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13 Summer Acrostic Poem Printable Templates & Ideas

Summertime is a wonderful time of the year, and some may argue that it’s the MOST wonderful time, even when certain other seasons think they have the claim to that title. These summer acrostic poems will show you why.

Don’t get me wrong, I love winter time as much as the next person, but there’s just something about Summer that makes my heart happy. It’s warmer, the days are longer, no school, barbecues! I rest my case. Seriously though, the warmer season is amazing.

Even more amazing for kids who no longer have to go to school and get to sleep in and enjoy the sunshine!

It’s a good thing that winter has Christmas because otherwise there would be no argument over which was better.

Some of the best memories are made during the Summer months, and not just because you have more daylight to make them. These are the times of family vacations, beach trips, and roasting marshmallows over an open fire to make s’mores, UGH! I cannot wait. Not to mention, you get some of the best sweet treats during the summer.

No longer do you need an excuse like being good in a doctor’s appointment to get your kid some ice cream during the day and not just for dessert. Shaved ice, milkshakes, popsicles….the list goes on. After a long year, sometimes it’s easy to forget the good times that are just right around the corner. One of the best ways to get your kids (and you) even more excited about the up & coming season is by making Summer Acrostic Poems.

It’s fun, simple, and will definitely leave you with the Summer spirit!

Read on to learn all about this style of poetry as well as to get some ideas for your own poem! I’ve even included some free printable templates you can use to get the party started.

Summer printable acrostic poem templates

What is an Acrostic Poem

An acrostic poem is when you create a poem using each letter in the chosen word as the first letter in a sentence, this way by the end of it when you look at the poem it spells out the word you chose. It doesn’t always have to be the first letter either, as you’ll see below you can also create an acrostic poem by simply capitalizing the chosen letter within your sentence! This gives you a little bit more freedom when writing.

To help you remember, you can think of Acrostic poems like Acronyms, which is what the word is based on.

This style of poetry is said to have been created between 1831 & 1834, which makes the fact that you’re about to write your own even cooler. It’s a simple and fun way to continue a practice created in the past, like writing in a time machine! It can also be a lovely way to express how much you love summer and all of the amazing memories you have made during this time.

We’ve included a few examples to help you get a good idea of what exactly this acrostic poem will look like, this can also give you some inspiration for your own poems. We’ve also included some free printable templates that you can use for the kiddos as a guide for their project.

Take a look…

Summer Acrostic Poems

Funny summer word poems

1. Happiest Time of the Year

Sunny Days

no Umbrella in sight

Music in my ears

Making tree forts

Enjoying nature

Running towards the sun


2. The Essence of Summer


Under the water

Making memories

Marshmallow roasting

Eating Popcicles

Riding bikes



Sleeping in

Under the night sky

Making new friends

Enjoying my family

Relaxing by the pool



Sitting outside
Under a tree
Mud pies and water
Making memories
Enjoying summer
Relaxing fun!
-Mary E Bone

5. Ready to Play

Smearing on Sunscreen

Under the umbrella for shade

Melting popcycles

Massive waves

Everyone happy

Ready to play all day


6.Summer Season

Summer’s the season when sun is the strongest,
Under blue skies, the days are the longest,
My friends and I, like to swim when it sizzles,
My friends and I, like the cool, rainy drizzles,
Each summer, each June, I really can’t wait,
Returning to school in September is great!

-Mr. R.’s Science Poems

Acrostic Poem About Summer Break

7. Summer Break

Sunshine is finally back

Under the pools cold water

Making memories with my loved ones

Munching on things from the garden

Eating ice cream on a hot day

Reveling in the moment

Believing in life

Relaxing in bed

Entertaining my animals

Ate all the food

Kicking the football


Acrostic Poem about Summer Time

Acrostic poems about summer break

8. Summer Time

Sun shines on your skin and mine
Until it sets way after nine.
Memories made with a cold drink in hand.
Moments to cherish with feet in the sand.
Everyone laughing, smiles on every face.
Remember the moments, those were the days.

Turn up the music, sing it out loud.
Indigo skies, no sign of a cloud.
Mutter the words that no one will know.
Everlasting memories; where does time go?
-William Wilson

9. Summer Time Poem

Summer’s sun came again today it was clear

Until I felt strong winds coming ashore

My heart yearned for more swimming and cheer,

More basking in slight breezes as before,

Excepting unprotected sunburn I wished

Reruns of yesterday’s excitement in the sun

That left my heart more than blessedly missed

In a way that belonged only to me when done,

More times than I care to remember at all

Easy weather doesn’t last all that long

Pleasures have to depend on another call

Overcast, windy and clear; some other wrong,

Existing in your clime mustn’t be allowed

More play time than the fun sunshiny crowd.

-John Fredrick Carver

Printable Summertime Acrostic Poem Templates

To make things even simpler and more structured, here are 4 of the cutest summer-themed acrostic poems on the internet for you to choose from. These are guaranteed to please the kiddos!

Printable summer acrostic poems

10. Black & White Summer Printable

11. Summer In Color Printable

12. Summer Free Printable with Examples

13. Summertime Acrotic Printable

I hope you loved learning about acrostic poems as well as have a re-ignited excitement for all things summer! Happy Writing & Happy Summer!

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