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35 Just Because Poems for Couples

Inside: 35 Just Because Poems to better understand your partner

Do you sometimes feel misunderstood and try to avoid arguing with your partner? It has been said time and again that a fruitful love life is founded on strong communication and understanding.

When it gets rough, you may not have the right words to express what you truly feel. Oftentimes, it is a challenge to comfort the worries of your better half.

You can write these Just Because Poems on a post-it, send one as a text message, or express it verbally to convey your feelings to your partner. These poems are a heartfelt way to reassure your partner that you are there for him or for her, no matter what happens.

Just Because Poems for Love Birds

Time and experience will test the bond of love, and these poems can be a reminder to stay strong.

1. Just because we have a misunderstanding
Doesn’t mean we hate each other
Doesn’t mean we are going to break up
Some conflict is healthy for growth.

2. Just because we don’t post on social media
Doesn’t mean we aren’t proud of each other
Doesn’t mean we need to follow the trend
I love you, and that doesn’t change online or offline.

3. Just because we have kids
Doesn’t mean we don’t have time for each other
Doesn’t mean we take care of each other less now
We’re family, and even tighter than before.

4. Just because we have been together for years
Doesn’t mean the honeymoon phase is over
Doesn’t mean we can’t be cheesy
My idea of fun is always with you.

5. Just because we are too preoccupied with work
Doesn’t mean we care less for each other
Doesn’t mean we don’t think of “us”
You are my rest and I always look forward to that.

6. Just because we are opposites
Doesn’t mean we aren’t compatible
Doesn’t mean we need to force each other to be alike
We can be ourselves and still be in love.

7. Just because we have a huge age gap
Doesn’t mean we can’t vibe
Doesn’t mean we can’t get along
And doesn’t mean we can’t stay together.

8. Just because we come from different backgrounds
Doesn’t mean we can’t blend
Doesn’t mean we should be apart
Things are even more exciting this way!

9. Just because we are miles apart
Doesn’t mean our love is imaginary
Love transcends physical space.
One day, distance will be a thing of the past.

10. Just because we are struggling
Doesn’t mean we should give up on each other
This is a sign for us to endure
And grow even stronger.

11. Just because we are a mess now
Doesn’t mean there’s no way out
Doesn’t mean that there’s no future for us
We’ll get better, in time.

12. Just because sometimes we meet halfway
Doesn’t mean our words are set in stone
Sometimes it’s a give, more than a take.

13. Just because we speak different languages
Doesn’t mean we can’t communicate
Words can be learned through time and effort
Love? It just is.

14. Just because we are old and grey
Doesn’t mean the sparks have died
Doesn’t mean that we have done everything
We are here where we are right now because of love.

15. Just because we don’t have much
Doesn’t mean we are unlucky
Doesn’t mean that we can’t prosper
True happiness is contentment.

Cute poems for couples

Just Because Poems For Him

Let your partner in on your thoughts and feelings. Send these poems to him so he knows you are thinking about your relationship.

16. Just because I have a strong personality
Doesn’t mean I invalidate you
Doesn’t mean you can’t do anything for me
And doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you.

17. Just because I am not too girly
Doesn’t mean I cannot be pretty
Doesn’t mean I don’t dress up for you
I am beautiful just the way I am.

18. Just because he has a fancy car
Doesn’t mean you need one too
You are enough for me.

19. Just because I am a strong independent woman
Doesn’t mean I see you less
Doesn’t mean you need to be on my level
And doesn’t mean you should be better than me.

20. Just because I am self-sufficient
Doesn’t mean I can’t be vulnerable
Doesn’t mean I don’t want  to be pampered.
I value your effort and affection.

21. Just because I demand time
Doesn’t mean I mean I want your attention always
I just want to spend precious moments with you.

22. Just because my friends don’t like you
Doesn’t mean they will force me to leave you
They really want to get to know you more.

23. Just because I am a housewife
Doesn’t mean I don’t have any ambitions
Doesn’t mean I can’t leave the house
And doesn’t mean I don’t like what I am doing
Sometimes, I just  need to have time for myself.

24. Just because my dad doesn’t like you
Doesn’t mean I share the same thought
Doesn’t mean I will pressure him to like you.
I chose you for a reason.

25. Just because I ask for flowers.
Doesn’t mean you’re not giving me enough of yourself
I love you a lot,
And flowers make me feel loved too.

Love poems for couples just because

Just Because Poems For Her

Men generally keep everything to themselves. We encourage you to share your thoughts with your woman – she will definitely appreciate it!

26. Just because I’m quiet
Doesn’t mean I am mad at you
Doesn’t mean I am ignoring you
And doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore.

27. Just because I am busy with work
Doesn’t mean I don’t prioritize you
Doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you
I work because I have plans for us.

28. Just because I obey my wife
Why should other men think less of me?
Who says a man can’t follow his woman?
When will men like us be recognized as real men?
I just love her unconditionally.

29. Just because she is prettier
Doesn’t mean that she is prettier in my eyes than you are.

30. Just because I am not that expressive
Doesn’t mean I don’t like you
I will try my best to say what I truly feel

31. Just because I spend time with friends
Doesn’t mean they are more important to me
Doesn’t mean I will be irresponsible
And doesn’t mean I like them better than you.

32. Just because I am not proposing yet
Doesn’t mean I don’t see us in the future
Doesn’t mean I am not serious with you
Doesn’t mean I don’t want to get married.

33. Just because I am an avid gamer
Doesn’t mean I won’t spend time with you
Gaming helps me unwind and clear my thoughts

So I can focus on the bigger things, which includes you.

34. Just because I am a man
Doesn’t mean I am superman
Doesn’t mean I can carry all the burdens
Your help and support mean the world to me.

35. Just because you weren’t my first love
Doesn’t mean I don’t love you as much
Doesn’t mean that she is better than you
You’re my only one now, the one for the long haul.

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