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great family poems that celebrate familial bonds below.

Remember the Importance of Family With These 3 Family Poems

We have compiled three great family poems that celebrate familial bonds below.

1.    Different Type of Folk by Catherine Pulsifer

Families include different types of folks

There are serious people and those full of jokes

There are those who pretend not to care

And then there are those who always share.


No matter the type of folks

Whether they’re rich or always broke

These are people we can depend

They are with us to the end.

2.    A Helping Hand  by Ann D. Stevenson

You hold my hand,

I, like a child, feel safe.

You hold my hand,

I feel a warm embrace.

You hold my hand,

my fears begin to fade.

You hold my hand,

and I am less afraid.

You hold my hand,

I know a sense of peace.

You hold my hand,

I feel my troubles cease.

3.    Love Is A Passion For Family And Friends by Carla C. Stamps

Love is a passion,

For our family and friends,

That everyone should recommend,

We may fuss and fight,

Then say sorry overnight,

So gather your family and friends,

We will love each other,

Till the end.

Express Your Love for Family With Family Poems

The Family poems mentioned above describe the ups and downs of familial relationships. However, they all acknowledge the importance of keeping family close and cherishing them.

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