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11 Stable Poems About Balance For Centering Your Mind

Inside: Poems about balance to remind you to keep your stability in check and keep your mind in order.

Mental and emotional stability and balance in life can be difficult to achieve on some days, and even in some seasons of life. Life in general can just be hard to keep in balance. Good reminders are never a bad idea and they’re never wasted when you get a good chance to be re-centered, even just with a few simple words.

Poetry about balance is actually super helpful to me, to remind me to keep my head on straight. Sometimes I can get so caught up in the world and everything that’s going on around me, both at a personal level and at a global level.

When I crack open a poetry book or start searching the internet for a good poem about balance, my mind is already open to needing to get it together, and I’m always really receptive to it. If you found this post, you likely are too.

Life truly is all about balance. You can’t have highs without lows and vice versa, and you don’t get to play until you work. It’s all about figuring out what works for you, how can you stay sane in this crazy world.

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Sometimes it really feels like all you do is work, and there are some times where you get a long period of play. Wherever you find yourself today, you’re going to be just fine. Open your mind to finding some new balancing techniques and centering challenges, and read some poems about balance.

You’re going to love these, there are several talented and creative writers and poets that write about finding their center in this world. This is an area of life where we can truly learn from each other and commit to growing ourselves. Understand how others do it and let their words speak to you!

Let’s get into these poems.

How To Find Balance In Life

Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep the peace between your work self and your social self? Or maybe the way that you are at home versus the way that you are everywhere else. Finding the peace between the different “versions” of you is easy, but sticking to it and reminding yourself it will all be worth it when you have the balanced lifestyle you dream of.

Finding the reminders and the sources to pull from to make sure you keep all the areas of your life easy going is easy. Poetry is easy to dig into with an open mind and heart, ready to receive whatever it is that you need to find some peace and balance when and where you need it most.

Balancing is never easy to do, but if you think about the sport of yoga, for example, it’s pretty much a mental game. I love yoga, and practice weekly. But I quickly learned that if your head isn’t in the practice, you’re going to have a tough time working the poses and making them work for you. It’s a challenge, but you can do it! Being mentally strong is just as much of a workout as any, so get yourself in mental shape and read some of the poems about balance.

You’ll thank yourself later.

Balance And Harmony

Harmony is when all things work together to create something beautiful. Let your life become something beautiful by finding some balance and harmony through poetry.

1. The Yin + Yang of You

Find yourself in a comfortable position,
lying on the floor
Feel the all encompassing sphere
of the earth beneath you
Feel her power
Feel how she holds you
How she holds us all
Watch her vibrant colors slowly desaturate
Until she becomes a black and white photocopy
She is made of Dark and Light
As is everything
As are we
Feel her black and white patterns of motion churn within you
The rising ocean tides
The downward crashing of an avalanche
The slow swirl of the clouds overhead
The eruptions of the lava from deep within her core
These energies live within us
The molten lava flows out of our psyche for us to confront
We must accept the darkness and not just the light
It is the darkness, our Shadow, that brings forth our gifts
Feel the harmony of these dark and light counterparts
They strengthen one another
They bring us balance
They make us whole
Yin and Yang

By Carly Jo Morgan

A balance weight

2. Balance

Balance is everything, is the only
way to hold on.
I’ve weighed the alternatives, the hold
as harbor: It isn’t safe
to let go. But consider the hover,
choices made, the moment
between later and too late.
Hesitation is later, regret
too late. You can’t keep turning
and turning, or expecting
to return. This earth

is not a wheel, it is a rock
that erodes, mountain by mountain.
And I have been too soft,
like sandstone, but there is a point
where I stand without a story,
immutable and moved, solid
as a breath in winter air.

I have seen my death and I know
it is my neighbor, my brother,
my keeper. In my life
I am going to keep trying
for the balance,

remembering the risks and the value
of extremes, and that experience
teaches the length of allowable lean;
that it is easier — and wiser —
to balance a stone as if on one toe
though it weigh a hundred pounds

than to push it back against the curve
of its own world.

By Alice B. Fogel

3. A Balanced Life

Every life needs some balance,
As there are always ups and downs.
Remember what they always say,
What goes up, must come down.

But if you live with that in mind,
And balance is the key.
You will find that doors unlock,
A little more easily.

