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53 Lavender Poems

Poetry is a beautiful form of self-expression. It’s one of the most timeless art forms out there, after all, it’s been out around since roughly 15000 BC! That’s wild. The topic of a poem can be whatever the writer desires, from love, to city life, even to herbs!

The potential is truly limitless.

Wanna know what else has been around for thousands of years? Lavender! So naturally, with such an amazing herb, the two have crossed paths.

There’s loads of Lavender Poetry out there! Each one soothes the mind in the same way that Lavender can.

We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the best lavender poems to have been written, so you can have the greatest in one place! Go ahead and take a look through. Write down whichever one speaks to you most.

Lavender Poems

Oh but first, let’s get to know lavender a little more!

Lavender Facts

Lavender has been around for about 2500 years now. It originated in Egypt and was even used during their infamous mummification process! This flower got its name from the Latin word Lavare, which translates to ‘wash’. Make sense because of its amazing clean scent! It also is actually a part of the mint family, which is why that amazing clean scent is so strong and pungent!

Lavender isn’t just a lovely smelling herb, it’s also very beneficial for many different things! For example, did you know that lavender is actually a very strong anti-inflammatory? Making it great for sore muscles and joints. It can even alleviate headaches! Its most well-known benefit is its ability to calm your nervous system and has been proven to literally lower your blood pressure. This makes it a wonderful bedroom scent, that way you’ll have extra help relaxing and falling asleep after your day!

The lavender flower is rich with symbolism as well. This beautiful purple flower holds meanings such as; calmness(no surprise there), purity, devotions, silence, and many more. It should also be noted that the rich purple color that the majority of lavender comes in is also associated with the crown chakra, which is said to be the energy center associated with a higher purpose and spiritual connectivity. What better subject for a poem than this epic and loved herb!

Lavender Poetry

Now that we’ve gotten to know Lavender a bit better, we can move on to the best part, the poetry! We’ve included Lavender poems from many different sources for you to read. We have shorter and longer ones alike so there’s bound to be one you’ll love. Read on to find it!

Lavender fields poems

1. Lavender

Lavender, caress my soul, mind
body.  Let me breathe.
Intoxicate me.
Let me drift
into the swirling seas of sleep.
Immerse me in the sensual scent
of ultra-violet dreams.

2. Simple Heaven by Jan Allison

Heaven to me is purely this

After a long and stressful day

Deep bubble bath, oh such pure bliss

Just need to melt my cares away In foaming oils

I love to lay Scent of lavender will arise

Ease my tension and tired sore eyes

Wrap in a warm fluffy towel

Simple pleasures will be my prize

Drift to sleep, not be a night owl

3. Lavender Garden by Rebecca Navarre

Walking through my lavender garden.
Time sets, and pardons. Life softens,
and unhardens. Blue cascading, rivers
flow. Flowers blossom and grow. Birds
sing love songs, whispering soft, and
low. Where dreams live, and suns set
slow. And awaken, in the nights glow.

4.That Lavender Time Again II by Jemverse(click to read full poem)

It’s really quite strange
but this time last year
I picked all my lavender
and posted right here
On this very same day
In the mid-July sun
when the first set of flowers
were ready and done…

5. Lavender Roses

lavender roses twining around my flesh,

caging in my love

6. Lavender Haiku by Hannah Williams

A soft scent soothes us,
Through healing in its aura.
A therapy tale.

7. Lavender Apairy of Your Honey Eyes by Robert Rorabeck

Are you in love with him,
The man you sleep with, with your flag around:
There in the pools of what joy your family has given
To you, Alma- You called him down
From Orlando, doing your good around you,
Brown body driving cars-
Gas of your toys, well I am here too,
Underneath the cattle call of airplanes and all of
Their slick venues: I have been selling fireworks
Trying to impress you- Well, take me out to
The firing squad so I can bask one last time
Underneath the saturated ecstasy- the brown and
Lavender apiary of your honey eyes.

