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17 Christmas Love Poems To Spread The Love This Season

Inside: 17 Christmas love poems to spread the love this season.

There’s no season in our calendar more filled with love, joy, and happiness than the Christmas season. It comes very naturally with all of the season’s greetings and fun happenings during Christmas, so you don’t even have to try too hard to channel happy holiday energy for yourself, or to spread it to those around you!

As you’re gift shopping, it’s fun to check off their lists and make sure you’re getting them pieces that you know they really want, but I personally enjoy getting things that feel a little more personalized from me.

An aesthetic photo of a Christmas tree

If you’ve got someone special around this Christmas season, something fun you can do to add a cute and personal flair is add Christmas love poems to the tags of their gifts. Or write them out and sneakily pass them off a few days before Christmas so to build excitement for the big day.

You’re going to love some of these Christmas love poems and love using them to spread cheer to your someone special.
The holidays are always a little more cheery with someone to share it with, with someone to snuggle up next to by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

And if they’re into the arts and poetry too, use this to your advantage and totally gift them these poems that they’re going to love, even just tagged onto their gifts under the tree. Fall in love with these Christmas love poems and have a joyful holiday spreading cheer to you and your boo!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Significant Other

If you’re looking here for gift ideas, chances are you’re looking for something pretty sentimental and ready to share the love.

There are practical gifts and there are sentimental gifts. And whatever the budget you set or the number of gifts that you agreed on, it’s always a good idea to at least do one of each. Something that shows how much you love them and your relationship together, and something that you know that they want and will use.

Utilizing really practical gifts make the sentimental ones seem more special, and who doesn’t love getting a gift that tells you how much you’re loved and appreciated?

Here are some of my ideas!

Map of where you met. These are so cute especially if you met in a college town or abroad. Anywhere you meet, really, is cute and special, so get one of these under the tree for your person this year.

Date Night candles are too fun. The Homesick brand creates beautiful candle scents to represent every place and every feeling. I love these candles!

Maybe this falls along the lines of a more practical gift, but it requires a little thought and attention. Why not snag a jersey with his favorite player’s name on it? Or a merch shirt from his favorite band? It shows you know him and what he loves, and that’s a sweet gift.

Christmas Date Ideas

Christmas dates are easy– you just pick something Christmassy and it’s already romantic!
Here in Dallas it’s really popular to book a ride on a horse drawn carriage around the wealthy neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights.

If you want something a little more lowkey, you can always grab all the ingredients to make Christmas cookies from scratch. Cliche and nothing new, but something so domestic and fun to do with your favorite person. Maybe even break out some old family recipes and make it a little more meaningful…

What about all those Christmas movies on all of our streaming services? Might be time for a movie marathon!

No matter what you do, it’s going to be special because of who you’re doing it with. Enjoy the Christmas festivities and merry-making.

Christmas Love Poems For Him

1. Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Meet me under the mistletoe,
And we’ll share a tender kiss.

All I need are your lips, my love
To complete my holiday bliss.

Meet me under the mistletoe,
I promise it will be divine,
When I take you in my arms
And press your lips with mine.

Meet me under the mistletoe
With lips that glisten like dew,
And I’ll reveal what’s in my heart
With the kiss that I give to you.

By Kelly Roper

Christmas tree with colored lights and snow on the branches

2. Baby, Merry Christmas!

The weather outside is cold
We’ll sit by the fireplace
We’ll cuddle and be cozy
And stare at each other’s face.
Wait till we hear Christmas bells
And the night is filled with peace
Give each other a Christmas kiss
And we’ll fill our peace increase.
It’s a time of joy and love
In our hearts to be filled
On this very special night
Our love will be sealed.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ahead, Baby!

By Patrick Sunday

3. A Christmas Message

I really want to tell you
Just how precious you are to me,
My every thought of you
Is as loving as can be
My heart is totally filled with things
That words alone can’t say,
This comes especially for you
With love on Christmas Day.

By Unknown

4. All I Want for Christmas

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
For Christmas this year,
All I want is you!

