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Spring vs Fall Landscape Cleanup Services

Spring landscape cleanup services enable lawn grass to absorb nutrients and sunlight more efficiently. Yard cleaning during fall can help mitigate the spread of fungus and molds in the winter. Here are things that make spring and fall landscaping services similar or different:

Debris Cleanup

Spring landscaping services help remove snow, fallen leaves, and branches left after winter. Leaves and weeds in flower beds are common debris that landscapers remove in fall. Professional debris removal cleanup services can help create a healthier and more attractive lawn.

Lawn Mowing

Autumn lawn cleaning may include mowing services to prevent the grass from overgrowing in winter. Proper mowing in autumn also helps prevent the spread of various winter diseases. Spring seasons have favorable temperatures and rainfall that help grass to grow. This may make you hire mowing services more frequently in springtime than in the autumn.

Pest Control

Pests can be found in your yard and home all year round. As temperatures fluctuate, different pests will appear or leave. In the spring, you may need to get rid of termites and ants, and in the fall, you may have to deal more with fleas and spiders. A professional eliminates unwanted weeds and uses pesticides to control pests in the yard.

Plant Winterization

Lawn care professionals provide this service to prevent yard plants and trees from freezing during winter. This cleanup service makes lawn plants less susceptible to damage from winter winds and storms. Winterizing plants in the autumn also enables them to bloom when spring starts.

A professional can help protect your plants by wrapping burlap screens around the lawn. The service provider may also use cardboard and sheets to winterize the plants. Other lawn winterization tips include adequate plant watering and weed removal.

Lawn Mulching

Doing mulching as spring starts can help promote better regulation of lawn soil temperature. This promotes efficient seed germination and plant growth during the season. Spring mulching also prevents garden soils from losing moisture through evaporation.

Wood chips, leaf mold compost, and straw are common mulch materials that enhance lawn care. A professional knows how to apply these materials evenly to protect the soil and prevent erosion. Correctly applied mulch also limits weed growth and attracts earthworms to the soil.


Landscapers add fertilizers to lawn plants in early spring to achieve efficient and healthy growth. Fertilization increases soil nutrient levels and makes plants more resistant to diseases. A lawn care service provider knows the most effective fertilizers that benefit plants and the soil.

When To Hire Landscaping Services

Lacking enough time to care for your yard is a sign you need landscaping services. A landscaper can mulch, mow, and perform other activities quickly without interrupting your schedule. Weeds, pest infestation, and overgrown grass also signify the need for professional lawn care help. Compare several lawn care service providers to find one that can work with your schedule. Checking the lawn care company’s website for past client reviews can help you verify its reputation.

Contact a Landscaper Today

An experienced landscaping company can help save you time and enhance your home’s outdoor aesthetics. Hiring an expert saves on the cost of purchasing yardwork tools like pole pruners, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers. Contact a reputable company today for lawn care services.

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