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11 Champagne Poems Better Than Drake

Inside: 11 Champagne Poems 

Champagne, the drink of celebrations! Name any kind of exciting moment and I bet you its being commemorated with this bubbly alcoholic drink.

New house? Champagne!

New Diploma? Champagne?

Wedding? Champagne!

I mean heck, you even smash a bottle of this stuff onto a new boat to christen it. It’s the happiest drink out there! With its delicate taste and strong alcohol content, it should be no surprise that it has been the subject of many poems.

Everyone has heard of Drakes Champagne Poetry, but he didn’t create the idea….

Poetry has been written about champagne for yearsss. He just put his to a beat. A very catchy beat. So if you liked that, then you’ll love these.

I’ve created a list  of the best Champagne Poems that are better than Drakes. And we all know how good that beat drop is.

Drake Champagne Poem

But before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at the history of this delicious drink, as well as some of the meanings and symbols it carries.

The History of Champagne

The first bottle of champagne was not created on purpose. This story started when the Wine Growers, who are known as today’s champagne houses, started with in the process of equalling the burgundy wine. Lucky for the world, they were not successful! You see, the winter was extra cold that season, which halted the fermentation process.

In spring, once the weather warmed, the yeast began to ferment again which led to the release of carbon dioxide gas, creating bubbles. Since the bottles weren’t made to hold such pressure, many of them exploded, leaving only a few bottles of this new breed of wine.

There are a few different stories surrounding how this discovery went to be, none of which are fully provable, so I’ll share my favorite. Dom Pérignon, a winemaker, discovered the remaining bottles that were intact and cracked one open to check it out. Upon his first sip, he exclaimed, “Come quickly! I am tasting the stars!” I love this, and have to hold myself back from saying it every time I drink champagne of my own!

Okay, now that we have a good idea of how Champagne came to be, we can get into the poetry!

Poems about Champagne

This list is a compilation of 11 of the best Champagne Poems you can find. Keep an eye out for the one from the perspective of Dom Pérignon.

It’s perhaps my favorite on this whole list! As you read through, think about the last time you had a glass of champagne.

What you were celebrating, how it tasted, and perhaps by the end of this you’ll want to write your own poem! If on the off chance you have yet to try this bubbly wine, perhaps these will give you something to look forward to.

After all…who wouldn’t want to taste the stars!

Poetry about champagne

1. Champagne

Now you’re breathing champagne
I can feel it sparkle on my skin
while you revel in the falseness
of forgivable sin

Now I can feel the air around you
deflate and search for words
to stop your own from hemorrhaging
and to heal whatever hurts

Now you’re breathing champagne
while you stumble to the places you once called home
like the park behind my house
and the west end record store

Now you can feel the world behind you
nipping at your heels
like the hundred hungry hounds
and the weapons they conceal

Now you’re breathing champagne
like it’s oxygen
and you are
lost at sea.

I wrote a note on the bottom of the bottle
you can read when you’re in pain
“keep the memories in your chest
and keep breathing champagne.”


2. Untitled

Come quickly!
I am tasting the stars!
I have finally bottled
The beauty and wonder
Of kissing that champagne smile
Come quickly!
I am tasting the stars!
I have finally captured
The beauty of your champagne skin
Come quickly!
I am tasting the stars!
Those champagne eyes, your smile so bright
I have always wondered where the sun goes at night
Come quickly!
I have bottled the stars!
The sun and stars belong to you-
Your champagnes  skin and champagne smile
Your champagne eyes and your champagne hair-
Come quickly!
I am tasting the stars!
I have bottled all the stars for you
On this very fine champagne night.

-Dom Perignon

3. If Champagne Flowed From Your Heart

If  champagne flowed from your heart,
I’d want you to fill my glass.
The champagne would be finest,
And be real hard to surpass.

It would be full of bubbles,
And would fizz like soda pop.
It would be served at weddings,
Delicious would be each drop.

It would flow forth like water,
And bubble as from a spring;
People would be savoring
It for being good tasting.

If champagne flowed from your heart,
It would top the champagne chart.

