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Kindness Acrostic Poem

9 Kindness Acrostic Poem Templates

Inside: Kindness acrostic poem templates to encourage your day.

Kindness is one of our most valuable resources. It truly has the power to transform lives, we’ve seen this time and time again. The ripple effects that take place after even the most simple of kind acts.

The dollar you donate to a children’s charity may go towards a jacket for a child in need. That jacket will keep them warm during the coldest nights. That child will grow up knowing the importance of generosity and will continue to send out positive acts as they get older. Being there when your friend is having a hard time will not only show them that they are cared for, but will also help to deepen your sense of connection and friendship.

These examples could go on and on forever, which makes me happy.

Being kind to others is not only beneficial for them, but for you as well. There are so many benefits that come with such a simple action. Science has proven it.

Kindness Acrostic Poem

The Benefits of Kindness

Acting with kindness and compassion are the building blocks for a happy and whole life. There are clear benefits that can be obtained through simple acts. Studies have shown that being kind to others promotes an overall better sense of well-being. It can help you to create a sense of belonging within your group and can lessen feelings of isolation and loneliness.

It can help to shift your perspective from pessimistic, to optimistic What you focus on grows, so if you are walking around thinking about all of the bad things in life, the good stuff will pass you by.

When you approach life with kindness, things will feel easier. One of the hardest things in life is to be able to use compassion and kindness with yourself. It’s easier to give it to others, but the real beauty comes in when you are able to excise being able to be kind from within.

Otherwise, you are really trying to pour from an empty cup. Being kind to yourself can help to balance your mental health in amazing ways. Sadly, being hard on ourselves is kind of our default setting. Whether that be societal ideas, or ideas we learned from the people around us growing up, most of us aren’t easy on ourselves. We are our own worst critics.

So if you are a parent, teaching your child to be kind to themselves will turn out to be such an incredible tool that they will use for the rest of their lives.

A fun way to bring up the topic of kindness is with kindness-themed activities. This is where acrostic poems come in!

Poems about kindness

What Is An Acrostic Poem?

An acrostic poem is essentially an acronym-style form of poetry where you use each letter of a chosen word as the first letter of a sentence. I will give an example below so you will have a better idea of what this will look like. A good way to remember what this style of poetry is is to think of acronyms.

The acronym is a term for when you make an abbreviation out of a sentence. Like L.O.L means Laugh Out Loud. An Acrostic poem essentially uses an already known word and makes it an acronym by making it stand for some: a poem!

These can be so much fun, and easy for the kids to do. In fact, acrostic poems are activities that are often done in schools to help kids work on their written word skills. It’s a good way to get those creative juices flowing.

So I thought it would be a great tool to get your kids thinking about the power of kindness. Below is an example of what a Kindness Acrostic Poem looks like.

Example of an acrostic poem template PDF


K – Kindness is shown by what we say and do.
I – It says to the other person, “I care about you.”
N – Never neglect to show kindness to everyone you see.
D – Day or night, young or old, whoever it may be.
N – Nothing touches the heart like a big, warm smile.
E – Everyone needs to feel loved, whether adult or child.
S –  So smile at someone to show them that you care.
S –  Show kindness and love to everyone everywhere.

-Lenora McWhorter

Acrostic Poem Template PDF

To make it a little easier, I made a list of printable acrostic poem templates for you to get started. Not only do these simplify this process, but they help to make it more fun for the kiddos. You can absolutely always save your ink and just write these out on a piece of paper, but I have found that having a cute template with graphics, or even just a simple sheet of paper that is designed for creating acrostic poems really helps to keep the kid’s interest through out the project.

Poetry is such a fun thing, so we don’t want it to feel like work.

Take a look at these 9 templates, and pick whichever one will make your kids the most pumped about writing. Make sure to print one out for yourself as well, that way you can lead by example and create your own acrostic poem along with your kids!

1. Free Kindness Template

2. Simple Poem Template

3. Light Blue Kindness Acrostic

4. Kindness Acrostic Poem

5. Kindness Bubble Letters

6. Kindness Acrostic Poem

7. Cute Kindness Template

8. Heart Kindness Template

9. 8 Letter Acrostic Template

There you have it. I hope you found one of these templates to be helpful. This is such a fun project that can be done with the whole family. Kindness is one of the best and most powerful tools that we have. It can be so helpful to instill this in your children while they are young, that way they can have it in their personal as they grow older. Though it is a simple concept, it will be useful in every facet of their lives. From school to social occasions, to their own mental health.

Kindness Acrostic Poem

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