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Bangkok Riverfront and Seashore District Condo Sales; Where to Find Your Slice of Thai

Bangkok Riverfront and Seashore District Condo Sales; Where to Find Your Slice of Thai

There are 50 districts in Bangkok, and it would take considerable time to research multiple condominium options in each one. For these tasks, I always turn to professionals. Their job is to find you what you want, where you want it, and within your budget. Together we can identify where you will focus your search.

Of the many districts, only six lie on the Chao Phraya River banks. Open space is hard to find in large metropolitan cities. Living on or near waterways provides wide fields of view and fresh breezes. Condo by the river continue to show returns for investors of 4-8%, as reported by the Bangkok Post this month.

Let us quickly discuss those 6 Districts

  • The district of Bang Rak is easy to get around and has access to both subway and BTS Skytrain stations. Impressive skyrises and BUSY neighbourhood streets filled with local food options, shopping, and temples.
  • The Southeastern Bangkok district of Samut Prakan is on the coast of the Bay of Thailand and the Chao Phraya River.  It is not a popular tourist destination, and you can find peace along with everything you need, including easy transportation access. This is also a big fishing district, and you will have to tolerate excellent fresh harvest from the sea.
  • Bangkok’s political centre and European-styled district of Dusit dates back to Rama V who built the estates to escape the Chaos and heat of the Grand Palace. The river and canal taxis are a handy form of transport in this temple and embassy-packed area.
  • Bangkok Yai is neatly filled with historic temples, cultural centers, and floating markets on the West side of Chao Praya. More markets full of vibrant produce, food, and clothing await you in this area surrounded by rivers.
  • The largest park in Bangkok is Lumphini. It is in the Pathum Wan district. The sea-life Ocean World, Erawan Shrine, Museum, and Universities dot the area. Excellent eateries and various generations of designed buildings are ready for you.

Living along the river includes access to amenities like the 28 trails, Wat Pho Temple, Tha Tien Pier, Hua Chang canal walk, and more.

Bangkok hosts 20 million tourists each year. That level of traffic includes foreigners looking to buy in Thailand, just like you. The Bangkok condo market has seen consecutive years of 3.5%-8% return on real estate investments of 5 years. Rental yields continue to trend high and higher.

Thailand’s history, traditions, and culture were centered around waterway transportation. The nation was unreachable overland. The Chao Praya River has seen the earliest civilizations rise in Southeast Asia. Krungthep is a shortened version of the real name of Bangkok. The modern name was made for foreigners. Thai still use the original name for the city, since long before it was founded in 1782.

I am grateful to live in Thailand. Thai ministries are making condo ownership easier and more secure. Taking your time for due diligence I important. Visit the area you are interested in. Plan a short holiday to feel out of your comfort level. Bangkok has been around for a long time. You can be as well.

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