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47 Extra Special Grandma Poems

Inside: Top Grandma poems to show her your true feelings

It can be so hard to articulate how exactly you feel about a loved one. I know this struggle well. That is why I have such a love for poetry! There is truly no other medium on the planet that can convey a feeling in such a precise way.

My grandma has been on my mind lately, and I so I started reading some of my favorite Grandma Poems to help me get in touch with my feelings. I wanted to share them with you today because I was left feeling such an immense sense of gratitude for the woman that helped raise me.

photo of grandma giving a hug to a granddaughter with pink shirt

Below you see that there are a vast sea of people on this earth that love their grandparents dearly. These can be used as inspiration for your own poem, to put into cards, or whatever way you feel would best convey the message to your Grandma! She’s going to love these.

Grandma Poems

Some of my best memories were spent with my grandmother. She was truly one of the most loving people I know, and I am so lucky to be related to her. Okay, before I get to sappy…I will let you start to read these amazing grandma poems! There are plenty of different styles to go through, from single line poems to long ones!

1. Grandmother

She’s the one you see, at all my birthday parties, and school plays,
It’s oh so reassuring to know, her smiles are just for me,
The darkest night brightens, the moment I hear her voice,
And rainy days become adventures when she joins in the play,
My grandmother is so special,
No one can ever take her place,
My heart is filled with love each time I see her face.

2. She Knows

My grandmother knows everything about me sometimes before they happen,
She has a sixth sense about most things in life,
She knows how to kiss my cheek, or dry my tears, whenever I am hurt or afraid,
She bakes all kinds of yummy food and can even make a snowman, too,
In summertime, she teaches me to swim and how to catch a fish,
But best of all, she knows how to be the best grandmother in the world to me.

3. For Grandma

i heard your voice this morning
speaking from the foot of the bed
your quilt crawled to the
as i lay down in the
first whisper of dawn.
i heard your voice this morning
the sound of cloth
a casual sound
a sunday morning
preparing to visit your lord
half your life
half my life
half my daughter’s life
we all dream of landscapes
romantic deserts
white sands
connecting us together
a half dozen roses
i play out my life
listening every morning
for your voice
at the foot of the bed.

Jaki Shelton

4. You

Wrinkly Skin, Soft Hands

Warm Cookies, Tight Hugs

These are what make my Grandma


5. Nana’s Little Angel

I have had the best time of my life with you,
I think I am amongst the chosen few,
To have a lovely grandma like you,
You are too sweet is all I can say,
In my life, you have an important role to play,
Thanks, grandma, I love you a lot,
You are always in my thoughts!

Photo of grandma against flowers

6. A Grandma’s Heart

A grandma’s heart is filled with love,
And gratitude to God above.
She thanks the Lord for her family tree,
And all the blessings she can see.

7. I Love You, Grandma

Who has the tenderness of a mother?
Who has the wisdom of a school teacher?
Who has the tricks of a magician?
Who has the ability to see the world through a child’s eye?
Who has the stories about Mum and Dad?
Who has always loved no matter what I do?
Who has the songs to sing me when I am blue?
Of course, it’s my Grandma,
And I love you, and you bless my life!

8. Sometimes

Sometimes, when I get tired

I think about my grandma

My Grandma, who always puts everyone first

with a smile on her face

and I continue on for her.

9. Thank You Grandma

I have had the best time of my life with you,
I think I am amongst the chosen few,
To have a lovely grandma like you,
You are too sweet is all I can say,
In my life, you have an important role to play,
Thanks, grandma, I love you a lot,
You are always in my thoughts!

10. Grandma

Grandma’s secret places

mothballed memories

Peter Rees

11. Read Book

This book Titled Tolerance

By Grandma


Muhammad Safa Thajudeen

12. Grandma God Child

i was raised by grandma
with mother for while
but I am really a

kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr

13. My Moral Compass

As I go through my life,

I always ask myself

Is this something I would tell me grandma?

And if it’s not, I won’t do it.

14. Memory Lane

grandma makes doughnuts
grandpa plows the open fields
heaven homes them now

karen croft

Short Poems About Grandmothers

If you like to keep these short and sweet, then I think this list is the one for you. I never knew how so few words could create such a big impact on my heart! Yes, I am just a puddle of tears…but I just love my grandma, okay? If you think these grandma poems are bad, you should have seen me after reading sister poems.

15. Truth


You are everything you told me you are,
I just was not listening.

Ann Foster

Photo of grandma at table


It’s just
A poem I
Wrote for
You may you
Pull through
I love you

cs parker

17. Kalli

I have a grandma
Her name is Kalli
She’s sweet, funny
She’s Kalli
Best grandma of all.

Sadie Jackson

18. Today’s Grandma

Burgundy hair
Laughing, hiding, seeking,
Playful, running, sliding, happy

Caren Krutsinger

19. Hugs

I would give anything

for one of those classic hugs

The smell of old lady,

the strength of love.

I need my Grandma.

20. Collector

My grandma is a collecter

She collects trinkets

and cats

and hearts.

21. Betrayal

How am I supposed to look at my grandma

and tell her that I ate the last cookie?

22. Contentment

When I remember my grandma,

I remember jars of candy.

I remember sandwiches made just the way I like,

I remember Sunday naps and afternoon cuddles.

Basically, I remember contentment.

23. My Constant

My Grandma is the first person I call every morning.

Without fail, she says

Yes my dear?

She is my constant.

