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27 Marriage Proposal Poems to Make Her Swoon

Inside: Marriage Proposal Poems.

Being proposed to is a moment that a woman dreams about her entire life. And if the guy is sweet enough, it’s a moment that often excites his brain too. There are so many ways you can go about it. From large-scale surprise parties to a simple one-on-one dinner, from writing in the sky to hiding the ring in her dessert.

With so many different options, you never really know what you’re going to get. Even if you did have some grand idea that you’d been planning since you were a kid, that idea could have gone right out the window as soon as you got to know your future wife. The truth of the matter is that each proposal is going to look different for everyone.

Some people might have a Star Wars theme, others a classy shindig with all of your friends and family, heck maybe even both! It all depends on the personalities of the people involved.

However, there is one way to propose that is both timeless and can customizable for each potential bride-to-be…and that is a Poem Proposal!

Poetry is a way to get out all of those messy thoughts and feelings into a clear and concise display of your affection, so there is no better form of art to include in your proposal than this. The different kinds of PoemPosals (I promise I won’t use that word again…it’s awful) vary from cheesy, to downright tear-jerkingly beautiful.

Whichever you decide on will be depended on the type of girl your wife to be is. Does she like things to be more light-hearted and funny, or deep and emotional? I’ve created a list of Marriage Proposal Poems to Make her Swoon to help you get some good ideas for your own proposal!

Marriage proposal poems

But first, let’s discuss a brief overview of…

How to Write a Poem

Though this can seem like a daunting task, it’s actually very simple…and fun! All you need to get started is something to write with, whether that be a laptop, your phone, or the classic pen and paper, anything will suffice! Just make sure whatever you use can be hidden from your Girlfriend. The last thing you want is for her to find her proposal on the Cloud.

Next, you’ll need a topic. This part is easy since you know you’ll be writing a proposal poem! Now, poetry is all about feeling and emotion. The most important thing to remember is to express yours and you’ll be good to go! Make sure to express the things you love about her, and then at the end pop the question! Actually, your layout can go however you want it to, these are just suggestions. There are many different styles you can use, from rhymes to haikus, so just do what feels right for your poem!

Okay now on to the inspiration. Well, the how to write a poem inspiration, because I think your girl is going to be the main theme for this one! Take a look below to get a good feel for Proposal Poems and the different ways they could be set up. Happy reading!  Oh and one more thing…..CONGRATULATIONS!

Poems to Propose

Here is the first list of Proposal Poems. I’ll also be giving proposal tips and tricks in each new section so make sure to look for those! Here is Proposal Tip #1: Hire a videographer for the actual proposal and a photographer for afterward. This is a good idea because while you’re down on one knee doing your thing, the constant CLICK CLICK CLICK of the camera can really be a moment ruiner!

Proposal poems for marriage

1. Short but Sweet

I like you.
You like me.
Do me a favor,
And marry me

I don’t like to shop,
I don’t play games,
But it would be so cool,
If we had the same names.


2. Marry Me
Step for step
Stride for stride
Together—our lives
Side by side.

You’re my soulmate
My lover, and my friend.
All I ever want is you
Until the very end.

3. The Next Step

We’ve been together for so long;
We even share the words to our favorite song.
I think I’m finally ready
To take that next step.
Forgive me if I stutter –
You always said I need help.
Sweetheart, will you be my wife?

-Natasha Niemi

4. If Love Were Enough

If Gratitude were enough,
I’d fill the oceans with mine for having you
If laughter were enough,
I’d make you laugh till your last breath,
Just so I can hear that beautiful sound for eternity

If dancing was enough,
I’d waltz and foxtrot with you till your feet hurt
If tenderness was enough,
I’d then spend the rest of the day massaging those feet
Just so I can take the aching away

If life were enough,
I’d trade mine for yours in a heartbeat
Just so you can live to fulfil all your heart’s desires,
As all I want for you is your never-ending joy,
Your gentleness, coyness, kindness
And if love were enough,
I’d love you in and out of time,
As I love you from this day onwards,
I will love you beyond my final breath


-Sharon Chira
5. Valentines Day Proposal

Nervous, anxious, praying my love I express.

Girlfriend blubbers saying I’ll marry you – yes!

Parents very happy we are getting wed,

Bridegroom joyful chappie banns need to be read!

Joyful girlfriend smiling, seals love with a kiss

Planning wedding styling no longer a ‘miss’!

Booking summer wedding, bridesmaid will wear blue,

blissful marriage heading darling I love you!

