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Broken Chain Poem And 7 To Heal The Connection

Inside: A broken chain poem and 7 to heal and celebrate future reconnection.

Broken chain poems are beautiful to come by, but very tragic when you learn the story behind. That’s the beauty of poetry, though to be able to express and grieve through different problems and situations that life brings us through poetry and to be able to process what we go through through words.

Without verbal processing, I know I would be a wreck. Every time I come across any conflict in life, getting it out through words and reading words to understand what I’m feeling or a different kind of energy and problem-solving.

So hopefully if you’re in the space where you’re needing to read a broken chain poem to feel whole again, to feel understood, and to feel seen, these are the ones that will do it for you. some of these are so lovely, and while they don’t bring back what we lost, they remind us that nothing is ever lost for good. I’m not sure who you’re mourning and grieving in this time of your life, but I do know that poetry is always always always an answer to the healing process.

Read these broken chain palms and find community of people that are grieving with you.

A broken chain in the sand

What Is A Broken Chain Poem

Broken chain poetry is a very specific kind of poetry, but it can look any way that you want it to. It’s not like other specific genres of poetry, where there’s a certain structure to it, and it has very specific rules to writing it, but broken chain poetry is about a specific topic so we all feel or will feel one day in our life.

Broken chain poetry is about losing a loved one, it’s about grieving death, but knowing that life brings us all back together one day. It uses the analogy of losing a chain-link in one big chain and feeling disconnected from others, from the ones that you’ve lost, of course.

But of course we know that we all share the same fate, regardless of win it hits each of us differently. So the concept of broken chain poetry is that it’s going to bring us home one day, and our chain will be forever reconnected in time. While it’s a grieving and healing self poetry, while it’s a sad one, it’s hopeful, what true style that celebrates the inevitable reconnection with people that we love in our lives.

I personally have only felt the loss of great grandparents and acquaintances in my life. I have yet to feel the great loss of someone very close to me through death, and I don’t take that for granted. But I do know that when the day comes, these broken chain poems are going to be by my side, and I’m going to be reading them day and night to remind myself that it’s not over, and they’re not lost.

Some of these broken chain poems can bring inspirational quotes and hopeful and cheerful concepts to a person in the mourning. If you’re attending a funeral, celebration of life, or if you know someone that is simply going through loss and grief, these are great messages to send,. Poetry, while very specific niche audience, speaks to everybody, but if they choose to listen or not. So, as you find people that need these messages, don’t neglect to understand that they need words of healing in any which way they can get it. Use these poems on a card, an email, or even just print them out and hand them to them to read in a later time. Again, these poems can be very healing and inspiring, so as you walk through comfort with someone, embrace the words in this post.

Poem About Broken Connections

A loving couple hugging in the sunshine

1. The Broken Chain Poem

We little knew that day,
God was going to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly,
In death, we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you.
You did not go alone.
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.

You left us beautiful memories,
Your love is still our guide.
And although we cannot see you,
You are always at our side.

Our family chain is broken,
And nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link again.

by Ron Tranmer

2. Grief Broken Chain Quote

In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone; for part of us went with you the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you are always by our side.

by Thompson Funeral Home

3. There Is No Night Without A Dawning

There is no night without a dawning
No winter without a spring
And beyond the dark horizon
Our hearts will once more sing ….
For those who leave us for a while
Have only gone away
Out of a restless, care worn world
Into a brighter day

by Helen Steiner Rice


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4. If I Should Go

If I should go before the rest of you
Break not a flower nor inscribe a stone,
Nor when I’m gone speak in a Sunday voice
But be the usual selves that I have known.
Weep if you must,
Parting is hell,
But life goes on,
So sing as well.

by Joyce Grenfell

What Is Broken Chain Poetry

5. Immortality

Do not stand
By my grave, and weep,
I am not there,
I do not sleep–

I am the thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints in snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle, autumn rain.
As you awake with morning’s hush,
I am the swift, up-flinging rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the day transcending night.

Do not stand
By my grave, and cry–
I am not there,
I did not die.

by Clare Harner

6. Mama Never Forgets Her Birds

Mama never forgets her birds,
Though in another tree –
She looks down just as often
And just as tenderly
As when her little mortal nest
With cunning care she wove –
If either of her sparrows fall,
She notices, above.

by Emily Dickinson

A woman laughing

7. On the Death of the Beloved

Though we need to weep your loss,
You dwell in that safe place in our hearts
Where no storm or night or pain can reach you.
Your love was like the dawn
Brightening over our lives,
Awakening beneath the dark
A further adventure of color.
The sound of your voice
Found for us
A new music
That brightened everything.
Whatever you enfolded in your gaze
Quickened in the joy of its being;
You placed smiles like flowers
On the alter of the heart,
Your mind always sparkled
With the wonder at things.
Though your days here were brief,
Your spirit was alive, awake, complete.
We look toward each other no longer
From the old distance of our names;
Now you dwell inside the rhythm of breath,
As close to us as we are to ourselves.
Though we cannot see you with outward eyes,
We know our souls gaze is upon your face,
Smiling back at us from within everything
To which we bring our best refinement.
Let us not look for you only in memory,
Where we would grow lonely without you.
You would want us to find you in presence,
Besides us when beauty brightens,
When kindness glows
And music echoes eternal tones.
When orchids brighten the earth,
Darkest winter has turned to spring;
May this dark grief flower with hope
In every heart that loves you.
May you continue to inspire us:
To enter each day with a generous heart.
To serve the call of courage and love
Until we see your beautiful face again
In that land where there is no more separation,
Where all tears will be wiped from our mind,
And where we will never lose you again.

by John O’Donohue

Maybe you found exactly what you’re looking for today, or maybe you’re still left feeling like there’s something to be desired for the broken chain poetry. Maybe you found healing in hope today, but down the line you know you’re gonna feel some thing different again. That’s okay, healing and grieving isn’t linear, you only learn how to live with it and feel the pain but move forward with life anyway.

It does get better, but in the sense where you feel it differently. So you can always come back here and read these broken chain poems again, or continue to scour the Internet for some new ones when the time is right. Poetry will always be there for you, life will continue moving, and people will always be feeling the loss that you feel and writing new poetry to accompany it.

With an art like poetry, it never stops healing, and it never stops growing, and it will never stop bringing people together, so always look forward to seeing and meeting new people in new souls through the connection of broken chain poetry.

If you need some more, here are 53 grief poems to share in sad times.

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