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13 Mouth Watering Pizza Poems

Inside: 13 poems about pizza to make your mouth water.

Doesn’t everyone love pizza? It is delicious, gooey, and satisfying. It can be as simple as a cheese pizza, or as complex (and controversial) as a Hawaiian with pineapples and ham.

In any case, there is no doubt that the experience of eating a slice of pizza is almost always an enjoyable one.

Pizza poems are equally as wonderful! From odes to family to pieces about one’s love for pizza, these 13 poems are sure to make you hungry for more (of both poetry and pizza). You’ll find poems written by poets of all ages, backgrounds, and even pizza topping preferences!

If you’re already craving a slice,  go ahead and order a box, but be careful not to get sauce on your computer!

Best Pizza Poems

Fun Odes to Pizza

These poems are as fun as they are delicious. They are funny, lighthearted, and will make you crave the cheesy goodness in no time!

1. A Pizza the Size of the Sun
“I’m making a pizza the size of the sun,
a pizza that’s sure to weigh more than a ton,
a pizza too massive to pick up and toss,
a pizza resplendent with oceans of sauce.

I’m topping my pizza with mountains of cheese,
with acres of peppers, pimentos, and peas,
with mushrooms, tomatoes, and sausage galore,
with every last olive they had at the store.”
―Jack Prelutsky

2. The Pizza Beast
“The Pizza Beast has been released!
He’s hunting for a pizza feast.
In fact, that’s all he ever eats:
Pizza topped with treats and sweets
And stringy cheese and greasy meats
And sometimes even pickled beets.

He doesn’t mind them hot or cold
Or even seven weekdays old
For breakfast, lunch, and supper too
Then late-night snacks at half past two.”
―Neal Levin

3. Deliver Me
“I like pizza when I wake,
Not eggs or toast or coffee cake.
I like pizza in my lunch.
After school, it’s great to munch.
I like pizza at the mall,
In a restaurant, house, or hall.

I like pizzas for dessert.
I’ve even licked it off my shirt.
I like pizza by the sheet,
Filled with sauce and cheese and meat.
I like pizza by the pie,
Crisp ‘n’ flat or thick ‘n’ high.”
―Brian P. Cleary

4. Let There Be Pizza on Earth
“Let there be pizza on earth,
and let it be eaten by me,
Let there be pizza on earth,
as far as the eye can see,
With ham and pepperoni,
mozzarella cheese,
Add some mushrooms and olives,
But hold the anchovies please!”
―David Canzoneri and Bill Martin, Jr.

5. “Pizza – a delightful dish,
Delightful on your lips.
Slice after slice, you’ll eat it quick,
But then you’ll feel sick!
Your tummy’s mad, your mouth is sad.
No more pizza, you’ll have said.
But wait! There’s one more slice,
You say to yourself “Why not?”
So down your throat it goes,
And in your belly it stays.
Oh no! The tummy’s mad,
But pizza makes you glad.
From the first slice to the last,
You’ll eat it all, you glutton!”

Poems Celebrating Pizza

Poetry Celebrating Pizza

After taking a delightful bite of your favorite pizza,  you might feel the need to express how delicious it is. Maybe you would write a poem about all of its wonderful qualities? If so, this section is for you!

6. Pizza
“Pizza is life
Pizza is sexy
It’s curvy, it’s saucy
Pizza is my wife
It’s deep, deep dish
No, no deep sea fish on my pizza
Paper thin crust
Mile-long cheese pulls
Mountains of pepperoni and basil
It’s nipply in Napoli
Cheese drips everywhere
My food boner burstin’ through my jeans, every seam with me and my slice
Is ripe with wide eyes, for better or worse, I can’t see the world outside.”
―Elie Ayrouth

7. Nothing Beat-Beat-Beats a Pizza
“Nothing beats a pizza
when you’re in a pizza mood
because a pizza isn’t anything
like any other food
other food is neat and tidy
pizza’s slippy pizza’s slidey
(makes me full and satisfied-y
nicest slices now inside me).”
―Loris Lesynski

8. Tempting Pizza Poem
“Fluffy triangular bits,
That no one wants in splits,
A sin that every diet-freak would love to commit!

At first aroma of the slices,
Your body gets loaded with testosterone vices;
Desires of kissing that cheesy slice suffices!

The sensual taste of that grilled chicken,
Makes your knees weaken.
The luscious taste of that golden corn,
Makes you forget about the prom!”
―Prithviraj Shirole

​​9. Diner pizza: An ode in five poems
“On a few Friday afternoons last semester,
I was feeling particularly free

Because I had the gem of the South Campus Dining Hall on my tray:

Deep-dish pizza.

The crust is heavenly, strong,

Dig-your-teeth-in mouthwatering.

The sauce is impeccable.

The cheese: stringy and delicious.

The morals of diner pizza are as follows:

Expect the unexpected and take nothing for granted.

Oh, diner pizza.”

Pizza Poems About Life

Pizza Poems About Life

From fun poems, let’s go to more reflective pieces. These poems explore the deeper meaning of life and its many wonders, as seen through the lens of pizza.

10. Tomato Pies, 25 Cents
“Uncle Joey is rolling dough and spooning sauce.
Uncle Joey, is always scrubbed clean,
sobered up, in a white starched shirt, after
cops delivered him home just hours before.

The waitresses are helping

themselves to handfuls of cash out of the drawer,

playing the numbers with Moon Mullin

and Shad, sent in from Broad Street. 1942,

tomato pies with cheese, 25 cents.

With anchovies, large, 50 cents.

A whole dinner is 60 cents (before 6 pm).”

―Grace Cavalieri

11. Reluctant Thief With Hungry Family Gets Pizza
“It would be better to spread
hunger across thin cardboard,
pretend to watch a Tuscan sunset
from your window as the crust
dissolves like an unsanctified
communion wafer.

If you are to steal to feed your family,
do not give them swords forged
from oil to swallow. This is how
they kill the poor. This is how
we keep the cogs greased.”
―J. Bradley

12. Pizza and beer
“Pizza is invented
In a simple world of terms.
Someone else
By accident
On purpose, I don’t know
Heard of this stuff, they called yeast
From someone down the road
Already making drinks and things
He wondered what would happen
If he mixed it up
With other stuff
He kept inside a barrel
After many
Days at least
It could have been some years
He sat down in contentment
With a pizza and a beer.”
―John Coggins

13. Home of the Best Pizza in the World
“My uncle,
though, seemed only to age
too fast. But on our first night there,
with a youthfulness that kept us
laughing like fools, he took us all out
to his favorite pizza place, home
of the best pies in the world,
his kids eager to try that New York
delight their father had always
spoken of so lovingly, so enticingly
that it used to make them feel
even more lonely in those endless
years of waiting.”
―Faisal Mohyuddin

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