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Funny Merry Christmas Poems

Short & Funny Merry Christmas Poems

Poem 1: Santa’s Slippery Slide

In a tiny town with heaps of snow,
Santa did a dance, put on quite the show,
With a slip and a trip and a jolly red face,
He’d stumbled right into Mrs. Smith’s fireplace.

“Oops!” said Santa, with a twist and a twirl,
His beard all askew, in a smoky swirl,
He shook off the soot and adjusted his hat,
And noticed the Smiths’ overweight cat.

The cat, with a meow, and a curious glance,
Decided to teach Santa the chimney dance,
A waggle, a jiggle, a twist, and a leap,
Together they danced, a memory to keep.

So here’s to you, and a Christmas so bright,
May your dance moves be merry, and your stockings just right!
In Santa’s wild waltz, we find joy and cheer,
Wishing you laughter this holiday year!

Poem 2: Rudolph’s Disco Party

Rudolph had a shiny nose,
And if you ever saw it,
You would even say, “Let’s disco!”
And start to dance a bit.

One Christmas Eve, the reindeer played,
A dance-off game of fame,
Rudolph’s nose, so bright and bold,
Lit the disco hall aflame!

With a boogie here and a jiggle there,
They danced the night away,
Even Santa joined the fun,
Wishing a Merry Christmas Day!

So if you hear a tapping hoof,
Or see a red nose glow,
It’s Rudolph’s disco Christmas bash,
Join the fun and go, go, go!

Poem 3: The Christmas Turkey Tango

There once was a turkey named Tango Lou,
He danced and pranced, oh, how he flew!
Christmas was coming, he needed a plan,
To escape the oven and fryer’s hot pan.

So he donned a red hat and a suit so jolly,
Stuffed stockings with feathers and Christmas holly,
He invited the farmer to a Christmas Eve dance,
And taught him the Turkey Tango prance.

The farmer was moved by Tango’s charm,
He saved him from harm and the dinner alarm,
Together they wished, in a gobble and cheer,
“Merry Christmas to all, and a dance-filled New Year!”

Poem 4: Elf Olympics

In Santa’s workshop, one fine Christmas Eve,
The elves held Olympics, you better believe!
Sprinting with toys and a sack-throwing game,
They giggled and jiggled and called each other’s name.

There were candy cane jumps and gingerbread races,
Snowball fights and funny red faces,
They even made Santa the judge of it all,
He laughed so hard, he began to bawl.

So here’s a cheer for the elfin crew,
Their whimsy and joy, forever true,
May your Christmas be merry, and your heart light,
In the spirit of elves, dance all night!

Poem 5: Frosty’s Beach Vacation

Frosty the Snowman was tired of the chill,
He packed his bags and took off with a thrill,
To the beaches and palm trees, he went for a tan,
But Frosty forgot, he was a snowman!

He lay on the beach with his sunglasses cool,
Started to melt, felt like a fool,
A little girl saw him and built him anew,
With seashells and seaweed and ocean’s blue hue.

They danced on the shore, wished each other good cheer,
“Merry Christmas,” they sang, year after year,
So remember dear Frosty and his beachy delight,
May your Christmas be sunny, and your heart light!

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