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39+ Thoughtful Dog Poems

Inside : 39+ Thoughtful Dog Poems

It’s no surprise that dogs are known as man’s best friend because of their loyalty and unconditional love. If you are looking for some dog poems that remind you of your dogs, or probably you just want to read to your dogs (because why not?!), or perhaps you are thinking of a unique gift for a dog lover, look no further! 

In this list, we compiled poems and poem excerpts including those poems that describe a dog, the unconditional love of a dog, the strong bond between an owner and a puppy, and even poems that grieve over the loss of a dear fur baby. 

Thoughtful Dog Poetry

Just A Dog Poems

If you want short and simple poems that remind you of what your dog is like, these are the best “Just A Dog” poems for you! 

1. “I am his Highness’ dog at Kew,

Pray tell me sir, whose dog are you?”

―Alexander Pope


2. “I’m a lean dog, a keen dog, a wild dog, and lone;

I’m a rough dog, a tough dog, hunting on my own.”

―Irene MacLeod


3. “Pray steal me not, I’m Mrs. Dingley’s,

Whose heart in this four-footed thing lies.”

―Jonathan Swift (a lapdog’s collar inscription)


4. “‘Tis sweet to hear the watch dog’s honest bark

Bay deep-mouthed welcome as we draw near home;”

―Lord Byron


5. “Young blood must have its course, lad,

And every dog its day.”

―Charles Kingsley, Water Babies


6. “Lots of people have a rug.

Very few have a Pug.”

―E.B. White


7. “But yet a Dog is, on the whole,

What you would call a simple soul.”

―T. S. Eliot, A Dog is a Dog


8. “A little Dog that wags his tail

And knows no other joy”

―Emily Dickinson, A little Dog that wags his tail

9. “The little white dog on the Victor label

Listens long and hard as he is able.”

―James Merrill, The Victor Dog

Sweet Poems About Your Dog

Poems About A Dog’s Unconditional Love 

Dogs are full of devotion and unconditional love. What better way to keep their love in our hearts through these poems about a dog’s unconditional love!


10. “The truth I do not stretch or shove

When I state that the dog is full of love.”

―Ogden Nash, The Dog


11. “My sunshine doesn’t come from the skies,

It comes from the love in my dog’s eyes.”

―Unknown Poet


12. “Every time you look at me

Brown eyes say, “I love you.”

―Daniel Turner, My Dog

13. “Oh furry fan, you leave an 

indelible paw print upon my heart…

You look at me with adoration

yet it is I who learn what

faithful love is.”

―Laura Leiser, Loyal Love


14. “The rich man’s guardian and the poor man’s friend,

The only creature faithful to the end.”

―George Crabbe


15. “You’re only a dog, old fellow;

a dog, and you’ve had your day;

But never a friend of all my friends

has been truer than you alway.”

―Julian Stearns Cutler

16. “Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog;

but you’re never friendless ever, if you have a dog.”

― Douglas Mallock

Dog Poems

17. “She walked into my life

straight into my heart

bonded with puppy love

right from the start.”

―Baz Busbe, Love of a puppy


18. “They’re not demanding, understanding,

Loving through and through.”

―Randal A. Burd, Jr., A Look At Man’s Best Friend


19. “We love our walks

We love our home

We love our lives today.”

―Eileen Clemens Granfors, Fluff Ball Love

20. “Shining wet, with passionate speed

For nothing,

For absolutely nothing but joy.”

―Alicia Ostriker, The Dogs At Live Oak Beach, Santa Cruz


21. “Buddies build on trust

Sharing food, blankets, comfort,

Our human pack : loved.”

―Eileen Clemens Granfors, Dog’s Love

Poems About Dogs Love

Puppy and I Poems

Do you still remember the first time you met your dog? Nostalgic and heartwarming, right? Owners and puppies share a very special bond that these poems were able to perfectly capture through words. 

22. “The dog barks backward without getting up.

I can remember when he was a pup.”

―Robert Frost


23. “I have a dog of Blenheim birth,

With fine long ears and full of mirth;”

―John Rusking, My Dog Dash


24. “The Dachshund’s affectionate

He wants to wed with you:

Lie down to sleep,

And he’s in bed with you.”

―E.B. White


25. “Blessings on thee, dog of mine,

Pretty collars make thee fine,

Sugared milk make fat thee!”

―Elizabeth Barrett Browning, To Flush, My Dog


26. “But there was a puppy so stunning 

Trying hard to get up on my leg.”

―Brenda Meier-Hans, The Dog of my Life


27. “Lord help me to be

the person my dog

thinks I am.”

―Dennis Davis, My Dog and Me


28. “Through the door, running

Hair flowing magically

Welcomes me, my dog.”

―Baalak Baburo, Warmest Welcome


29. “For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes,

But never a friend like that.”

―W. Dayton Wedgefarth


30. “Two small puppies on a windowsill sit,

big bright eyes, over-active whit.”

―Karen Palumbo, Puppy Adventure…….


31. “Precious little rascals 

Prancing all around 

Poppies dancing gaily 

Plopped upon the ground…”

―Marilyn F Friesen, Puppies

Losing A Dog Poems

We know how devastating it is to lose a dog. These poems tell stories of heartbreak and the pain of a dog who has crossed the rainbow bridge.

32. “Brothers and sisters I bid you beware

Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.”

―Rudyard Kipling, The Power of the Dog


33. “No louder shrieks to pitying heaven are cast,

When husbands or lap-dogs breathe their last.”

―Alexander Pope


34. “Your little, faithful barking ghost

May leap to lick my phantom hand.”

―St. John Welles Lucas, To a Dog


35. “I’ll be here, chewing on a celestial bone,

No matter how long you may be.”

―Unknown Poet


36. “If my dog is barred by the heavenly guard

We’ll both of us brave the heat!”

―W. Dayton Wedgefarth


37. “At thieves, I bark’d, at lovers wagg’d my tail,

And thus I pleased both Lord and Lady Frail.”

―John Wilkes (epitaph about Lady Frail’s lapdog)


38. “The little dog lay curled and did not rise

But slept the deeper as the ashes rose,

And found the people incomplete.”

― Richard Wilbur


39. “And I reach out my hand to stroke his hair, But he’s not there.” 

―Jimmy Stewart, I’ll Never Forget a Dog Named Beau


40. “My dog has died.

I buried him in the garden

next to a rusted old machine.”

―Pablo Neruda, A Dog Has Died 

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