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5 Garden Features to Inspire Australian Homeowners

5 Garden Features to Inspire Australian Homeowners

With the great Aussie summer on the horizon, now is the right time to review your outdoor living space; it is oh so easy to get accustomed to your surroundings, we are creatures of habit and routine. If you recognise that your garden needs something special but you can’t put your finger on anything, here are a few garden features to transform your outdoor living space.

  1. Waterwall – Google can show you the top brands; stand-alone units with coloured LED background lights; who doesn’t find the sound of running water calming? A simple and sturdy construction, a small electric motor pumps the water up the side pipes and it hypnotically makes its way down to the waiting reservoir. Ideal for a bare wall and the unit can be turned off when you want some silence.
  2. Artificial wall gardens – The latest generation of artificial vertical wall gardens are simply stunning and the supplier offers a diverse selection of designs and colours to give you that natural look that doesn’t need any care. Vertical gardens were always a thing in Asia and they have found their way to Australia big time! LED background lighting is a game-changer and your local electrician can quickly wire up outdoor lighting.
  3. Stream & waterfall – This can be linked to a fishpond and contoured to the terrain as part of a rockery. Talk to a landscape gardener and see what he says about your space and suitability; he can quote for the project; you would be surprised at what is possible. A lot depends on levels; a good landscaper can make use of natural contours and create a winding stream that is fed by a pond on higher ground. The water is recycled and pumped back up to the pond, where it begins another journey.
  4. Green discs – Circular wire frames that hold an array of fauna can be placed at specific locations; take a look at Australia’s leading supplier of artificial garden features and choose a few products to brighten up your garden. They come in all shapes and sizes and once in place, they never need watering. You can order from the website and make use of their in-house garden design service, which is free to customers. Here is an article that highlights the importance of insulation in a garden home.
  5. Water fountain – Why not create a water fountain in the centre of the lawn? A little plumbing is all that’s required to channel water under the lawn, while a small electric pump propels the water. There are many designs to choose from, depending on your taste and the surroundings. Concrete and fibreglass are common materials for water fountains. while plastic is also available.

We hope that the above ideas inspire you to create something special in your outdoor living space and with artificial flora and fauna, there is no upkeep.

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