By Tracey Kelley

5. Christmas Love

At Christmastime I think of all the gifts
That bring me great delight and sweet surprise,
But nothing in this world can bring such joy
As you do, when you look into my eyes.

And when I contemplate what Christmas means,
The caring and the giving–I confess,
You’ve given me the things I want the most:
Your love, your touch, your kiss, your warm caress.
The Christmas tree reminds me, with its lights
That just the thought of you sets me aglow;
You light me up from deep within my heart,
Because I cherish you, and love you so.

With you it’s Christmas all the time, sweetheart.
I treasure every hour and every minute.
Your love is all I’ll ever want because,
My life is so fulfilling with you in it.

Karl Fuchs

Our First Christmas Together Poems

6. The First Gift Is the Best

On our first Christmas morning,
I thought you were the most beautiful sight,
In your fuzzy, yellow slippers, hair askew,
With pink cheeks, like Santa’s little helper.

You gave me socks, like my mom would,
And a very cool titanium driver,
But the greatest gift of all, I know this for sure,
Is simply being my loving wife every day.

Merry Christmas, sweetheart, this year and always.

By Tracey Kelley

7. Be My Christmas Gift

If you sat beneath the Christmas tree,
You’d sure add to the decor,
But even if you were gift wrapped,
I couldn’t love you more.

You have to know that if I had you,
I’d have the gift I’d most adore,
Better than any expensive gift
I could purchase in a store.

If you hug me tight, you wonderful thing,
And be my Christmas gift,
You’ll brighten my days forevermore
And give my heart a lift.

By Unknown

8. Christmas Love Poem

The best thing I ever received
Was given sometime ago
So precious and rare
More valued than gold.

It began when I met you
All wrapped up in a bow
As I pulled away the wrappings
Lo and behold.

My heart beat faster
And my pulse began to race
I’ll never forget that moment
Including time or place.

The best gift ever
Infiltrated my heart
I plan to keep you always
Forever to start

By Unknown

Wine glasses on a counter

9. Our First Christmas

My heart beats with anticipation
At the thought of you and me
Spending our first Christmas together
Hanging ornaments on the tree.

A crackling fire and a bottle of wine
Complete my romantic vision.
And my fondest wish for you and me
Is to make this our yearly tradition.

By Kelly Roper

Sweet Christmas Poem

10. On The Eve Of Christmas

On the eve of Christmas
surely I’ll have you near
I’ll wrap my arms around you
and hold my darling dear

I’ll kiss those lips of wine
as you stand ‘neath the mistletoe
My heart will follow you
everywhere you go.

By Unknown

11. I Really Want

I really want to tell you
Just how precious you are to me,
My every thought of you
Is as loving as can be

My heart is totally filled with things
That words alone can’t say,
This comes especially for you
With love on Christmas Day.

By Unknown

12. Christmas Angels

Reach for an angel high on a star;
She sends you Christmas wherever you are,
Bringing you laughter and faith so supreme,
Touching your heart with a beautiful dream.

Peace and goodwill in each loving home,
Beauty and magic so surely your own.
Sweet Christmas angels – moments of love,
Part of the wonder God sends from above.

Santa and children – this wonderful day,
Hope for tomorrow in words that we pray,
Tree reaching tall – such a beautiful sight,
Music we treasure is heard on the night.

Bless you, my dear ones, this so holy time;
May God’s richest blessings forever be thine,
Glad tidings I send you across every mile
Along with a faith to make each day worthwhile.

God’s Christmas angels, precious and dear,
For a Merry Christmas,lasting through a New Year.

by Garnett Ann Schultz

A couple walking in the snow

13. My Love

If every gamma ray the sun threw off
From the dawn of time,
Were cased in a can,
And it were
Bursting at the seams,
It could not measure up to the energy I have
When I’m with you.

At this time of year,
At this time of family,
I tend to not show my heart,
It flees to the basement like a child with new toys.
But even behind closed doors,
It’s laughter can be heard.
And I know you can hear it.

There are so many precious thoughts
I need to convey to you.
You make my heart laugh, dance, love,
And want to keep thriving.