And then there are times you may feel,
That downs are much more great.
Don’t let this get you down,
Just change your mental state.

Think of what to do,
That could change the way you feel.
And balance will come back,
Balance will help you heal.

By Julie Hebert

4. Too Much Of Anything

Too much of anything is never good
Remember when your Mother said, you should
Take all things in life in moderation
It is good advice and some inspiration.

If life was all play
Perhaps it would be fun days
But nothing would get done
And that would be no fun.

If life was all work
You would say with a smirk
Life is no fun
Look at all I have to get done.

But having a balance each day is the way
Get your work done but make time for play
You will feel more rested and happy each day
If you have a balance and make moderation your way.

By Sam Fickinsen

Balance In Life

Balancing your life can be challenging for sure. Get some inspiration on doing so here.

A girl staring out the window

5. Be Aware

Be aware of wonder.
Live a balanced life –
Learn some and think some
And draw and paint
And sing and dance
And play and work
Every day some.

By Robert Fulgham

6. Drawn To Pain – Because poems about balance must show both sides.

I met her at a party
I don’t remember her name
For I was past the point I would focus on things so meaningless

She wasn’t like me
And I wasn’t like her
So different we both knew we could say whatever we wanted

She came up to me
Gave a simple introduction
And we both pushed through the boredom of small talk

I had smoked
She had not
She asked me how often I got high

I had no reason to lie
So I told her the truth
I make sure I never let myself be sober

She asked me “why”
I told her “to forget”
Opening up more to a stranger than I would with myself

And although we’re so different
I’ll never understand her
I understood the disappointment in her eyes

To everyone I knew
I was alright
But because she lived in a world

Not filled with hurt
Not filled with loss
She saw right through my act

She saw my pain
She felt my numb
But she didn’t leave
She didn’t walk away
Curiosity and boredom drew her in
For this girl had lived the good life

Happy family
Attending school
Food on the table
But she didn’t have everything
No matter how many high grades or allowance raises

She didn’t know bad
She didn’t know the other side
She didn’t know everything she saw through my glossy eyes
But there was some part of this girl that she didn’t understand

Some part that craved pain
Craved the extremes
Euphoric highs
To crippling lows
She wanted it all
For that small part of her knew that life meant nothing without hurt
I saw her drawn to pain and knew how she would end up

For I had been drawn to pain myself
She needed balance
She knew good
And she knew joy
But without the other side of life those words mean nothing

If you asked anyone which of us had a better life
They would be idiotic to not say her
Still, we found ourselves on the kitchen floor
With only a single desire between the two of us

Because of the life she lived, all she wanted was a taste of mine
And because of the life I lived, I wanted nothing

By Noah Thompson

7. The Balancing Act

It is as though I am constantly in a balancing act
I envy those that seemingly do not go through
This process of weighing things in my mind

Those like poker players that can go “all in”
Shove their chips into the middle of the table
As if there wasn’t even a fore thought involved

No, my mind has to go through “the process”
Is this a good decision or bad
What will be the consequences

Why am I doing this
What are the odds of something bad happening
How will the results affect my life

I look at the homeless who wander my streets
Judgment floods my mind
But is there jealousy at the heart of it

Is theirs a conscious choice
To have no bosses, no one to account to
Are they free from the balancing act

What of the daredevils that navigate Niagara falls
Who leap to peril do they juggle their decision
Or is there absolute clarity of the mind

Pros and cons
Ins and outs
Good or bad

Happy or sad
Mad or glad
The balancing act

By Andreas Simic

8. Life On The River

A balance in life can solve the riddle.
To find the balance, start in the middle.
Distractions from the banks may lead us wrong.
Go with the flow where the current is strong.

The banks are sirens calling to our ears,
offering us pleasures relieving fears.
The emotion of love, the fear of pain,
tossing and turning, driving us insane.

Too much pleasure can lead to addiction,
pain and sickness can lead to restriction.
Reject their temptations, stay in the flow,
the river is wise and knows where to go.

Avoid extremes, be content with enough.
Life on the river, no need for the fluff.

By Bill Baker

Yoga Poems About Balance

As I’ve already mentioned, I love practicing yoga as much as possible. It’s a great physical workout and a great mental workout as well. It’s a mental challenge finding strength and balance. Here are some poems to remember in your next yoga class to help you connect the two.

