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13 Beautiful Daisy Poems

Inside: 13 stunning daisy poems that capture the ethereal, happy essence of the daisy flower. 

Daisies are a wildflower that grow all around the world. The easily identifiable daisy flower is known for its bright, happy appearance with white petals surrounding a sunny yellow center. They are said to represent innocence, purity, happiness, and joy.

Daisies are widely popular flowers due to their simplicity and uplifting aura. Therefore, it is fairly common for artists to draw inspiration from them.

Beautiful Daisy Poems

There are numerous daisy poems, as many writers use them as a means to portray lovers and happy feelings. In the following collection of daisy poems, writers center their art around this bright plant, whether using the plant as a means to create a metaphor, or as the actual subject of their poetry.

What Do Daisies Represent?

As with any object in nature, humans find various ways to interpret them to give meaning to their presence in our lives. Since this plant grows all over the world, it has been an aspect of literature and art for centuries. Historically, different cultures have found different meanings for the wildflower. Here are some ways that different cultures have seen the daisy flower:

  • Celtics have associated them with death, citing that when young children die, the flowers are said to grow on their graves to bring solace to grieving parents.
  • Norse mythologists used the plant to represent love and fertility.
  • In many cultures, they are often given to new mothers as a representation of hope and purity.
  • The daisy is known as the birth flower for those born in the month of April.

Short Poems About Daisys

Short Daisy Poems

Have you ever walked through a lush field of daisies? A picturesque meadow of these brightly colored flowers is somewhat magical, and all-around beautiful. They bring color to what is otherwise green wilderness and invite a sense of peace and tranquility. As such, many writers draw inspiration or generate creativity from these kinds of flowers. In this list of daisy poems, authors use the delicate flower as a comparison to their lovers or as a representation of beauty and purity.

1. I’d Choose to Be a Daisy by H. De Marsan. In this lyrical poem, the speaker personifies the flower, casting it as an ever-upright, positive being that grows all around, rather than in a select, closed off area.

2. Gift of Daisies by Ian Ford. Here, the writer considers a meadow of these wildflowers as “white and gold” amongst which people from all walks of life, including children, teenagers, and adults, make memories and live their lives.

3. ​​But, My Dear, You Are a Daisy by G.H. This author focuses on a unique aspect of the flower: its decay. She writes that, although like any living thing, this object will wilt and lose its shine, it is still beautiful for the life that it lived.

4. You’re Like a Daisy by KM. Similarly, this writer compares their subject to this delicate plant. In this endearing piece, the speaker says that they want to be surrounded by daisies in the same way that they want to always be around their lover.

5. Daisies by Frank Dempster Sherman. A unique, stunning poem that likens the white dots of stars in the sky to the daisies that fill meadows. This piece has an ethereal, magical feel with an ending that will make any reader smile.

6. Buttercups and Daisies by Mary Howitt. A charming piece about the cheerful changing of seasons from cold winter into sunny spring.

7. I’m a Little Daisy This is a sing-song poem that is great for children.

Long sweet daisy poems

Longer Poems About the Daisy Flower

A lot of older literature from the 18th and 19th centuries is centered around nature. In those days, there was little else to glean inspiration from, and so, many renowned poets of the time used wildflowers and scenes from nature as their muses, and this is true of the daisy flower as well. In the following longer poems about daisies, artists use the vibrant wildflower as a means to signify optimism in a bleak time, as a beacon of hope for lost individuals, or as a reminder of spring and the familiar changing of seasons.

8. “Lovely, unassuming thing,

Unto thee I praises sing;

Regal greatness do I see

In thy sweet humility.


When the chilling breezes blow,

Laying prouder beauties low,

Then I find thee peacefully

Blooming in adversity.


When within the fertile bed

Others boldly lift the head,

Lovely daisy, thee I see,

Humble in prosperity.” —Peter Burn


9. “Piecemeal the summer dies;

At the field’s edge a daisy lives alone;

A last shawl of burning lies

On a gray field-stone.


All cries are thin and terse;

The field has droned the summer’s final mass;

A cricket like a dwindled hearse

Crawls from the dry grass.”—Richard Wilbur


10. The Daisy follows soft the Sun —

And when his golden walk is done —

Sits shyly at his feet —

He — waking — finds the flower there —

Wherefore — Marauder — art thou here?

Because, Sir, love is sweet!


We are the Flower — Thou the Sun!

Forgive us, if as days decline —

We nearer steal to Thee!

Enamored of the parting West —

The peace — the flight — the Amethyst —

Night’s possibility!” —Emily Dickinson


11. “I’m a pretty little thing,

Always coming with the spring;

In the meadows green I’m found,

Peeping just above the ground,

And my stalk is cover’d flat

With a white and yellow hat.

Little Mary, when you pass

Lightly o’er the tender grass,

Skip about, but do not tread

On my bright but lowly head,

For I always seem to say,

‘Surely winter’s gone away.’” —Ann Taylor


12. The Clover’s simple Fame

Remembered of the Cow —

Is better than enameled Realms

Of notability.

Renown perceives itself

And that degrades the Flower —

The Daisy that has looked behind

Has compromised its power —” —Emily Dickinson


13. “Daisies standing in the rain,

Hold their heads together,

But they never once complain

Of the drenching weather.

Daisies know the sun will dry

All their dripping laces;

They’re far too wise to frown and sigh

And spoil their dainty faces.” —Annete Wynne

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