8. Rainbow Lavender Tale by Maria Sudibyo

say you love me
don’t wait to hold me
I know you feel me
like rainbow lavender

say you stay with me
don’t leave without me
I want you need me
like rainbow lavender

say when you are sad
don’t hide your tears
say when you are mad
don’t turn your face

you say it’s not fair
but then you kiss me
you say it’s end
but then you steal again

you say don’t care
but you run back to me
my eyes cheat me
for rainbow lavender

say we have chance
don’t say everyone tells
we are drunk on a fairy tale
of rainbow lavender

9. Lavender by Sean Lynch

Whenever I hear the word lavender
the only lavender I think about
is the lavender that I smelled
when I saw my mother die
and I felt her heart let go
when she tasted death.

10. Your Skin by Tim Smith (click to read full poem)

Soft and smooth and oh so sweet

Pure delight when our fingers meet

Sundrenched olive with a hint of peach

My loving touch is within your reach

Brief scents of lavender fill my heart

Enchanting, exciting, you’re a work of art

Late night caresses under the setting sun

Light kisses, a playful pinch, just having fun…

11. Lavender by Alfred Noyes(click to read full poem)

Lavender, lavender
That makes your linen sweet;
The hawker brings his basket
Down the sooty street:
The dirty doors and pavements
Are simmering in the heat:
He brings a dream to London,
And drags his weary feet.

Lavender, lavender,
From where the bee hums,
To the loud roar of London,
With purple dreams he comes,
From raggèd lanes of wild-flowers
To raggèd London slums,
With a basket full of lavender
And purple dreams he comes…

12. Lavender Plant

Lavender fields glistening gold

and swaying gently in the breeze,

Greens, purples, life and its aromas,

chirping birds and buzzing bees

There are no enemies here

nor childish fears

just a cycle of life

no strife in sight.

The divine source is near

13. The Dance of the Lavender Flowers

Let my barefoot touch the ground

Let me feel the gentle vibrations of the earth

Let the Lavenders sway, make the wind be the music beat

Look how the Lavenders dance to the erratic beat of the wind

With their purple crowns polished in the sun’s Glory.

14. Your Beauty Touched My Sky by Tim Smith

When your beauty touched my sky the flowers bent my way engulfing me in a fragrance that I now know as you

The lilac and the lavender it moved around my soul bringing comfort to the romance begging to make our home

Wrap your arms around my kindness let your heart beat soft and free breathe into the sunshine in this dance of you and me

15. The Girl in the Lavender Dress

A young girl plays in the warm sunlight.

Tag, you’re it.

Running, Laughing, Living.

Hours pass.

Like all children, the girl in the lavender dress is restless.


The cool breeze sets in as the girl reaches for lightening bugs.

She fills her jar with flickering hope.

Proud of her accomplishment,

she goes to rest by the fire.

It illuminates her innocent face.

She knows no evil,

She is safe in the yard.

Soon enogh she’ll be out in the world.

Still running

Still restless

Still giving her all.

And the lavender dress,

the game of tag,

the lightening bugs,

and the feeling of safety,

will all be faint memories.

Poems about Lavender Fields

Have you ever seen a lavender field? If you have you won’t be surprised to find that there are a plethera of poems dedicated to it. This vast sea of purple and calming scent can only serve to ease your heart…oh here I go, see it’s too easy to create poetry about something this amazing. See how it’s inspired others below. Oh and find the nearest lavender field to you and go give it a look(and smell) for yourself, you won’t be sorry!

Poems about Lavender flowers

16. Lavender Fields By Suriya

Those fields of lavender call me:
Oh dear me!
Walk through them leisurely,
Then watch the Alps in all their glory!
Soak in the pristine beauty,
Of bountiful nature calling,
Oh love, Oh life, Oh joy! ! !
To the land of Cheese,
And how strange that you are now,
My friend from so far away;
Bask in the Alps, stand under the Eiffel
Then look at my friends and smile! ! !

17.Wood Realm II: Embrace Of Lavender Meadow

Loom heart, caress enchanting scorpions of phantom vibration, obscure disturbances vanquish.

We dance in whimsical fashion, as we wish in evening shadows a hand we behold the connection.

Somber songbird deeply stumbles within glass walls purple,
hold you in my meadow, a lost protection.

