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7 Roaring Examples Of Poetry About Lions

Inside: 7 Roaring Examples Of Poetry About Lions.

when you think about wild animals, jungle animals, or just really big cats, likely the first animal to pop in to your mind is a majestic lion. They are so stunningly beautiful in nature, and they symbolize so many fantastic things in life.

Not only are there, multiple movies about lions, pieces of our future lies, but we can learn a lot about them, and how they interact with nature, and put it into words and learn about it through poetry. While poetry speaks from the soul on very human topics, like death and love, when it comes to poetry about animals, we can tend to use it to learn about how these animals interact with the world around them.

We can learn so much from them, As well as admire their beauty and majesty. There’s a kings of the jungle for a reason, so let’s value and honor these amazing animals through the art of poetry.

a lion standing in the wilderness

Symbolism Of Lions In Art

There are many times in art in history, that we see lions portrayed in different ways. Sometimes they’re in the background, sometimes their main focus, and sometimes there anything in between. It is also common because of the consolation of Leo, that there might be artwork having to do with lions and the stars. a realism lion, like a real lion in nature, generally, symbolizes, courage, majesty, strength, and military strength. If the artwork is referring to Leo, the lion, the constellation. it is referring to the Greek myth of Hercules by battling the demand lion. We now see this store pattern in the sky and remember Hercules is my in battle and strength and courage in a fight. This ties back to the general art symbolization of strengthen war, but to a very specific point.

while lions are hunters, they tend to be poised, and carry themselves well through nature. They have systems and hierarchy within their kingdom, and this kind of social Grace can tend to translate through art into our culture. Lions are also a representative of the gods back in the day, so, sometimes when there’s someone that is meant to be seen as an image of majesty and value, if they’re painted with a lion or any lion symbolism, it’s meant to say that they are living among the gods. This is an honor, in art history, so too explore it now, even in poetry can mean that someone is highly honored and valued in the specific piece of art.

In poetry we can observe the different symbolism the same way, and read into the different traits of a lion and see how it compares to the traits of the other works of art as well. When lions are present we can assume there’s references to majesty, strength, and courage, or even the irony of the lack thereof. Poetry can be a little bit trickier to decipher because it’s not always 100% on the exact use of the symbols at hand.

Poetry About Lions

1. I Wonder If The Lion Knows

I wonder if the lion knows That people are afraid
To meet him when for walks he goes
Beneath the jungle shade;
And when they scream and run away, O, does he laugh at their dismay?
And does he say with head tossed high:
“How ‘terribully’ fierce am I”? I’d like to know
If this is so; But if I met a lion some day I would not ask, I’d run away,
For surely it is not a treat To meet a lion on the street!

by Annette Wynne

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2. Roar Of The African Lion

This noble monarch of the Afric waste
Meets with no rival to contest his reign,
With his surpassing strength and agile stride
He can o’er come each creature of the plain.
He dashes to the earth the tall giraffe
Who towers above the summits of the woods;
He tracks the herds of shaggy buffaloes,
And slays the bull in solitudes;
He preys on nimble flocks of antelopes,
The pallah, oryx, quagga and wild-beest.
O’ertakes the blesbok in its swiftest flight,
On zebra and the eland makes his feast.
How grand, how thunderous his savage roar!
First he emits a dull, far-echoing moan
That ends at times with faintly-whispered sighs.
At other times he startles all the herds
With deep-toned roar and wild, tempestuous cries
That sudden sink away in muffled tone, Like distant thunder fading in the skies.
His roar is loudest in cold, frosty nights
When two troops meet beside a fountain’s flow;
Then each troop sounds a bold, defiant roar,
Each seeking to out-roar the rival foe.
Those grand, nocturnal concerts fill the waste
With universal terror, yet they thrill,
With transport the brave hunter’s fearless heart,
Who lies there close ambush’d, resolute to kill;
A hunter in the glooms of forests hid,
In the dead hour of midnight, all alone;
Ensconced in thicket at the fountain’s edge,
Listing the awful roar, or hollow moan.
The lions roar incessant in the night,
Their sighing moans beginning with the shades
Of evening; gather in the forest depths,
Sounding their warnings in the dim arcades
Thro’ all the day they rest concealed in shade
Of gloomy forests on some mountain side,
Loving the jungles or the tangled grass
In low-lying shelves or in the valleys wide;
From thence they stalk, when ends the sunset glow,
Intent on nightly prowl for wandering foe,
Then in dark night their roar is full of ire,
Their eyeballs glowing like two balls of fire.

