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19 Best Peach Poems

Inside: The Juiciest Peach Poems 

Peaches. They remind us of summer, of warm days spent outside, and of sticky fingers. They bring us back to grandma’s kitchen, or to that roadside stand where we first tasted a fresh peach.

And they make for some pretty great poetry too! Because we associate peaches with happiness and nostalgia, poets have long used the fruit as a metaphor for love, desire, and life itself.

The poems below explore everything from the taste of a peach to the peach-colored sky at sunset. So sit back, enjoy a peach, and let these poems transport you to summertime bliss!

Juicy Peachy Poems

Descriptive Peach Poems

What better way to enjoy poetry than through vivid imagery? These poems capture the sights, smells, and tastes of peaches so perfectly, you’ll feel like you’re right there with the speaker.

1. From Blossoms
O, to take what we love inside,

to carry within us an orchard,

to eat not only the skin, but the shade,

not only the sugar, but the days,

to hold the fruit in our hands, adore it,

then bite into the round jubilance of peach.

—Li-Young Lee


2. Peaches

What English can do: ransack

the warmth that chuckles beneath

fuzzed surfaces, smooth velvet

richness, plashy juices. I beseech you, peach,

clench me into the sweetness

of your reaches.

—Peter Davison


3. Peaches—Six in a Tin Bowl, Sarajevo

And if peaches could

they would sleep

with their dimpled head

on the other’s

each to each.

—Blanca Rodriguez


4. Wild Peaches

When the world turns completely upside down

You say we’ll emigrate to the Eastern Shore

Aboard a river-boat from Baltimore;

We’ll live among wild peach trees, miles from town,

You’ll wear a coonskin cap, and I a gown

Homespun, dyed butternut’s dark gold color.

Lost, like your lotus-eating ancestor,

We’ll swim in milk and honey till we drown.

—Elinor Wylie


5. A Dish of Peaches in Russia

The bells of the chapel pullulate sounds at

Heart.  The peaches are large and round,

Ah! and red; and they have peach fuzz, ah!

They are full of juice and the skin is soft.

They are full of the colors of my village

And of fair weather, summer, dew, peace.

—Wallace Stevens


6. Under a Peking Peach-tree

The blossom fall

With a light fragrance

On her tight grey hair;

And over the fields

Where the young green stirs

— Margaret Mackprang Mackay


7. A Stone is Hidden in the Peach

Deep in the soft, sweet-smelling fresh

Body of fruit a seed, a pit

Eternal in the delicate flesh

That cradles it.

—Marjorie Allen Seifert

Emotional Poems About Peaches

Feelings and fruits go hand-in-hand in these poems. From lighthearted to deep and introspective, these poems explore the emotional power of peaches.

Peach Poems

8. The Peach Poem

‘The cause, my children, I may say,

Was joy, and not dejection;

The peach, which made you all so gay,

Gave rise to this reflection:


‘It’s many a mother‘s lot to share,

Seven hungry children viewing,

A morsel of the coarsest fare,

As I this peach was doing.’

—Charles Lamb


9. Peach Farm

I’m thinking it’s time to go back

to the peach farm or rather

the peach farm seems to be wanting me back

even though the work of picking, sorting,

the sticky perils and sudden swarms are done.

Okay, full disclosure, I’ve never

been on a peach farm, just glimpsed

from a car squat trees I assumed

were peach and knew a couple in school

who went off one summer, so they said,

to work on a peach farm.

—Dean Young


10. The Forgotten Fruit

The peach was soft and fuzzy, bruise less and juicy, waiting to be tasted.

Yet no one would touch it.

Maybe it was because it was the last peach left in the ceramic fruit bowl.

Or maybe no one craved peaches anymore.

It sat in the sun for weeks, getting softer and changing its pale peach colour to a sandy burnt orange.

No one ate it or threw it away.



11. Peach Fizz

Does the tree

whole heartedly agree

without the need to preach

when to evict the peach.

Time to say goodbye

when the twig is dry.

—Cheryl Love


12. If I Ever Knew

Our peach tree lies unaccompanied,

and Spring-gardens will turn cold.

If I ever knew a night would come

where I stopped counting stars

in the jazzy sky so blue …

I would have stopped the time in yester’s arms,

and whispered, I love you.

—Charmaine Chircop

More Peach Poems

We have our own peach-related anecdotes, and poets are no exception. These peach poems might encourage you to create your own creative peach poem.

Best poems about peaches

13. Deep Dish Peach Cobbler


Wanted so bad if asked,

What is missed more?

Someone missed,

To have not seen for years?

Or that taste to have again,

For a deep dish peach cobbler?

Had just a week ago.

—Lawrence S. Pertillar


14. A Peach is Not a Peach

A peach so special

That it ripens on the tree,

Ripens to perfection,

But you must consume it

Straight away.

It’s never with us

Longer than two weeks,

But it’s a treat

That you’ll not want

To miss.

—Gary L. Misch


15. Peach Blossom Journey

A fisher’s boat chased the water into the coveted hills,

Both banks were covered in peach blossom at the ancient river crossing.

He knew not how far he sailed, gazing at the reddened trees,

He traveled to the end of the blue stream, seeing no man on the way.

Then finding a crack in the hillside, he squeezed through the deepest of caves,

And beyond the mountain, a vista opened of flat land all about!

—Wang Wei


16. Peach Salsa

Peach salsa

Is the quiet librarian of dips

Unassuming until the bun comes undone

And in the blink of an eye, she’s a firecracker in bed.



17. Prunus Persica

There’s a pit in my stomach.

That must make me a peach.

My skin is so soft.

That must make me a peach.

I bruise.

That must make me a peach.

Sometimes I’m hard and bitter.

When you wait to see, I’m as sweet as can be.

That must make me a peach.

I must be a peach.

—Bekka Walker


18. A Peach in September

I looked at it critically

Was it red enough, plump enough,

Will it be juicy still?


Will it live up to its promises?

Nobody wants a dry peach.

—Margit Appleton


19. The Little Peach

A little peach in the orchard grew,—

A little peach of emerald hue;

Warmed by the sun and wet by the dew,

It grew.

—Eugene Field

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