18. Lavender Fields by Philo Yan

Life’s dangers, Life’s drama,
A violet field, A panorama,
Spell blinding, fiery ball.
Gliding on horizon fall.
Endless rows,
Lavender grows
Fragrant flowers
Floating high like towers,
Dusky skies, moving slowly,
Nature’s scene, calming, Holy.

19. Arousal

Fields of blue lavender-

sends a tiger wild…

20. Lavender Field by Unknown

When I die
you can find me in the Lavender Fields
Please do not cry
You’ll find me laying down in the grass staring at the sky
Finally at peace no longer at war with my mind
It will be okay here the weight will be released
No more fighting for a life I’m not sure I want
Finally at rest the constant torment will cease
Here the sun shines and there is no pain
the sound of waves and lavender far as the eye can see
My two favourite things is where I will spend eternity
Maybe my angel will meet me there
It has been years since I saw those brown eyes and that curly hair
Since I heard that laugh and since I was whole
If there is an after life I hope to spend it here

21. Thoughts of Love

Lavender fields I stroll through
With thoughts of romance and love

Take me beyond this earthly place
of daily stress and human woes

Old world romance, here I am
be so kind to come find me

Let me linger among the glory
of peace and nostalgia

Alone with my mind wandering far
to what once was or will be

Once more and for the last time
let love come to my door

I open myself to the Universe
and ask for love to touch me

Caress me with the fragrance of love
open me to myself and my beloved

Let divine love fill me with bliss
a touch – a hug – a gentle kiss.

Fields of lavender I stroll through
and dare to dream ….

22. Hope in Lavender Scent

Your sad eyes
fixate on your soul
as she dances
through a
lavender field,

you breath in
the purply scent
call to the fire
within you to rage
one more time….

Maybe then you’ll
turn to ash
ride the wind
and settle upon
the tiny petals.

23.  Lavender Fields

Washed upon me a field of purple haze

The fragrance intoxicating like nothing I’d ever come across before

A land of magic used for beauty and inspiration

Let me walk along the never ending rows of enchantment as my mind swims further and further away

I sit and watch my fellow creatures as they run passed

I wonder if they to feel as I do thus this is why they are here destined to never leave…

24. Lavender Fields & Ocean Tides

When did I fall in love?
Perhaps it was when
The scent of salt and sea
Brushed against my skin
Like tear drops and falling rain
Washing away stolen regrets
With the feeling of home.

Would it linger for a while?
With the lavender and vanilla scented breeze,
The taste of warm bread
And the soft touch of a healing hand,
I hope and I pray to a billion stars
That home will stay.

I’ve found an unusual love
In the ocean and its blossoming fields
Where home holds my heart
And holds my fears.
With every changing tide and every lilac leaf,
How can I ever love anything else but here?

25. Lavender Fields 

The fields of lavender bloom brightly

They whisper a quiet song

They sing about two lovers

Who hide beneath the flowers

They share butterfly kisses

And drink nectar from the petals

Their lips taste sweet like honey

Meeting as they lay in Eden

26. In uniform rows they’re sown.

In Lavender Fields

In neat rows

They grow

Ready to Reap

Beneath a night sky

A canvas of stars

A rug of soil


A comforting scent

A beautiful color

In uniform rows they’re sown.

27. Lavender Fields Poem Photo

28. Lavender Fields Haiku by Predrag Petrovic

lavender fields –
unique color harmony
from heaven itself

29.By Anna Shinoda

I hope you haunt us with lavender.

Fields of flowers or a few along the path, bringing peace through scent and the steady hum of busy bees.

Or a single stem, not even if full bloom, barely recognizable but still lavender.

30. Lavender Fields at Night by Writinstuffs

Lavender fields ‘neath starlit skies,
rows of scent lures the fireflies,
soft on the breeze it wafts on by;
it gratifies, it gratifies.

Hues of violet on the blooms,
springing forth in the month of June,
rows and rows of sweet scented plumes;
beneath the moon, beneath the moon.

To enraptured bliss I succumb,
my heart beats like a shaman’s drum,
relaxing I begin to hum;
bless the green thumb, bless the green thumb.