-Jan Allison

6. Roads

the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love
-A.O Tanner

7. Meant To Be

When I met you,
I met my destiny.
My one true love,
You’ll always be.

If you feel the same,
And I truly hope you do,
There’s something very important,
That I want to ask of you.

Instead of “you” and “I,”
Let’s become “we.”
I’m asking you to share my life,
Will you marry me?


8. Elope?

In the early hours of the morning,
you asked me to marry you;
I pushed it off, taking it as a joke,
but you leapt up from our bed anyway,
and I protested, saying there were no rings in sight,
and yet, you wrapped paper, so delicately, into a ring for me.

From the dim-lit room,
I saw you kneel on one knee to ask me.
I swore you were mocking me,
but you persisted that we elope,
and even then I couldn’t take you at your word.

-Cautious Rain

9. Haiku

Our two hearts entwined,
A lifetime of love awaits…
Will you marry me?

Proposal Poems for Her

These next bunches are sure to sweep her off her feet. Proposal Tip #2: Make sure that you memorize your poem. Get a LOT of practice in before the big day, there is nothing worse than forgetting your spot and freezing mid-proposal! Don’t be afraid to keep a little paper of it in your pocket to read from if you must. It’s better than the alternative!

Proposal poems for her

10. Love’s Proposal

At the edge of our galaxy,
under the violet light
is where I found you.
I waited til the Sun shut his eyes
And the Earth grew silent.
Then with my heart on both knees,
I proposed to yours with a ring made from
the petals of your favorite flower.

“In your eyes is where I’ll sleep.
In your heart is where I’ll dream.
In your smile is where I’ll live.
Promise me the eternity of an eternity
spent in your arms. And I will promise you
the immovable sky will come to envy
the way the stars have left her side
and have chosen to live in your eyes..”


11. Hearty Wishes

You are so beautiful,
As if right from my dream.

I’m very lucky that you are in my life,
To my thoughts, you give positivity.

Now soon be my wedded wife,
You are a blessing in disguise.

You are so mindful,
As if here to stay forever.

-Atul Kaushal

12. Forever

It took me awhile
But I finally asked you on a date.
The years have passed by,
And we have grown together.
I feel in my heart
That we are forever.
Each night that we are apart,
My heart is pierced with a burning dart.
Please tell me
That wonderful things last forever
By agreeing to be in my wife
For now and always.
Marry me.

-Natasha Niemi

13. A Lover’s Pledge

Throw down a blanket and sit beside me
On dew covered banks and soft grasses.
A lifetime’s tomorrows I’ll spend with thee
Each new day, the last, surpasses.
There’ll be music and song and love ever after
And people will smile when they see
The love that we bear, the joy and the laughter
And the children that rest on your knee.
Will I still love you when day turns to night
And the leaves rustle dry on the ground?
Will I still hold you when green turns to white
And winter gales rage all around?
Mountains may crumble, the seas roil and tumble
But ne’er will my heart’s fire diminish.
While fainter hearts cool and lesser men stumble
I’ll be there still at the finish.
Be my love now and take now our vows,
To be faithful and true to each other.
Each other’s by vow, we’ll be, then as now,
A husband, a wife and true lovers.

-M.I Pernar

14. You and I Are Meant To Live Together

When I met you, I felt I met my destiny.
My true love, you’ll always be.
If you feel the same, and I truly hope you do,
There’s something very important, that I want to ask of you.
Instead of “You” and “I,” let’s become “we.”
I’m asking you to share my life, will you marry me?


15. Will You Marry Me?

No, I can’t keep this a secret no more
And no, since my heart has stopped conflicting
With doubtful thoughts
Lately in my prayers, everyday every night
I say two things to God
The two things I needed most in my life
That is you, that is love
For perhaps without you, I knew no love
Oh, and there’s another thing I asked of God
Last night with such strong hopeful desire
So that He’ll open your heart and say ‘I do’,
Right when I say ‘will you marry me?’

– Fara S

16. Let’s Settle

I get on your nerves, and you get on mine,
But we get along great the rest of the time.

Your parents don’t like me; mine aren’t crazy about you,
But both of us know it so that’s nothing new.

I’m a bit of a slacker, and you’re kind of a slouch.
Sometimes we’re both over-inclined to grouch.

When you look at things this way, I’m sure you’ll agree.
Who else would have us without a warranty?

In spite of these facts, you’re still my honeybee.
So let’s settle for each other; say you’ll marry me.