-Joseph G Schelling

4. Why

At seventeen I should be celebrating
Having my first sip of champagne
But as luck would have it I am standing on a ledge

Me thinking this will be over soon
Mere seconds from the eighteen floor to peace
My mind having tormented me for years I am ready

Now it speaks to me in soft and tender tones
“Life has become too unbearable just take the plunge”
“You are ready for this it is the only way out”

As I wriggle closer to the edge I feel a sense of calm acceptance
Then in my head I hear the word “Why” which becomes “Why stay”
And in that moment the answer comes to me

For all that is left undone
For all the words not spoken
For all those that would grieve

-Andreas Simic

5. Champagne Problems

I remember the first time you tasted champagne.
As the golden nectar effervesces down your throat, you whispered my name.
I raised an eyebrow and wondered why,
you said, “You’re everything this glass contains.”

They tell me the tale of Dom Pérignon
who said, “I am tasting the stars” after a sip of his own creation.
You’ve always loved me like I tasted of stars,
and I loved you like you put the stars where they belonged.

We made the mixture of magnificence,
until we were twisted too much on the shelves.
Pop, bubble, hiss— all shaken up
everything we bottled up spilled down until nothing else is left.
I was champagne until I became your problem.

And somewhere in between the lines, we got lost in translation
I didn’t know where to find you, didn’t know how else to meet you halfway,
but there was pain whichever path I take.
I was already walking the track for the exiled, I didn’t realize right away.

Others hide a ring in the glass,
But we put the problem in the champagne, babe.

Soon it will taste differently to you,
All sweet and sparkling—no strings attached like it used to.
But the stars are no longer where they used to be.
Every sip will wash down any trace of me,
until you forget.
But it will forever linger on my lips;
and I’ll always remember it all too well.

– Ingrid Angelica Custodio

Champagne Poetry

Are you craving champagne yet? Because I sure am! It almost makes you want to find something to celebrate just to have an excuse to have a glass! I mean…isn’t being alive a reason enough to celebrate? I think so…Scroll down and check these out! By the end of this, you can call up your friends for a get-together and celebrate the fact that we’re all alive and living. Especially now that you know the history of champagne, it makes for a wonderful party story. And you too can say the famous line…”come quickly, I’m tasting the stars!” We’ve bottled all of the stars for you tonight, here within these poems.

Champagne Poems

6. Poison & Champagne

She’s champagne.
She’s pretty.
And she makes you feel good, but she’s just temporary.
It’s a temporary high, you can’t stay drunk forever, sooner or later you wake up with a hangover and no money on the streets of LA.
What I’m saying is that she won’t last I, however.
I’m poison.
Poison that tastes like blackberries.
And once you drink my blackberry poison there is no going back, it goes down and takes you with it  The effects are a permanent sleep, a vacation away from your body that you can’t come back from. The only hurt you feel when you have me feels like magic champagne is pretty but poison is beautiful.
Champagne is overrated, wouldn’t you prefer to live in a dangerous beauty and die in a dangerous beauty. Champagne will make your mind fuzzy and dull, how do you stay alert with all that achohol? Poison makes your mind shap enough to understand the beauty in everything. But… You look happy with your champagne. For now. But soon the high will end and you will come crawling back to me. Until then… I’ll be waiting dear


7. Marmelade Skies & Champagne Rivers

I will sit here
forever, me
Just wondering why
the blood in
cracked veins
Turns to ink droplets
and became words
on countless pages

This isn’t pain
That was not love
Either way
we are F R E E
as animals

Is this an Ancient
Marmalade Sky
and Champagne Rivers
Where we will
float away to
something louder
Then a prayer

I am sewn back together
with no anesthetic
But my insides tucked up
Gloss and clouds
Our memories are worth
every penny

With colours and textures
we are floating away
Under Marmalade Skies
Champagne Rivers

-Tori Edwards

8. Champagne, and excerpt(Read Full Poem Here)

A cold wind, later, but no rain.
A bus breathing heavily at the station.
Beggars at the gate, and the moon
like one bright horn of a white
cow up there in space. But

really, must I think about all this
a second time in this short life?
This crescent moon, like a bit
of ancient punctuation. This

pause in the transience of all things.

Up there, Ishtar in the ship
of life he’s sailing.  Has

he ripped open again his sack of grain?
Spilled it all over the place?
Bubbles rising to the surface, breaking.

Beside our sharpened blades, they’ve
set down our glasses of champagne.
A joke is made.  But, really, must

I hear this joke again?