More Lavender Poems

Though lavender itself is a very calming herb, I think you’ll find that Lavender POEMS are a close second. Well, some are, but these poems vary! That’s the real beauty of it. Everyone has different experiences that can shape what they’ve written. One person may think of lavender as the flower used on their wedding day, others might remember it as the hand soap that was in their preschool. Whatever the experience, lavender has impacted us all. Read on to try on some other people’s shoes for a moment, and see what lavender is like for them!

Purple flower poems

31. Lavender

“Being in a funk” is what the cool people call it.
It’s the purple that surrounds the scene at the lake.
Not sad enough to actually drown.
You say, ‘Tm in a funk,” and I think you think
you’re too pretty, too well groomed,
too stylishly disheveled, to actually sulk.
Have you ever tried drinking a milkshake
with a girlfriend in a funk?
She just stares at the straw as if sucking on it
would allow the whole world into her mouth.
When a teenager wears baggy sweatpants
all February, her math teacher may ask her
if she’s in a funk.
(She’s actually just pissed off.)
Frogs don’t get into funks, but toads do.
In the Bible, Abraham thought Sarah was in a funk,
but she was actually shaking with grief.
When her baby arrived, her 100-year-old flesh
quivered like a sliced papaya.
There is nothing funky
about being in a funk.
The Polish biochemist Casimir Funk
invented vitamins.
How long can you hold on to
a mummified cat
when the the building is
already burning?
Sometimes I just want to use
my own hands.
The golfer Fred Funk wore a pink skirt
to settle a bet with Annika Sörenstam.
Doing cartwheels or changing the bed sheets
are suggested cures for getting out of a funk.
To be in a funk is to want to cry,
but to be unable to access tears.
To be in a funk is to be unable to hear
the music in the subway’s rattle.
If Virginia Woolf had been in a funk,
she would have filled her pockets
with dead lilacs instead of rocks.
– Joanna Furhman

32. Memory

I planned to have a border of lavender

but planted the bank too of lavender

and now all of my crazy garden

is grown in lavender…

-Giuseppi Gioacchino Belli

33. Lavender

The gently quiet murmur of the summer rain,

Falling on attic roofs,

Brings to the store of old rejected things, below

In the gabled darkened room,

The thought of youth;

As soft love-touches

On the Arched and narrowed shoulders of a spinster

May recall

The failing hopes and unremembered joys.

And so on my heart,

Filled with the past’s old dusty things,

Falls now the sweet and gentle softness of your voice

– Constance Enslow

34. Dreams

In dreams of lavender fields,

Dancing in the summer sun

is where i always find her.

– D. Walton

35. The Sweet Truth of Lavender

If only folks were honest as lavender

Lavender, which smells sweet as it’s flowers

appear, and is edible as its aroma promises.

It is not colored periwinkle,

plum, nor violet, amethyst,

amaranthe, or lilac even

and that vibrant truth of authenticitiy is enough.


36. They say lavender softens anxiety,

and i wonder whether i can plant a garden

so dense in your mind

that the knots in your chest unravel

and never tighten again.

– Jasmine Kaur

37. What Lavender is Left 

I want to surrender to the shallows, and bouquets of
Rich laments spent away,
Dashed to the fences where the broken legged horses are
All given up like an evening of wishes,
Even bled from the supermarkets and Spanish cantinas,
Like whores fed up of love, like pennies spent of presidents-
And what an easy life,
Folding down the corners to this concrete prairie, running off
Into a the statuary of basilisks where all of the used up
Grandmothers are buried
Spent off their days of care giving and kindergarten,
Moving only to take things apart- what lavender is left has fallen
From their berries,
And our worlds are rendered apart.

38. Lavender Azalea

It is a spring time beauty
Sitting ‘long side his friend
The red Rhododendron
Yes, it’s an annual trend.

I’m talking about my Azalea
His lavender coat so fine
The blossoms are glorious
In my garden it really shines.