17. I Prayed

I prayed for the Lord to bless me
With someone special for me to love,
A woman to have and cherish,
A faithful treasure from above.
Then soon God sent you to me,
Someone to join my life.
A blessing to have and hold forever,
A friend, mother, and wife.
So God sent to me from heaven
The answer to my prayers
And changed my world forever
Through the abundance of love we share.

– Jac Judy A. Cambell

18. Say I Do

You’re the sun in my shine,
The spark in my plug,
The heart to my beat,
The day to my night,
The twinkle in my eye,
The hot to my spicy,
The yin to my yang,
The soul to my mate.

Need I say more?
Now all I want to hear from you,
Is to say, “I do.”

More Poems about Marriage Proposal

If you have found any yet that hit that spark, then fear not! This next section is bound to hold something that will prove to be both helpful and get you eager to pop that question! Proposal Tip#3: When you get on one knee, stay down there for a while! Though it’s a simple movement, your girlfriend has been imaging this moment her whole life….let it last longer than a few seconds!

19. Stuck in Glue

I never thought
I would feel this way.
I’d laugh and mock
At the words
The love songs say.
Now it’s like I’m
Stuck in glue.
I can’t do anything
But think of you.
Will you please be my wife
So I can get on with my life?

-Natasha Niemi

20. Marriage of Many Years

Most of what happens happens beyond words.
The lexicon of lip and fingertip
defies translation into common speech.
I recognize the musk of your dark hair.
It always thrills me, though I can’t describe it.
My finger on your thigh does not touch skin—
it touches your skin warming to my touch.
You are a language I have learned by heart.
This intimate patois will vanish with us,
its only native speakers. Does it matter?
Our tribal chants, our dances round the fire
performed the sorcery we most required.
They bound us in a spell time could not break.
Let the young vaunt their ecstasy. We keep
our tribe of two in sovereign secrecy.
What must be lost was never lost on us.
-Dana Gioia

21. You Scuttled My Ship

Bereft of love all my life,
Thought I would not need any.
Still, you entered my life,
And now I need you as my wife.
Proposals, you can get many,
Yet you say you will be my wife.
You scuttled my ship.

-Atul Kaushal

Proposing marriage poetry what to say.

22. Will You Marry Me?

It’s been a while and now i know
That i can never ever let you go
From the first time we met and your first hello
I knew you’re the one where my heart will grow

You are my dream..the angel from the sky
Who showed me what life is and how I can cry
How I can have someone who I can always rely
To be there forever and never say goodbye

The one I can hug when I am in need
The one who give love.. that no one can exceed
The one who’ll shed tears …if my heart ever bleed
The one I have share my life with…

So,Now i ask you this …will please you take my hand
And be the person… who will always understand
I want to grow old with you..i’m down in one knee
You’re the only one I’ll ask…”will you marry me?”

-John Mangalindan

23. Love Is The Reason

Love is the reason why this day
Was chosen by you both
To begin your lives together –
And love is the reason why you both
Will give with all your hearts
For the good of each other.

Love is the reason
That together you will become one –
One in hope,
One in believing in life and
One in sharing the coming years.

-Brian Zouch

24. Star Light, Star Bright

The sun falls
And the night sky opens up
Shining the heavens onto us.
Star Light
Star Bright
I wish you will
I hope you might
Agree this moment
To be my wife.

-Natasha Niemi

25. I Promise

I promise to be true to you tomorrow and today.
I promise I will love you. My love will never fade.
I promise to be there for you in good times and in bad.
I promise I will wear your ring and always hold your hand.

I promise I will care for you in sickness and in health.
I promise to be there for you if we are poor or have wealth.
I promise to be strong for you, for better or for worse.
I promise I will comfort you when you need me the most.

I promise I will stand by you each and every day.
I promise I will cherish you in very gentle ways.
I promise to be patient, truthful, and kind.
I promise I will walk with you until the end of time.

I promise to be faithful and a loving devoted spouse.
I promise that our home will be more than just a house.
I promise that our wedding life will be united in God’s love.
I promise that our children will be blessings from above.

I promise I will walk with you in laughter and in tears.
I promise I will stay with you when there are doubts and fears.
I promise to commit to you in body and in heart.
I promise my whole life to you; until death do us part.
-Marcia A. Newton

26. A Word To Husbands

To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
Whenever you’re right, shut up.

-Ogden Nash

27. Let There Be Love(Read Full Poem Here)

The two of you have gathered
At this beautiful church today.
You’ve invited all of your family and friends
To celebrate your wedding day.

You will say I do to your very best friend,
You will become husband and wife.
Two hearts become one, one spirit, one body.
Today you will share one life…

-Ilona M. Blake

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