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How to Write Friendship Poems

How to Write Friendship Poems

Friendship is one of life’s biggest treasures. Friends who are loyal are always there to make you laugh when you’re feeling low; they look out for you and help you overcome your mistakes. These types of friends can be hard to find but offer a friendship that’s going to last a lifetime. If you wish to celebrate with your friends, here are some tips that will help you write the best friendship poems.

How To Write a Basic Friendship Poem

1.    Talk about How You Became Friends

Write about how and when you met and became friends. This way, you can reminisce about old times and evoke some lovely memories.

2.    Write Down the Good Memories

Think about your favorite memories with your friend. Try to set the scene – what were you two doing, and where were you? Why do you like this memory? Put those memories into the poem.

3.    Pen Down Any Rough Patches

Friendship, like all other relationships, can have rough patches. We have all had fights with our friends. Thus, as you write your friendship poems, you can talk about any such period you went through and reflect on how you overcame that.

4.    Praise their Personality

Make a list of the personality traits of the friend you are writing the poem for. Have they evolved as a person? Do you have any similar personality traits, or are you the exact opposite of each other? Then talk about how their traits impact your friendship.

Writing Different Types of Friendship Poems

Writing friendship poems can be a touching and intimate way to express feelings, memories, and experiences shared with a dear friend. Let’s break down the process into the three specific poem styles:

  • sweet
  • funny
  • sad

1. Sweet Friendship Poems:

    • Think about the special memories and moments you’ve shared.
    • Highlight qualities and characteristics you admire in your friend.
    • Use similes or metaphors to draw parallels between your friendship and universally loved concepts, like “a sheltering tree” or “a warm, gentle sea.”

Sweet Friendship Poem Example

In every tale of heart and quest,
Your kindness shines the very best.
In you, my friend, the world I see,
Forever bound, forever free.

2. Funny Friendship Poems:

  • Tips & Tricks:
    1. Play with exaggeration. Exaggerating can be hilarious, especially when it comes to recalling shared adventures or misadventures.
    2. Use playful imagery or puns.
    3. Think of shared inside jokes or funny memories.
  • Short Poem Example: We’ve shared a laugh, we’ve shared a tear,
    Most times, we’re a comedy, it’s clear.
    In goofy hats and silly songs,
    With you, my friend, is where I belong.

3. Sad Friendship Poems:

  • Tips & Tricks:
    1. Reflect on the changes, distance, or misunderstandings in your friendship.
    2. Use emotive language and imagery to convey feelings of loss or nostalgia.
    3. Consider the impermanence of moments but the enduring nature of friendship.
  • Short Poem Example: Seasons shift, and times do change,
    Distance keeps us out of range.
    But in my heart, you’ll always stay,
    A friend for life, come what may.

General Tips for Short Poems:

  1. Brevity is Key: Since you have limited space, every word should serve a purpose.
  2. Rhythm and Rhyme: Short poems often benefit from a good rhythm or rhyme scheme to make them memorable.
  3. Imagery: Paint a vivid picture with few words.
  4. Emotion: Convey emotion succinctly. Every word should pack a punch.
  5. Revision: Short doesn’t mean easy. Often, it’s challenging to say what you want in fewer words, so don’t hesitate to revise multiple times.

Remember, the beauty of poetry is that it’s subjective. It’s about expressing your personal feelings, thoughts, and memories. So, whether you’re writing sweet, funny, or sad poems about friendship, let your authentic feelings and experiences guide you.

True is one of our biggest blessings, and we need to celebrate them as much as we can. Writing friendship poems is an excellent way to show your friend how much you care about them. You can even dedicate some of the well-known friendship poems, such as The Friend by Matt Hart, to tell them how much they mean to you.

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