When you smile,
I awe,
You laugh,
I melt,
I’ve never felt
And for me,
Someone who’s felt dead inside
For too much time,
That’s pretty good

To simply state what I feel:
“There is not enough time”…
Not enough time
To enjoy and share the moments,
I need with you,
Not enough time
To complete my
Never ending feeling of passion,
Grabbing me
By the heart,
Saying: “This is where I want to be.”

I sit atop a mountain
Gazing across endless land,
Meadows, desert, ocean and beach sand,
That I’ve transcended,
And the answer is you.

You’ve made me alive
Where once I was further from living than
Pluto from Venus.

This winter,
Our love is delicate,
It is roses floating in the breeze.
This Christmas,
Our love will be warm
From head to toe to extremities bringing comfort,
Our love is a burning Christmas fire.

When the skies are blue,
Our love is tender
Two people laughing in the sun.
When thunder rolls,
Our love is lucky,
A refuge from the pouring rain.

When spring flowers bloom,
Our love is bold,
Like blue petals on the orchid.
When autumn leaves fall,
Our love is silver,
Shining bright like a harvest sunset.

From Christmas till Christmas
Our love will continue to intensify.
From season to season
I love you always!
My one, my only, my baby, my love.

I want to visit places upon places,
But none have substance,
Without two – mine and your – shining faces.
My presence is only meaningful with your graces,
Without your warmth,
There are no traces,
Of the man I am
With you,
My inspiration,
My confidence…
My pocket aces.

Just like your favorite Tinsel Tune this time of year,
♫”Last Christmas,
I gave u my heart,”♫
But this Christmas,
We get yet another fresh start
Another year to impart,
All of our love,
To a perfect, little family.
​Last Christmas I gave you my heart,
And every Christmas you’ll just get it again.

Love was always a fistful of sand,
Deceptive and slipping through fingers,
But you are not sand,
You’re my rock,
Our love solidified

You are my Christmas cookie,
Concocted of ingredients never duplicated,
And can’t be replicated,
A sprinkle of beauty,
A peppering of smarts,
A couple smidgens of fight,
A healthy helping of heart,
Courage, confidence, determination aplenty,
About a cup of “handle situations gently”,
A teaspoon or two
Of cautious spontaneity,
Definitely a helping of purity and bravery,
A dash of magic,
A hint of hypnotism,
Ground in some tenderness,
And…well the rest is a secret,
I know it, but won’t peep it.
Now bake for a bit and top it off…

What’s that topping you ask?
Its just the right mix,
A flash of crass and a little of that ass! 🙂

I found you,
You found me,
We made love
No – not like that…well, yes like that, but…
Became love.
I love you.

​Merry Christmas!

By Unknown

Christmas Love Quotes

14. You are sugar and spice and everything nice this Christmas. May my love for you only grow this Christmas.

By Unknown

15. I reach for you this Christmas with love in my heart, and I hope you know how special you are to me, whether you’re close or far away. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday season.

By Unknown

16. I used to think that Christmas was a beautiful holiday season, but it pales in comparison to the light you’ve added to my life.

By Unknown

17. He loves me. Inside his head, his every thought and reaction was born of love, love inside and out, crazy, irrational (and sure, a bit lustful) love. He loves me, and that’s also what terrified him when he saw me all lit up like a Christmas tree. He doesn’t know what I am, but he loves me.

By Cynthia Hand

Poetry is the words of the soul, especially when it’s all about love and how you feel about someone in particular. It’s a wonderful thing to find someone that you love and can spend the holidays with. Christmas is such a family and friend oriented season that they should always be the center of all of your activities.
Watching movies together, seeing Christmas lights, baking cookies… There are so many things that come with the Christmas season that are too fun to do alongside a special someone. So share it well. And open your heart with some Christmas love poems that they will surely love. It’s so precious to receive a gift that makes you feel loved and seen, and words will do just the trick.
Need some more Christmas ideas? Check out the Christmas acrostic poems here! You’ll love these for any project you have this holiday season.

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