Everything about life is best in doses. Cliches are cliche for a reason, and it’s because they’re true. There really is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and you won’t find joy, peace, or happiness in forcing too much of something that you should really only have a little of.

Girl doing yoga in a white room

9. Savasana Poem

Vrksasana. Tree pose. One of the most easily recognised and familiar yoga asanas. Simple to explain. But not easy to hold. Because it’s all about balance. And balance is never easy.
Balance demands an increased body awareness. There’s a precision to it. A fine tuning of alignment. It slows everything right down.
Prepare. Plant the standing foot. Sense the contact. Spread the weight evenly. Experience the ‘groundedness’.
How is your balance?
Think of yourself as a tree and your standing leg as a trunk. With roots reaching deep down below the surface. Grounded in the earth beneath your feet. You’re standing on a firm foundation. Stability and strength flow up through every point of contact. Building everything from the ground up.
Only then can you close your eyes. Only then can you sway with confidence and know you will not fall over. You are rooted. The wind can blow and the storms may come, but you can stand firm.
Natarajasana. Dancer’s pose. A graceful asana that demands a great deal of balance. It looks effortlessly beautiful, but you are working. Balance is one of the most overlooked and under-rated elements of fitness. You dig deep and draw on stamina and determination. There’s a consciousness that’s required. Every tiny movement is amplified. Muscles are strengthened.
How is your balance?
You may need support to start with, but balance improves with practice.
Find a point of focus to help you avoid distractions and maintain stability.
And then breathe. Don’t forget to breathe. Breath powers the balance. Calmness is key. Breathing focuses the mind and body.
And of course, you get it wrong sometimes. Sometimes you lose your balance. Sometimes you wobble. Sometimes you fall. Sometimes you fail.
Which is true on and off the mat.
Just think about it. When you come to your yoga practice after a tough, stressful day, physical balance doesn’t come easy, does it? You find it hard to focus. You’re all over the place, physically, mentally and emotionally. You’re easily frustrated. Easily distracted. Easily defeated.
But as you breathe and begin to find a sense of calm, you centre yourself. Your body, mind and spirit start to find alignment on the mat. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. It will come.
And as your body starts to find a balance, let this balance spread across your whole life. Because balance is key.
Consider work and rest… How is your balance?
Maintaining a balance is never easy.
Consider healthy eating and indulging in treats… How is your balance?
Balance demands an increased body awareness.
Consider family and friends… How is your balance?
You need roots reaching deep below the surface.
Consider helping others and time for yourself… How is your balance?
You need to stay grounded.
Consider being active and being still… How is your balance?
Balance takes stamina and determination.
Consider giving love and receiving love… How is your balance?
You may need support to start with.
Consider being available and creating boundaries… How is your balance?
Balance improves with practice.
Consider the things you enjoy and the things you have to do… How is your balance?
Avoid those distractions that make you lose your focus.
Consider being sociable and being alone… How is your balance?
Keep calm and breathe.
Consider pushing yourself and enjoying the ride… How is your balance?
Balance is key.
And remember, just as in Vrksasana and Natarajasana, you’ll get it wrong sometimes. Sometimes you’ll lose your balance. Sometimes you’ll wobble. Sometimes you’ll fall. Sometimes you’ll fail.
At those times, on and off the mat, be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself.
Balance will come.

By Helen Redfern

10. Perfection

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves

By Mary Oliver

11. Kindness

Before you know what kindness really is
you must lose things,
feel the future dissolve in a moment
like salt in a weakened broth.
What you held in your hand,
what you counted and carefully saved,
all this must go so you know
how desolate the landscape can be
between the regions of kindness.

By Naomi Shihab Nye

When it comes to the things in life that ground us and keep us centered, it’s easy to overdose it. Be mindful with these poems about balance about keeping the balance between what you want and what you need. It will help you a lot in the long run!

So hopefully these poems about balance helped you find some focus on what will help you feel more centered in your life. Maybe you weren’t even feeling off center, just a little off. That’s okay, we’ve all been there. Get yourself back on track and get back at it.

Check out these poems about life seasons too, while you’re here.

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