by Isaac McLellan

3. The Lion Doesn’t Sleep Tonight

His eyes
Dulled by years
Of iron bars and cold hard ground
Paces in circles
Looking but never seeing
Past the cage that holds his soul
First one way

by C.J. Krieger

A lion in the jungle

4. a lion’s eye of the tiger

the eye of the tiger is,
the beholder of a lion’s din
the eye of the tiger is,
the beholder of a lion’s beauty
beauty is the beholder of a lion’s beauty
beauty is the beholder of a lion’s din
a lion’s din is a lion’s beauty

the eye of the tiger is,
the beholder of a lion
a lion’s din is a lion’s eye of the tiger
a lion’s din is a lion’s sight
a din is a din of a lion
a din is a din of a sight
a din is a din of beauty

a sight of beauty is a sight of a lion
a sight of beauty is a sight of a din
a lion’s sight is a lion’s din
a lion’s sight is a lion’s eye of the tiger
beauty is beauty’s din
beauty is beauty’s lion of a din
beauty is a sight of a lion

by Lucifer

Roaring Poems

5. Poetry For Lion Conservation

We tread through life, to achieve what we desire, want and need,
We hear about wildlife conservation, but do we really pay heed?
“Why do we care? Lions live so far away,
They don’t impact our lives in any conceivable way”
But we must open our eyes to realize, that their world is just next door,
We’ve been the encroachers, the poachers and the ones that ignore,
The plight, the misery – the right to be a lion, stolen at birth.
What a terrible place will this be, when they no longer walk this earth.
Not very far away, lions are bred to be killed in a can,
Their souls are traded for money and the greed of man.
Where cubs are starved, so they don’t grow up too fast,
Where bones are sold, where paws never touch the grass.
We must conserve what we disrupted, give back the lands we stole,
Saving wildlife is not a favor, it is what we are accountable for.
Years from now, when you sit with your children, by the fireplace,
Reminiscing the past world and the greener days,
I hope you wouldn’t have to admit,
That we knew a magnificent animal – and we did nothing to save it.

by Anusha Gupta

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6. Lion

I chewed into the wreck of the world,
into the neckbone of the past that pursued me.
All the while, I moved toward extinction,
bearing the burden of damage, language of the protector.

A great apocalyptic wheeze adorned me with sand.
I foraged, first to find light dappling the leaves,
then breathed into an infinite power, feminine rust,
a coppery taste of salvage, leading me into a canopy

of the future. My mother was a mother of mothers,
modern before she was ancestral.
She was a woman who morphed into feline, back
to her human self before I woke each morning.

I lived not to sate my appetite but to crush it.
On my haunches, I craved what could not be seen.
I am desire. I am survival.
I sit under the tree waiting for hunger.

by Tina Chang

7. Lion

When the lion came through the camp,
one woman sat up in her tent, breathing
the terrible smell.

Next morning the guide said no
when she asked then yes but
don’t tell the others.

Sleep in a tent, dream with creatures …
The night breathes and stirs.

If you wait before using a lamp,
your eyes will adjust
and you can see farther in the dark.

How do you know? How do you
ever know?

by Patricia Kirkpatrick

I hope these lion poems inspired you, they encouraged you, and they gave you a new appreciation for some of nature’s most amazing creatures. Not only are they so beautiful, but they also symbolize so many fantastic things about life, so why not welcome the symbolism of lions into your life?

if nature exist for us to coexist together, then we should take every opportunity to do so. By honoring the animals through artwork and poetry, we are finding a new way to cohabitate with them, and invest in making them part of our daily lives. While we can’t necessarily spend time with lions, specifically, though I wish we could, reading and writing poetry about them is the next best thing, I suppose…

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