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Installing Hardwood Floors

Everything You Need to Know About Installing Hardwood Floors

Each of us handles cleaning differently. Families in many Asian countries, especially those in China, Japan, and South Korea, are used to spending time on the floor for many purposes, including playing games, watching television, and even sharing meals at a low table.

Achieving a “barefoot clean” is crucial in this regard. We investigate various cleaning techniques and routines with the assistance of Dyson professionals to determine what does well and what doesn’t when attempting to get a “barefoot clean” on hard floors.

How to Regularly Clean Your Hard Floors

The majority of people’s daily routines involve vacuuming, sweeping, and dry wiping the visible dust off of hard floor surfaces. But just as significant is the invisible dust that is undetectable to the naked eye and is best eliminated using a vacuum cleaner. You can use Dyson for hardwood floors.

To clean with mopping, use disinfectant. Instead of attempting to eradicate germs, your goal is to kill them. Suction to remove fine dust and cleaning to destroy germs are two completely different tasks. To get that barefoot, clean feel, they must cooperate. Before picking up the mop, you need to make sure you’re vacuuming correctly and using the best technology available to try to remove all of that dust,” advises Yap. Dampening dust on floors, even microscopic dust that is imperceptible to the human eye may indicate that you are fostering an environment that is more conducive to the growth of mold and dust mites.

Top suggestions for maintaining dust-free, spotless hard floors:

Every day, vacuum. Dust won’t accumulate anywhere in your house if you vacuum the heavy traffic areas. To prevent scratches, use the appropriate brush head. When vacuuming on hard or soft surfaces, the Dyson V15 Detectᵀᴹ detects this information and can modify the suction*. Dust and small particles are removed by the Dyson soft roller head (Fluffy), which is designed specifically for hardwood floors and covered in antistatic carbon fiber filaments.

Make use of the appropriate accessories. Changing equipment in the middle of a vacuum may seem laborious, but it will help you get rid of both visible and invisible dust. Clean difficult-to-reach areas with a crevice tool.

If there is still noticeable dust on your floor, do not mop

Before mopping, vacuum. Although it may feel like twice as much labor, it’s crucial to attempt to completely clear your home of dust first. When using the mop function on hard surfaces, if the dust isn’t completely cleaned before wet cleaning, it could spread across the surface and leave the floor looking dirtier rather than cleaner.

How to get stains off hard floors

Hard floors are nonetheless vulnerable to stains and general wear and tear over time, even though they can be relatively easy to maintain. Since different chemicals or chemical components make up stains, it’s critical to know which cleaning solutions are appropriate for a given type of stain.

With soap and water, start slowly. If you use too abrasive cleaning chemicals on metal surfaces, there is a risk of corrosion. Always try cleaning spots with warm water and soap first.

When it comes to stains on marble floors, move fast. Since marble is a porous stone, spills could cause irreversible harm to your flooring. Use a liquid cleanser that contains household detergent, mineral spirits, or acetone for oil-based stains, which can include typical home goods like cooking oil, milk, butter, or even hand lotion.


Be patient with the process, despite your want to get rid of stains right away. According to CDC research, during the COVID-19 pandemic*, the number of poisonings associated with mixing household cleaning chemicals increased as people tried to clean their homes by using a combination of bleaches and disinfectants. Using the appropriate tools to reach into the nooks and crannies, eliminate all visible and invisible dust to prevent the spread of bacteria throughout the cleaning process.

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