on their own, but it’s a part of life! And a part you’re going to love more and more as they grow up.

Be the cool aunt or uncle that they always know is in their corner!

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