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13 Juicy Orange Poems with Creativity

Inside: Creative and Well-Written Orange Poems.

Orange is the color of ripe oranges, pumpkins, and autumn leaves. It’s also associated with happiness, creativity, and vitality. It’s the perfect hue to add a little bit of spice to any color palette.

These 13 creative poems use the color orange in a variety of ways, celebrating its beauty and power. You will notice that orange is used as both a noun and an adjective, giving these poems an extra bit of flavor.

If you’re looking for a way to add brightness to your day, why not read through these poems and enjoy the color orange in all its glory?

Maybe it’s your favorite color, or maybe you’re just looking for a way to get inspired by it. Either way, these poems are sure to please!

Creative poems about oranges

Creative Orange Poems

The simple and straightforward titles of these poems say it all. Some of the orange poems here can be read to children at bedtime and some can be used as inspiration for your own writing.

1. Oranges

I peeled my orange

That was so bright against

The gray of December

That, from some distance,

Someone might have thought

I was making a fire in my hands.

—Gary Soto

2. The Oranges

At lunchtime, I bought a huge orange—

The size of it made us all laugh.

I peeled it and shared it with Robert and Dave—

They got quarters and I had a half.

And that orange, it made me so happy,

As ordinary things often do

Just lately. The shopping. A walk in the park.

This is peace and contentment. It’s new.

—Wendy Cope

3. The Color Orange

The orange of the flower,

And of sherbet.

I like both oranges.

They are pretty and tasty.


The orange comes after red.

It comes before yellow.

If you look up in the rainbow sky.

You will see it up high.


I like orange you see.

It is a color that suits me.

It is a color of the flames.

It has many, many names.

—Vera Sidhwa

4. Orange (Colour Poem)

Orange is for a fruit

colour of baywatch swimsuits

It’s a cousin to yellow and gold

it makes a statement bold.


it stands for hope, vitality

cheer and also energy

it’s for pumpkin, carrot also

used to denote measures of safety

—.Pd. is here

5. Oranges

A drift of white blossoms

from the orange tree

will settle in my hair

and I’ll know.


This is how I will choose you:

by feeling you

smelling you,

by slipping you into my coat.

Maybe then I’ll climb

the hill, look down

on the town we live in

with sunlight on my face

and a miniature sun

burning a hole in my pocket.

Thirsty, I’ll suck the juice

from it. From you.

—Roisin Kelly

Captivating Orange Poems

See how these writers use the color orange in their pieces? They’re extremely creative, imaginative, and full of imagery. Orange lovers, be ready to swoon. Aspiring poets, take a lesson or two.

Orange Poems

6. Orange Flowers Of Flowing Circuitry

Dance my beloveds, dance for a new day is with you now.

When the sun of the old has set,

Dance with joy and bliss charged love,

Upon the ocean of unity and raging rivers of laughter.

For sovereign you are,

Like the lion’s roar,

And truth will out,

Let freedom Ring.

—Pamela Storch

7. Wild Oranges

Still with awed inner sight I see that tree

Bending beneath its secret flower and fruit

In the wild lonely marsh-land, strange to see

As enchanted tree of fairy root.

Forever shall the small bright orange burn

Unplucked upon the bough, the bloom unbroken

Be loud with the bees, forever these return

To grieve me like a lovely word unspoken.

Til I go back for bitter sorrow’s sake

And touch the shining bloom and taste the wine
Of the wild acid orange, and so make

Part of its strict and lonely meaning mine.

—Marjorie Meeker

8. Gratuitous Oranges

Orange replies: I’m drunk from my last bar-binge

Half-rhymes like hangovers suddenly impinge.

But nothing rhymes in English with an orange.

While my wife in French eats one in her nude linge

Playwrights Synge and Inge flap forward on a car-hinge.

It stands alone, and seems to make a star cringe.

Pronounce it orange and then expunge.

So ends the story of the very violet orange.

Nothing rhymes in English with an orange.

It stands alone, and seems to make a star cringe.

—David Shapiro

9. The Perfect Orange

Because today our hands unravel a perfect orange

we each left our homes

drank ripening light before boarding

put our hands together into red soil

we each left home

to place new juice in our mouths

put our hands together into red soil

kept our eyes open for tiny seeds

​​unfamiliar juice in our mouths

each season we unlatched door

eyes open for tiny seeds signaling first growth

kept away wilder foraging creatures

—Ching-in Chen

Deep Orange Poems

Have you ever thought that even the word orange can be profound, or the meaning of it so varied? Let’s take a deep dive into reading these thought-provoking poems.

Deep Orange Poems

10. The Orange Alert

That morning, radios warned of orange.

Neighborhood kids watched officers climb in

and out an open manhole,

consulting the entrails of the great dead millipede.

We watched the ground;

the sun hotter than all year.

The mountains hid Santa Anas,

the smog went orange with dusk, the growing shadows

of lingering birds.

—Douglas Kearney

11. Mock Orange

In my mind tonight

I hear the question and pursuing answer

fused in one sound

that mounts and mounts and then

is split into the old selves,

the tired antagonisms. Do you see?

We were made fools of.

And the scent of mock orange drifts through the window.

—Louise Glück

12. The Orange Bottle

The clear orange bottle was empty.

It had been empty a day.

It suddenly seemed so costly

and uncalled for anyway.

Two years had passed.

They had passed more or less the way years should.

Maybe he’d changed. Or maybe

the doctors had misunderstood.

—Joshua Mehigan

13. Orange Blood

The streets of San Francisco

are littered with bodies

of bank robbers & mobsters

prostitutes & pimps

Bullet holes in foreheads

Clothes covered with that fake orange blood

they used in the seventies

Just pretend dead

No sirens (those will be dubbed in later)

—David Trinidad

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