Must I watch the spluttering
light of this specific flame? Must I
consider forever the permanent
transience of all things:…

-Laura Kaspische

9. Champagne Rose

Praise who will the duller liquor
Juice of Portugal or Spain;
Fill for me with lighter—quicker—
Fill for me with Rose Champagne.
See the glass its foam up-giving,
Creaming—beading—round the brim,
Such, were old Anacreon living,
Such should be the wine for him!
Elixir blest! Bacchus and Flora,
‘Twas He proposed—She smiled compliance—
Thee—a spell for mortal sorrow,
Thee devised in gay alliance.
Full of the plan, they leapt delighted
From leafy couch, where each reposes,
And while they plied their task united,
(One gave the grapes, and one the roses.)

Young Love stood near, with curious eye,
And heedful watched the chemic union,
And smiled to think how, by and bye,
The play of looks, the soul’s communion,
And the tied tongue’s first liberty
Should thrive beneath that magic essence.
And what, thou glorious alchemy!
What though thy primal effervescence,
Like Love’s, too bright—too dear to stay—
Like Love’s—die almost in the tasting—
Yet each I snatch, as best I may;
Ah! why are both so little lasting.

-John Kenyon
Famous poems about champagne

10. Celebration

I’m handed my glass in preparation for a toast

To the graduation queen herself, may you live long and prosper

my father says with lifted glass

I follow suit, my cheeks flush with the attention of the room

This is it.

I bring the cold flute full of bubbles to my lips,

and taste adulthood.


11. Champagne

In the glad revels, in the happy fêtes,

    When cheeks are flushed, and glasses gilt and pearled
With the sweet wine of France that concentrates
    The sunshine and the beauty of the world,
Drink sometimes, you whose footsteps yet may tread
    The undisturbed, delightful paths of Earth,
To those whose blood, in pious duty shed,
    Hallows the soil where that same wine had birth.
Here, by devoted comrades laid away,
    Along our lines they slumber where they fell,
Beside the crater at the Ferme d’Alger
    And up the bloody slopes of La Pompelle,
And round the city whose cathedral towers
    The enemies of Beauty dared profane,
And in the mat of multicolored flowers
    That clothe the sunny chalk-fields of Champagne.
Under the little crosses where they rise
    The soldier rests. Now round him undismayed
The cannon thunders, and at night he lies
    At peace beneath the eternal fusillade …
That other generations might possess—
    From shame and menace free in years to come—
A richer heritage of happiness,
    He marched to that heroic martyrdom.
Esteeming less the forfeit that he paid
    Than undishonored that his flag might float
Over the towers of liberty, he made
    His breast the bulwark and his blood the moat.
Obscurely sacrificed, his nameless tomb,
    Bare of the sculptor’s art, the poet’s lines,
Summer shall flush with poppy-fields in bloom,
    And Autumn yellow with maturing vines.
There the grape-pickers at their harvesting
    Shall lightly tread and load their wicker trays,
Blessing his memory as they toil and sing
    In the slant sunshine of October days …
I love to think that if my blood should be
    So privileged to sink where his has sunk,
I shall not pass from Earth entirely,
    But when the banquet rings, when healths are drunk,
And faces that the joys of living fill
    Glow radiant with laughter and good cheer,
In beaming cups some spark of me shall still
    Brim toward the lips that once I held so dear.
So shall one coveting no higher plane
    Than nature clothes in color and flesh and tone,
Even from the grave put upward to attain
    The dreams youth cherished and missed and might have known;
And that strong need that strove unsatisfied
    Toward earthly beauty in all forms it wore,
Not death itself shall utterly divide
    From the belovèd shapes it thirsted for.
Alas, how many an adept for whose arms
    Life held delicious offerings perished here,
How many in the prime of all that charms,
    Crowned with all gifts that conquer and endear!
Honor them not so much with tears and flowers,
    But you with whom the sweet fulfillment lies,
Where in the anguish of atrocious hours
    Turned their last thoughts and closed their dying eyes,
Rather when music on bright gatherings lays
    Its tender spell, and joy is uppermost,
Be mindful of the men they were, and raise
    Your glasses to them in one silent toast.
Drink to them—amorous of dear Earth as well,
    They asked no tribute lovelier than this—
And in the wine that ripened where they fell,
    Oh, frame your lips as though it were a kiss.
-Alan Seeger

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