24. Grandma

She’s the one you see

at all my birthday parties

and school plays,

It’s oh so reassuring to know

her smiles are just for me,

The darkest night brightens

the moment I hear her voice,

And rainy days become

adventures when she joins in the play,

My grandmother is so special,

No one can ever take her place,

My heart is filled with love

each time I see her face.

25. Thank You

Thank you for those bedtime stories that would put me to sleep,
Thank you for making me strong on days when I would feel so weak.
Thank you Grandma for treating me like your own dear child,
Thank you for giving me memories enough to last for a lifetime.


26. I Love You Grandma

There is never a time when I never needed you by my side,
Your wise advice has shaped my life, the right way every time.
For no random reason, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you,
I promise to always be there for you and never leave you blue.
And whenever you find yourself sad, don’t you shed a tear,
Just always remember that your little one is always here!
I love you Grandma.


27. Thank You Grandma

I have had the best time of my life with you,
I think I am amongst the chosen few,
To have a lovely grandma like you,
You are too sweet is all I can say,
In my life, you have an important role to play,
Thanks grandma, I love you a lot,
You are always in my thought!


28. To A Grandmother

At six o’clock in the evening,
The time for lullabies,
My son lay on my mother’s lap
With sleepy, sleepy eyes!
(O drowsy little manny boy,
With sleepy, sleepy eyes!)

I heard her sing, and rock him,
And the creak of the swaying chair,
And the old dear cadence of the words
Came softly down the stair.

And all the years had vanished,
All folly, greed, and stain–
The old, old song, the creaking chair,
The dearest arms again!
(O lucky little manny boy,
To feel those arms again!)

Christopher Morley

29. To The Grandmothers

Chornobyl, thirty years later

Old women with side gardens and jars
of moonshine alone in empty villages,

tell me, solitary lynx, multitudinous wolf
pack, how do you do it – all my life I’ve lived

in cities, bought food from grocery stores –
what’s it like to return to the abandoned zone

on foot, reclaim your cottage beside the dank
canal, to howl, to hunt in packs, to foal calves,

fell trees, light down in the bodies of swans
and swim in cooling ponds, why would you

fly three thousand miles to build a nest
inside the cracked concrete sarcophagus

over the remains of reactor four? She grins,
hands over a jelly jar of vodka, the good stuff,

-Marsha De La O

Cute Grandma and grandkids holding cookies

Grandma Poems She Deserves to Hear

I don’t think we tell the people we love how we feel often enough. Life is too short to not express how we feel! Though it may feel silly, I urge you to read one of these grandma poems out loud to your Grandma next time you see her.

30. My Grandmas Song

When I was small,

and my grandma was tall

she would sing me a song

I’ve never forgotten,

I know where she got it,

The words I know all.

I hear them now, and I think of you

what a gift, when a song

is given to you.

31. My Grandmother’s Heart

Soft like cotton candy,
Caring like mother earth,
Beautiful like a piece of art,
Sweet like honey,
Deep like faith,
That was my grandmother’s heart.

-Lucio Munoz

32. Toot Toot

My grandmother makes the best PB &Js

The best cookies

The best soup.

The best everything.

That’s my horn I get to toot.

33. Starry Night

There is always a moment,

when I look up at the sky at night

and feel you looking back at me.

I miss you Grandma.

34. Time Changes You

I remember when I was young,

I used to be so shocked by how much my mom looked like my grandma

as if it were just a copy-paste.

I don’t see it as clearly now, as I did then

But I know they are one.

35. My Grandma

You are the basis of my favorite memories

You are who I think of when I am looking for comfort

I am so grateful that you are mine.

36. Great Grandma

There is no way that I am going to miss the look on Grandma’s face

When I tell her that I named our daughter after her.

After all, she will be strong. Kind. Funny.

I want her to be great like her Great Grandma.

37. I love you Grandma Poem

Baker of cookies,

Lover of children

I love you so.

38. Prideful Grandma

My Grandma was fierce

She was soft

she was strong.

She never let anyone

Tell her what she was doing


39. Love

Love looks like a Grandma,

with arms wide open.

40. Grandma Fever

I have grandma fever,

I cannot wait

for my little to have a little

so for goodness sake…

make me a Grandma.

grandma poems

41. Wrinkles

I have never found wrinkles as comfort as when I look at your eyes.

There is proof that you have spent your life smiling.

42. Amir

There are a few things in this world

That I hold dear.

My childhood blanket,

My Cat,

And my Grandma, Amir

43. Who Would Have Thought

I never thought that you would be mine

here while everything is suspended in time

I made your mom, and she made you

I am your Gramma Sue.

44. I Love You

There is no greater feeling than a Grandma’s love

45. My Future Self

I want to be a grandma one day

There is something so comforting about it

It’s like, once you reach that age

all fear and hate leave your heart

and you are left a beacon of happiness

46. Is It True

Is it true that one day you won’t be here?

I don’t want to believe it could be.

What kind of world would I be living in,

with you not right next to me?

47. I am Grateful

I am grateful that I got your wise years,

that I know this version of you.

You have learned many things,

felt many stings,

and they made you into

the person I know, love and cherish.

I love you, Grandma; please don’t perish.

Didn’t these Grandma Poems just make your heart swell? Sometimes it just takes a little bit of poetry to get your emotions flowing! I hope that you feel the same way I do; that grandmas are amazing.

Honestly, life is about cultivating the relationships we have to the best of our ability. Nothing improves a relationship more than communication. I think that is another reason why poetry means so much to me. It gives you a chance to really say what you are feeling.

There were so many amazing quotes on this list, but if you are looking for some that center around your community, then you must check out these inspiring poems about community!

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