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11 Poems From The Easter Bunny

Inside : 11 poems from the Easter Bunny

Like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny comes every year to give children gifts. The Easter Bunny finds its origins in Germany’s “Easter Hare,” which was later incorporated into an American Easter tradition.

But what do we actually know about the Easter Bunny? What could he be hiding in his big, floppy ears? Perhaps some bunny secrets? More gifts? Children, with their wild imaginations, will love these poems penned by The Easter Bunny himself aka various authors.

Smile, laugh, and enjoy the read!

Poems for kids from the Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Poems For Young Kids

These kid-friendly Easter poems for kids are short but sweet. They will surely bring a smile to your little ones’ faces!

1. I’m an Easter Bunny!

I’m an Easter bunny, watch me hop.

Here are my two ears, see how they flop.

Here is my cottontail, here is my nose,

I’m all furry from my head to my toes.
—Susan M. Paprocki


2. Happy Easter

Hello, I am the Easter Bunny

My nose is so cute, my long ears really funny

I’m sure you know just what I do

Well, every child knows just like you

I paint Easter eggs all day

Not for me, no I give them away

I hide them all over the world

‘Cause that’s fun for every boy and girl

Happy Easter, Easter is exciting

Look at all my Easter eggs, they’re so inviting

Actually I’ve hidden some for you

Have you found them and eaten them, too

Happy Easter! Have a very happy Easter

If you like my Easter eggs, well I’ll be pleased to

Bring you some next year, too

Yes I will do that just for you

I’m the fastest bunny of all

I’m faster than a cannonball

I swirl around the world

To bring Easter eggs to every boy and girl.
—Hoba and Friends


3. Hunting the Easter Bunny

I’m running, running, running

As fast as I can go

The kids just saw me by the bush

And they all let out a big “Woah!”

I sprint up a tree and onto a roof

As fast as I can run.

The kids come searching for me

In all the places they can.

I finally find my rabbit hole

And slowly crawl inside.

The rabbit hole is dark and deep,

It warms my furry ears.

As I sit there in safety,

I hear the kids up above.

They see me down below and laugh,

And send for help to come.


4. Easter Bunny and Peter

My name is Jack and I’m the Easter Bunny.

I look for kids, both nice and naughty.

Sometimes when I don’t feel like going around town

I ask help from my good friend Peter, who replies with a frown.

“But Jack, I’m not the Easter Bunny!” He says.

“You can do it better!” I say, as I give him the eggs.

Peter can’t say no, because I’m the Easter Bunny

He can’t have some candy if he’s being naughty.

Poems From the Easter Bunny For Older Kids

These Easter poems written for older kids are cute, funny and sometimes serious. Written from the bunny’s perspective, they talk about how bunnies are treated on Easter, the Easter Bunny’s life, his love for eggs, and his colorful Easter tradition!

Poems from the easter bunny for older kids

5. Easter Bunny

I remember Easter Sunday

It was colorful and fun

The new life that I’d begun

In my new cage.

I was just a little thing

When they brought me from the store

And they put me on the floor

In my cage.

They would take me out to play

Love and pet me all the time

Then at day’s end I would climb

In my cage.

But as days and weeks went by

I saw less of them it seemed

Of their loving touch I dreamed

In my cage.

In the night outside their house

I felt sad and so neglected

Often scared and unprotected

In my cage.

In the dry or rainy weather

Sometimes hotter sometimes colder

I just sat there growing older

In my cage.

—Mary Brandolino


6. The Bunny Escapes

I am the bunny who brings happiness,

My whiskers always quiver with joy.

I have a fluffy tail that wags with delight

whenever I return to Earth.

My basket is always filled to the brim

with lots of candy and toys and eggs.

I whisk through towns and fields and woods,

and I prick my ears to hear all the good.

I listen to children who hope and dream big,

I listen to all their sweet little wishes.

I pick up the treats that they leave for me,

then I cover them with old oak leaves.

I tiptoe away, then I silently giggle.

My ears twitch as I make my escape.


7. Spring Santa

They say I am the Santa of Spring,

always arriving just in time.

Many think I’m a myth, but I’m real.

I can prove it-have you seen my tracks?

I’ve got a basket full of eggs and candy,

and I’m always on the move.

Some call me fluffy bunny,

but my friends just call me Jack.

If you ever see a bunny,

look for a fluffy tail.

I am the Easter Bunny,

and I will come to you, just wait.


8. Easter Nest

I am the Easter Bunny, in whom you don’t believe.

But because I’m never seen, just don’t you be deceived.

You may be disillusioned to find fables are not true.
But the nights and fairies fade away, as they always do.

To prove that I’m not different, and not like all the rest,

on Easter I hopped over, to give you this Easter nest.

—Dorothy A. Vondenbrink

More Easter Bunny Poems

More poems from the Easter Bunny! Here, he bares his feelings about his Easter life and tells even more interesting stuff about himself and how he lives!

Cute Easter Bunny Poems

9. I Am The Easter Bunny

I am the Easter Bunny,

And I loathe those little birds,

With eggs so gross and runny,

I hate them beyond words.


I am the Easter Bunny,

And I have a habit strange,

I like to take those slimy eggs,

And boil them on my range.


I am the Easter Bunny,

But I’m an herbivore,

So I take those crummy hard-boiled eggs,

And leave them at your door.

—Richard Dates


10. The Easter Bunny’s Revenge

Oh my ears and whiskers, what a shock!
Peter still claims he is the Easter Bunny!
He took all the eggs and candy and toys,
and I don’t think he’s very funny.

When children wake and find that their baskets are gone
they’ll know just who to blame: the Easter Bunny!
They’ll shout and they’ll scream and stomp their feet.
Oh, what should I do now?

I’ll hide and I’ll wait and watch and see,
and when Peter least expects it, I’ll strike.
He’ll find eggs all over his house!
And candy wrappers strapped to his bike!
And toys in the bathtub with bubbles and foam!
Now he knows for sure who the Easter Bunny is.


11. Before the Bunny Sleeps
Tomorrow is Easter

I’m panicking inside

Is the candy ready?

What if I run out of five?

I think I have more eggs this year

Oh wait, there are more kids the year!

I must make sure they find their toys,

All the nice little girls and the nice little boys.

Tomorrow is Easter

It’s going to be fun,

I am the Easter Bunny,

And tomorrow, I’m on the run!

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