-Marilyn Lott

39. Lavender

Ah lavender, Angels descend

My heart opens up

into the essence of Life

A breath: fresh, floral notes

Awakens my Soul

I am calm & centered

I wave my aromatic wand

I wave it up to the heavens

Blissful renewal of indigo Blue

– Rose Heart

40. Cinderella

Lavender Green,

Dilly Dally,

Lavender Blue,

Dilly Dally,

If you love me,

Dilly Dally,

I will love you

– Cinderella

41. Lavender

When I die, bury me
with no coffin
Bury me in fertile soil
And my flesh will nourish
the Lavenders you’ll plant
I will decay in its aroma
With every rain,
it’s roots will entangle more of me,
I’ll be there to catch,
it’s falling leaves
Piece by Piece,
my soul would leave my bones,
And I’ll be reborn
with every blooming Lavender

– Ms. Burns

42. I want you 

Bring me a warm rain,

and lavender,

and you,

I want you most of all.

– Unknown

43. The Sea Lavender

It grows at the world’s edge

Blown by thin air

But holding, rooted there.

In it’s swept and else barren element.

Its Lavender Bloom

And grey leaf’s hue,

Make it a thing fair,

That feeps that place.

That desolation,

with secret gladness.

– William Burford

44.Lavender scent
Lavender essence covers me
Moving springs blown naked trees Hush!
Walking those calming breeze Labrador essence covers me
Automatic sense of springs den Enter evergreen aura and future color
Lavender essence covers me
Moves spring blown naked trees

– Edward James Lee Sr.

45. Why I don’t watch the news

When I look out of my window I see a peaceful oak tree , a little Robin, a magpie , a rook , a crow and flowers of lavender filled with bizzy bees ….the sunshines through my window and I feel its love and the sun inspires me .

When I turn the box on I see death, despair destruction lies corruption and it really makes me feel quite ill and I am questioning the tV license and whether I can keep paying that bill….

I admit I take a sneak on Google and it leaves a sadness always to see as per usual the media launch of assaults on our Royal Family ?

I guess I’ll keep looking out of my window to brighten up my day and then all that fills my mind my head is the thoughts of this bright and beautiful day ……I hope it brings you luck on your journey
– Daisy Reily

46. In the Midst of Winter

In the midst of sullen snows
pink cherry blossoms burst open ~
spring garden introduction

in the midst of frozen icicles
yellow daffodils spring up ~
debutants of spring

in the midst of howling storm winds
white snowdrops vault through frozen soil ~
coming out party

in the midst of winter wildness
golden jasmina scamper up treliss’ ~
debuts in spring society

In the midst of blazing blizzards
purple crocus stand tall against the cold ~
lady of the vernal court

In the midst of untamed storms
rosy tulips make their entrance ~
starlets on a frozen carpet

In the midst of sneering snowflake showers
lavender blue glory-of-the-snow enters ~
presented to spring

In the midst of hoary frost
purple daphne spreads enticing perfume ~
escorted by the equinox

In the midst of winter’s frenzy
young floral women arrive
grace and beauty holding hope.

– Constance La France

47. Contemplation

loving lavender blue sky
sheets of flowing white snow melting
golden sun dances
a young boy walks a black poodle
the boy is laughing

closing my eyes
i float into sky

resting on pillowy clouds
reading sacred words
allowing them to enter

my expectant heart

traveling beyond space & time

moving with the loving speed of time

seeing pulsating earth from so far away

now settling upon the words of Torah
letting letters fill me with copper Light

sending these letters
in, around & through pulsating earth.

opening my rested eyes

the cat jumps on my lap
& climbs inside my bathrobe
i scratch his head
and he nuzzles me as if
in prayer.

the sun
is so bright.
– Rick Davis

48. A Soothing Place
Soothing out the headache
Camomile, lavender tea

Pressing on the temples
Oozing out the plea

The plea for tranquil moments
To once again relax

To melt into a cotton wool place
Be lost, be lost, be lost
– Angela Tune

49.Bright Lavender Leaves
sharing the wind
sailing again
the bright
lavender leaves50s.
-Gregory Golden.

51. Lavender Blue
Lavender blue hat
Pivots in shop window
Inviting you to buy
-Julia Ward

52. Field
Hibiscus’ bloom,
Subtle scent of lavender;
A field of flowers…
– Jacob Smith

53. Lavender Dreams
fragrant tiny buds
potent enough to calm bears
nature’s sedative
– Tania Kitchin

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